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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I think, your Grace, that I could speak more freely in Mr. Wilder'sabsence."
2.  "'Then we can hardly get there before midnight. I suppose therewould be no chance of a train back. I should be compelled to stopthe night.'
3.  "Come- come, do what I ask."
4.  "Very strange!" muttered Holmes, pulling at the rope. "There are oneor two very singular points about this room. For example, what afool a builder must be to open a ventilator into another room, when,with the same trouble, he might have communicated with the outsideair!"
5.  "Surely that is Baker Street" I answered, staring through the dimwindow.
6.  "Well, did you see him, Watson?"


1.  "Then West, if he is the culprit, must have had a duplicate. And yetnone were found upon his body. One other point: if a clerk in thisoffice desired to sell the plans, would it not be simpler to copythe plans for himself than to take the originals, as was actuallydone?"
2.  "I see," said I as I glanced down the column, "that the coroner inhis concluding remarks was rather severe upon young McCarthy. He callsattention, and with reason, to the discrepancy about his father havingsignalled to him before seeing him, also to his refusal to givedetails of his conversation with his father, and his singularaccount of his father's dying words. They are all, as he remarks, verymuch against the son."
3.  Our visitor sprang from his chair. "What!" he cried, "you know myname?"
4.  "The old story, Watson. A treacherous friend and a fickle wife. Itwould appear that Amberley has one hobby in life, and it is chess. Notfar from him at Lewisham there lives a young doctor who is also achess-player. I have noted his name as Dr. Ray Ernest. Ernest wasfrequently in the house, and an intimacy between him and Mrs. Amberleywas a natural sequence, for you must admit that our unfortunate clienthas few outward graces, whatever his inner virtues may be. Thecouple went off together last week- destination untraced. What ismore, the faithless spouse carried off the old man's deed-box as herpersonal luggage with a good part of his life's savings within. Can wefind the lady? Can we save the money? A commonplace problem so faras it has developed, and yet a vital one for Josiah Amberley.""What will you do about it?"
5.  "I went as far as the Crystal Palace, spent an hour in thegrounds, and was back in Norbury by one o'clock. It happened that myway took me past the cottage, and I stopped for an instant to lookat the windows and to see if I could catch a glimpse of the strangeface which had looked out at me on the day before. As I stood there,imagine my surprise, Mr. Holmes, when the door suddenly opened andmy wife walked out.
6.  Several letters were waiting for Holmes at Baker Street. He snatchedone of them up, opened it, and burst out into a triumphant chuckleof laughter.


1.  "Extremely so. I congratulate you warmly."
2.  "This took my breath away. 'I never heard of it,' said I."'Very likely not. It has been kept very quiet, for the capitalwas all privately subscribed, and it's too good a thing to let thepublic into. My brother, Harry Pinner, is promoter, and joins theboard after allotment as managing director. He knew I was in theswim down here and asked me to pick up a good man cheap. A young,pushing man with plenty of snap about him. Parker spoke of you, andthat brought me here to-night. We can only offer you a beggarly fivehundred to start with.'
3.  "They are both old and tried servants."
4.  "Think once more, Lady Brackenstall. Would it not be better to befrank?"
5.   He had sprung to his feet, and I stepped back, bracing myself for anattack, for the man was beside himself with rage. He may havesuspected me from the first; certainly this cross-examination hadshown him the truth; but it was clear that I could not hope to deceivehim. He dived his hand into a side-drawer and rummaged furiously. Thensomething struck upon his ear, for he stood listening intently."Ah!" he cried. "Ah!" and dashed into the room behind him.Two steps took me to the open door, and my mind will ever carry aclear picture of the scene within. The window leading out to thegarden was wide open. Beside it, looking like some terrible ghost, hishead girt with bloody bandages, his face drawn and white, stoodSherlock Holmes. The next instant he was through the gap, and I heardthe crash of his body among the laurel bushes outside. With a howl ofrage the master of the house rushed after him to the open window.And then! It was done in an instant, and yet I clearly saw it. Anarm- a woman's arm- shot out from among the leaves. At the sameinstant the Baron uttered a horrible cry- a yell which will alwaysring in my memory. He clapped his two hands to his face and rushedround the room, beating his head horribly against the walls. Then hefell upon the carpet, rolling and writhing, while scream afterscream resounded through the house.
6.  "Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Holmes. I can see that you are boredto death with the whole affair. Well, he has confessed, all right.Come in here, MacPherson. Let these gentlemen hear of your mostinexcusable conduct."


