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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Tell me," said Holmes- and I could see by his eyes that he was muchexcited- "was this a mere addition to the first or did it appear to beentirely separate?"
2.  "'What do you want with me?' I asked.
3.  "I should say it was impossible. If you examine the roofs you willfind that they are slightly rounded, and there is no railing roundthem. Therefore, we can say for certain that young Cadogan West wasplaced on it."
4.  "I have not all my facts yet but I do not think there are anyinsuperable difficulties. Still, it is an error to argue in front ofyour data. You find yourself insensibly twisting them round to fityour theories."
5.  "Exactly. You would like to tell people how you died. No use writingon paper. That would be seen. If you wrote on the wall someone mightrest upon it. Now, look here! Just above the skirting is scribbledwith a purple indelible pencil: 'We we-' That's all."
6.  "These relics have a history, then?"


1.  "Yes, yes, I see that. But how about the disappearance of theothers?"
2.  "I fear," said Holmes, "that if the matter is beyond humanity itis certainly beyond me. Yet we must exhaust all natural explanationsbefore we fall back upon such a theory as this. As to yourself, Mr.Tregennis, I take it you were divided in some way from your family,since they lived together and you had rooms apart?"
3.  "Then we must take that as our working hypothesis. Young West tookthe papers. Now this could only be done by having a false key-""Several false keys. He had to open the building and the room.""He had, then, several false keys. He took the papers to London tosell the secret, intending, no doubt, to have the plans themselvesback in the safe next morning before they were missed. While in Londonon this treasonable mission he met his end."
4.  "Did you ever know him ill?"
5.  "Did she give references when she came?"
6.  "The very one, by George! And it may as well leave the room in mypocket. There goes your last shred of evidence. But you have the truthnow, Holmes, and you can die with the knowledge that I killed you. Youknew too much of the fate of Victor Savage, so I have sent you toshare it. You are very near your end, Holmes. I will sit here and Iwill watch you die."


1.  "The bath!" he said; "the bath! Why the relaxing and expensiveTurkish rather than the invigorating home-made article?""Because for the last few days I have been feeling rheumatic andold. A Turkish bath is what we call an alterative in medicine- a freshstarting-point, a cleanser of the system.
2.  "I fear there is some dark ending to our quest," said he. "It cannotbe long before we know it. Come, Pompey! Ah, it is the cottage inthe field!"
3.  "Why half, Holmes?"
4.  "It seemed that after we had left, Prendergast and his gang hadproceeded to put to death the five remaining prisoners. The twowarders had been shot and thrown overboard, and so also had thethird mate. Prendergast then descended into the 'tween-decks andwith his own hands cut the throat of the unfortunate surgeon. Thereonly remained the first mate, who was a bold and active man. When hesaw the convict approaching him with the bloody knife in his hand hekicked off his bonds, which he had somehow contrived to loosen, andrushing down the deck he plunged into the after-hold. A dozenconvicts, who descended with their pistols in search of him, found himwith a match-box in his hand seated beside an open powder-barrel,which was one of the hundred carried on board, and swearing that hewould blow all hands up if he were in any way molested. An instantlater the explosion occurred, though Hudson thought it was caused bythe misdirected bullet of one of the convicts rather than the mate'smatch. Be the cause what it may, it was the end of the Gloria Scottand of the rabble who held command of her.
5.   "But surely, Holmes, character goes for something? Then, again,why should he leave the girl in the street and dart away to commit afelony?"
6.  "Well, to tell the truth, I saw then the first signs that I had everseen that her temper was just a little sharp. The incident, however,was too trivial to relate and can have no possible bearing upon thecase."


1.  "James came into contact with this fellow Hayes, because the man wasa tenant of mine, and James acted as agent. The fellow was a rascalfrom the beginning, but, in some extraordinary way, James becameintimate with him. He had always a taste for low company. When Jamesdetermined to kidnap Lord Saltire, it was of this man's service thathe availed himself. You remember that I wrote to Arthur upon that lastday. Well, James opened the letter and inserted a note asking Arthurto meet him in a little wood called the Ragged Shaw, which is nearto the school. He used the Duchess's name, and in that way got the boyto come. That evening James bicycled over- I am telling you what hehas himself confessed to me- and he told Arthur, whom he met in thewood, that his mother longed to see him, that she was awaiting himon the moor, and that if he would come back into the wood atmidnight he would find a man with a horse, who would take him toher. Poor Arthur fell into the trap. He came to the appointment, andfound this fellow Hayes with a led pony. Arthur mounted, and theyset off together. It appears- though this James only heardyesterday- that they were pursued, that Hayes struck the pursuerwith his stick, and that the man died of his injuries. Hayes broughtArthur to his public-house, the Fighting Cock, where he was confinedin an upper room, under the care of Mrs. Hayes, who is a kindly woman,but entirely under the control of her brutal husband.
3.  "I was going to tell you when we had this comic interlude. Here isMrs. Maberley's note. If you care to come with me we will wire her andgo out at once."
4、  "What will you say?"
5、  Holmes looked at his watch. "I have no doubt we can get thenecessary permits this morning and reach Winchester by the eveningtrain. When I have seen this young lady it is very possible that I maybe of more use to you in the matter, though I cannot promise that myconclusions will necessarily be such as you desire."




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      "Oh, Susan! Language!"

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      (See illustration.)

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       "But what do they want?"

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      "My dear madam," said I, "I am an old campaigner, and if I werenot I can very well see that no apology is needed. If I can be ofany assistance, either to you or to my friend here, I shall beindeed happy."

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    {  "Yes; I rather think he is coming to consult me professionally. Ithink that I recognize the symptoms. Ha! did I not tell you?" As hespoke, the man, puffing and blowing, rushed at our door and pulledat our bell until the whole house resounded with the clanging.A few moments later he was in our room, still puffing, stillgesticulating, but with so fixed a look of grief and despair in hiseyes that our smiles were turned in an instant to horror and pity. Fora while he could not get his words out, but swayed his body andplucked at his hair like one who has been driven to the extreme limitsof his reason. Then, suddenly springing to his feet, he beat hishead against the wall with such force that we both rushed upon him andtore him away to the centre of the room. Sherlock Holmes pushed himdown into the easy-chair and, sitting beside him, patted his handand chatted with him in the easy, soothing tones which he knew so wellhow to employ.

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      "By this time the whole house was astir, for I had raised my voicein my anger. Mary was the first to rush into my room, and, at thesight of the coronet and of and of Arthur's face, she read the wholestory and, with a scream, fell down senseless on the ground. I sentthe house-maid for the police and put the investigation into theirhands at once. When the inspector and a constable entered the house,Arthur, who had stood sullenly with his arms folded, asked mewhether it was my intention to charge him with theft. I answeredthat it had ceased to be a private matter, but had become a publicone, since the ruined coronet was national property. I wasdetermined that the law should have its way in everything."'At least,' said he, 'you will not have me arrested at once. Itwould be to your advantage as well as mine if I might leave thehouse for five minutes.'}

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      "Only this: What did you do with the bodies?"

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      "Under solemn promises-"

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       Somone has been tampering with it," he said.

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    {  "Saddle a horse, my lad," said he. "I shall wish you to take anote to Elrige's Farm."

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      "The bicycle may have been a blind. It may have been hiddensomewhere, and the pair gone off on foot."