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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Listen; I am already upon the scent," resumed D'Artagnan."About three months ago I was near having a duel with Aramisconcerning a handkerchief resembling the one you showed to thewoman in his house--for a handkerchief marked in the same manner,I am sure."
2.  "Hold, hold, hold!" said Athos, wit his quiet tone; "that throwof the dice is extraordinary. I have not seen such a one fourtimes in my life. Two aces!"
3.  "One might think you really suspected us, monseigneur, and wewere undergoing a real interrogatory. If it be so, we trust yourEminence will deign to explain yourself, and we should then atleast be acquainted with our real position."
4.  "Ah, ah!" said he, "what does this mean?"
5.  "Yes; or at least I guess. They were, one in the Rue deVaugirard, No. 25; the other in the Rue de la Harpe, No. 75.""Does your Eminence command that they both be instantlyarrested?"
6.  "Reload the muskets, Grimaud," said Athos, "and we,gentlemen, will go on with our breakfast, and resume ourconversation. Where were we?"


1.  In one hour after, the ordinance was published in London that novessel bound for France should leave port, not even the packetboat with letters. In the eyes of everybody this was adeclaration of war between the two kingdoms.
2.  "I have not that honor, monseigneur," replied the latter, hiseyes dazzled by the brilliant style in which D'Artagnan traveled."What, you don't know me?"
3.  "AU REVOIR; then; that is all I have to say today. Tomorrow Iwill see you again, to take my leave." With these words thebaron went out. Milady had listened to all this menacing tiradewith a smile of disdain on her lips, but rage in her heart.Supper was served. Milady felt that she stood in need of all herstrength. She did not know what might take place during thisnight which approached so menacingly--for large masses of cloudrolled over the face of the sky, and distant lightning announceda storm.
4.  Porthos and Aramis placed themselves at the table and beganto play. Athos walked about in a contemplative mood.While thinking and walking, Athos passed and repassed beforethe pipe of the stove, broken in halves, the other extremitypassing into the chamber above; and every time he passed andrepassed he heard a murmur of words, which at length fixedhis attention. Athos went close to it, and distinguishedsome words that appeared to merit so great an interest thathe made a sign to his friends to be silent, remaininghimself bent with his ear directed to the opening of thelower orifice.
5.  "Yes, fair lady!" replied Lord de Winter, making a bow, halfcourteous, half ironical; "it is I, myself."
6.  "Does not your Eminence fear that the punishment inflictedupon Ravaillac may deter anyone who might entertain the ideaof imitating him?"


1.  "Oh, my God!" murmured Felton.
2.  "Not a bad idea!" said Athos, emptying and refilling his glass."The two things agree marvelously well."
3.  "Oh! The affair was not long, I assure you. They placedthemselves on guard; the stranger made a feint and a lunge, andthat so rapidly that when Monsieur Porthos came to the PARADE, hehad already three inches of steel in his breast. He immediatelyfell backward. The stranger placed the point of his sword at histhroat; and Monsieur Porthos, finding himself at the mercy of hisadversary, acknowledged himself conquered. Upon which thestranger asked his name, and learning that it was Porthos, andnot D'Artagnan, he assisted him to rise, brought him back to thehotel, mounted his horse, and disappeared."
4.  "That's impossible," said the gentleman; "I have traveled sixtyleagues in forty hours, and by tomorrow at midday I must be inLondon."
5.   "The captain of the king's Musketeers?"
6.  "Your Eminence is right," replied Milady; "and I have beenwrong in seeing in the mission with which you honor meanything but that which it really is--that is, to announceto his Grace, on the part of your Eminence, that you areacquainted with the different disguises by means of which hesucceeded in approaching the queen during the fete given byMadame the Constable; that you have proofs of the interviewgranted at the Louvre by the queen to a certain Italianastrologer who was no other than the Duke of Buckingham;that you have ordered a little romance of a satirical natureto be written upon the adventures of Amiens, with a plan ofthe gardens in which those adventures took place, andportraits of the actors who figured in them; that Montagueis in the Bastille, and that the torture may make him saythings he remembers, and even things he has forgotten; thatyou possess a certain letter from Madame de Chevreuse, foundin his Grace's lodging, which singularly compromises notonly her who wrote it, but her in whose name it was written.Then, if he persists, notwithstanding all this--as that is,as I have said, the limit of my mission--I shall havenothing to do but to pray God to work a miracle for thesalvation of France. That is it, is it not, monseigneur,and I shall have nothing else to do?"


1.  "The miserable villain! He had foreseen all. His breast wascovered with a coat-of-mail; the knife was bent against it."'Ah, ah!' cried he, seizing my arm, and wresting from me theweapon that had so badly served me, 'you want to take my life, doyou, my pretty Puritan? But that's more than dislike, that'singratitude! Come, come, calm yourself, my sweet girl! Ithought you had softened. I am not one of those tyrants whodetain women by force. You don't love me. With my usual fatuityI doubted it; now I am convinced. Tomorrow you shall be free.'"I had but one wish; that was that he should kill me."'Beware!' said I, 'for my liberty is your dishonor.'"'Explain yourself, my pretty sibyl!'
2.  "The devil! What's to be done?"
3.  Lord de Winter arrived at the appointed time; but Athos,being warned of his coming, went into the other chamber. Hetherefore found D'Artagnan alone, and as it was nearly eighto'clock he took the young man with him.
4、  "You will win."
5、  "Very well," said Milady; and she resolutely entered thecarriage.




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      "Gentlemen, gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, "do not let us lose ourtime in jesting. Let us separate, and let us seek the mercer'swife--that is the key of the intrigue."

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      Besides, the woman wore that black mantle which D'Artagnan couldstill see outlined on the shutter of the Rue de Vaugirard and onthe door of the Rue de la Harpe; still further, the man wore theuniform of a Musketeer.

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       "Do you know me, madame?" said he.

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      "I have no seconds on my part, monsieur," said D'Artagnan; "forhaving only arrived yesterday in Paris, I as yet know no one butMonsieur de Treville, to whom I was recommended by my father, whohas the honor to be, in some degree, one of his friends."Athos reflected for an instant. "You know no one but Monsieur deTreville?" he asked.

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    {  "What has become of her, then?" asked Rochefort, eagerly."Return to camp and you shall know."

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      "They'll kill poor Porthos when he comes up," said Aramis."If Porthos were on his legs, he would have rejoined us by thistime," said Athos. "My opinion is that on the ground the drunkenman was not intoxicated."}

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      Monsieur passed along the front of the line; then all thesuperior officers approached him to pay their compliments,M. Dessessart, captain of the Guards, as well as the others.At the expiration of a minute or two, it appeared toD'Artagnan that M. Dessessart made him a sign to approach.He waited for a fresh gesture on the part of his superior,for fear he might be mistaken; but this gesture beingrepeated, he left the ranks, and advanced to receive orders."Monsieur is about to ask for some men of good will for adangerous mission, but one which will do honor to those whoshall accomplish it; and I made you a sign in order that youmight hold yourself in readiness."

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      "That's well," said he to Planchet, when the latter added theportmanteau to the equipment. "Now saddle the other threehorses."

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       "In your place, I would do one thing."

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    {  "But," said D'Artagnan, in the ear of Athos, "you are goingto get us all killed without mercy."

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      "Yes, that's true; but alone as you are, you have done muchalready, and will do still more, I don't doubt. Yet youhave need, I believe, to be guided in the adventurous careeryou have undertaken; for, if I mistake not, you came toParis with the ambitious idea of making your fortune.""I am at the age of extravagant hopes, monseigneur," saidD'Artagnan.