1.  "The boy's, then?"
2.  "'Seven to seven-and-six.'
3.  "I was already firmly convinced, Watson, that there were not threeseparate mysteries here, but one only, and that if I could read theMusgrave Ritual aright I should hold in my hand the clue which wouldlead me to the truth concerning both the butler Brunton and the maidHowells. To that then I turned all my energies. Why should thisservant be so anxious to master this old formula? Evidently because hesaw something in it which had escaped all those generations of countrysquires, and from which he expected some personal advantage. Whatwas it then, and how had it affected his fate?
4、  "'I was just looking for the offices when you came.'
5、  "Well now, Watson, suppose for a moment that we visualize you in thecharacter of a woman who, in a cold, premeditated fashion, is about toget rid of a rival. You have planned it. A note has been written.The victim has come. You have your weapon. The crime is done. It hasbeen workmanlike and complete. Do you tell me that after carryingout so crafty a crime you would now ruin your reputation as a criminalby forgetting to fling your weapon into those adjacent reed-beds whichwould forever cover it, but you must needs carry it carefully home andput it in your own wardrobe, the very first place that would besearched? Your best friends would hardly call you a schemer, Watson,and yet I could not picture you doing anything so crude as that.""In the excitement of the moment-"




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      It was a quarter-past nine when I started from home and mademy way across the Park, and so through Oxford Street to BakerStreet. Two hansoms were standing at the door, and as I enteredthe passage I heard the sound of voices from above. On enteringhis room I found Holmes in animated conversation with two men, oneof whom I recognized as Peter Jones, the official police agent,while the other was a long, thin, sad-faced man, with a very shinyhat and oppressively respectable frock-coat.

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      The invalid sank back upon his cushions, tired out by this longrecital, while his nurse poured him out a glass of some stimulatingmedicine. Holmes sat silently, with his head thrown back and hiseyes closed, in an attitude which might seem listless to a stranger,but which I knew betokened the most intense self-absorption."Your statement has been so explicit," said he at last, "that youhave really left me very few questions to ask. There is one of thevery utmost importance, however. Did you tell anyone that you had thisspecial task to perform?"

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      The sitting-room of our client opened by a long, low, latticedwindow on to the ancient lichen-tinted court of the old college. AGothic arched door led to a worn stone Staircase. On the groundfloor was the tutor's room. Above were three students, one on eachstory. It was already twilight when we reached the scene of ourproblem. Holmes halted and looked earnestly at the window. Then heapproached it, and, standing on tiptoe with his neck craned, he lookedinto the room.

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    {  "What is it?"

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      We turned a corner in the lane as he spoke, and there was thebuilding close beside us. A yellow bar falling across the blackforeground showed that the door was not quite closed, and one windowin the upper story was brightly illuminated. As we looked, we saw adark blur moving across the blind.}

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      Holmes had picked up the powerful air-gun from the floor, and wasexamining its mechanism.

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      "My surmise, as you saw, proved to be correct," said he, speakingfrom the depths of his easy-chair. "There has been a substitution oflodgers. What I did not foresee is that we should find a woman, and noordinary woman, Watson."

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       "But there is so much to explain."

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    {  "Never, I swear it."

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      "No, I fancy Chiswick is an address which is more likely to findhim. If you will come with me to Chiswick to-night, Lestrade, I'llpromise to go to the Italian Quarter with you to-morrow, and no harmwill be done by the delay. And now I think that a few hours' sleepwould do us all good, for I do not propose to leave before eleveno'clock, and it is unlikely that we shall be back before morning.You'll dine with us, Lestrade, and then you are welcome to the sofauntil it is time for us to start. In the meantime, Watson, I should beglad if you would ring for an express messenger, for I have a letterto send and it is important that it should go at once."Holmes spent the evening in rummaging among the files of the olddaily papers with which one of our lumber-rooms was packed. When atlast he descended, it was with triumph in his eyes, but he saidnothing to either of us as to the result of his researches. For my ownpart, I had followed step by step the methods by which he had tracedthe various windings of this complex case, and, though I could not yetperceive the goal which we would reach, I understood clearly thatHolmes expected this grotesque criminal to make an attempt upon thetwo remaining busts, one of which, I remembered, was at Chiswick. Nodoubt the object of our journey was to catch him in the very act,and I could not but admire the cunning with which my friend hadinserted a wrong clue in the evening paper, so as to give the fellowthe idea that he could continue his scheme with impunity. I was notsurprised when Holmes suggested that I should take my revolver withme. He had himself picked up the loaded hunting-crop, which was hisfavourite weapon.