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1. 201401/271211.shtmlThe worst password of 2013 is '123456' according to new research.
2. strengthen
3. 2.German: 22.2 percent increase
4. We will advance reforms in the financial sector.
5. The highest scoring tournament: 1994 in theUnited Stateswhen 24 teams averaged 2.97 over 52 matches.
6. In 1953, Patient HM had experimental brain surgery that left him with striking amnesia. Decades of subsequent research with HM by neuropsychologist Suzanne Corkin made a major contribution to our understanding of memory.


1. 贷款的条件不仅仅只局限于裸照。同样被泄露的还有大量疑似借贷双方对话的屏幕截图,一个贷款人要求女学生提供自己的自慰视频。
2. 'A little bit in shock,' said director Steve McQueen, before shrugging 'Roll, Jordan, roll'-the lyrics to the old gospel song sung in the slavery epic.
3. 根据新修订的中国刑法,在国家级别考试中,凡是组织、协助或是参与作弊行为的人,将会受到3至7年的有期徒刑。
4. An oversight model drawing on random inspections by randomly selected law enforcement officers or inspectors and requiring the prompt release of results
5. vt. 使成为可取,
6. Zuckerberg also helped launch a lobbying group that is working toward immigration and education reform in the U.S called


1. 4. 这事儿不能说太细。
2. It was Somerset Maugham who said the French Riviera is “a sunny place for shady people” – and looking around at all the 'models' in the hotel lobbies and the men in dark sunglasses who seemed to know them, I knew what he meant. Behind the festival's shiny facade, there is an unseemly side – and beneath the azure waters, a polluted mess. The French diver and environmentalist Laurent Lombard's video of the Cannes seabed strewn with waste and debris went viral before the festival began. We were assured there was no danger to swimmers, and the mayor had it cleaned up according to the Daily Mail – but the Med had certainly lost some of its sparkle.
3. 单词circulate 联想记忆:
4. 这场可怕疫情的后果持续不断。
5. 单词charming 联想记忆:
6. “如果30年前的改革是解决意识形态问题,现在则要解决利益问题。改革是调整既得利益,等于拿刀割自己的肉,很痛苦,需要下定决心、坚定信心。”


1. Overall, starting a company ranked lowest among reasons cited for undertaking an EMBA (rated 5.5 out 10). Students’ main motivations were learning about management (9.1), networking (8.3) and increasing earnings (8.1).
2. 2.Yeah, I’ll start working on that ASAP! – Because telling you I have 10 things to do first would just irritate you。
3. 由于净利润增长缓慢,我国16家上市银行削减了去年的分红。
4. [k?mpi'tin]
5. 5.谷歌网站管理员工具
6. Annual prices had been rising as much as 9.6 per cent at the start of this year but they've cooled since then as the economy slows and many mid-sized Chinese cities suffer from a glut of apartments.


1. 与此同时,最近几个月,中国内地投资者一直在迅速开设股票交易账户并将资金投入股市。上证综指已成为亚洲今年表现最佳的股指,今年迄今已累计上涨近45%。
2. 谅解是赢家永远不会拿走一切。
3. The Warriors and Timberwolves will arrive in Shenzhen on Oct 5 and will play at the Shenzhen Universiade Center.

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