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1. Meanwhile the services PMI reading for the month was 51.2. It had been 52 in October. The manufacturing PMI, reported earlier this week, came in at 48.6 in November, versus expectations of 48.3. It had been 48.3 in October
2. I will be yours forever!我永远属于你!
3. Banking
4. planet
5. 2015年最差职业
6. adj. 浪漫的


1. 问:你今年夏天去了美国,感觉怎样?
2. nutrition
3. Qube会提醒你注意垃圾回收,在垃圾最后被倒出来的时候进行监控,并告诉你更换空气清新剂。但这些人们通常可以通过嗅觉和其他感觉器官来判断。现在有一个300美元的“优雅”不锈钢,会不断用讨人厌的移动警报提醒你。
4. n. 结,节
5. 8. Illiteracy
6. 5.同性婚姻


1. [r?'m?ntik]
2. haven
3. This research involves a large longitudinal study of emotion in interactions within married couples.
4. 普京对俄罗斯经济做出积极评价。他说,经济已渡过危机,至少渡过了危机的高峰。
5. 扎克伯格还协助成立了一个名为FWD.us的游说团体,旨在推动美国的移民和教育改革。
6. 埃尔多安在国内也受益于与吕特的争执,他寻求将外交争端扩大至针对所有欧盟国家,尤其是德国,后者同样因土耳其在德国的大型土耳其社区拉票而与安卡拉发生争执。


1. 1. 仅根据薪水选工作
2. 无论是过去还是现在,都有一系列通过煽动攥取权力的例子。
3. 在日本博览会上,我们非常荣幸地采访到了虚渊玄,还有Nitro+社长Takaki Kosaka。让我们开始吧。
4. Farewell to Cassini
5. 第一步 拥有傲娇的造型
6. 5.Celebrity Mocks Mao


1. 第六步 找到你的“花生”
2. 8. Sturgill Simpson “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music” (High Top Mountain) A throwback progressive hunkered down with a whip-smart band: country music has seen this before. But on his breakthrough second album, Sturgill Simpson made it a pliable trademark, grounded at every turn by his winning, seen-it-all baritone.
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    And while there is still a long way to go before airplanes designed and made in China compete on the world stage with the likes of the Boeing 737 or Airbus A320, the momentum is there, and the country’s aerospace industry is entering a new phase of development and maturity.

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