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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I have."
2.  "Hark!" said Morrel. They both listened; steps weredistinctly heard in the corridor and on the stairs.
3.  Meanwhile the count had arrived at his house; it had takenhim six minutes to perform the distance, but these sixminutes were sufficient to induce twenty young men who knewthe price of the equipage they had been unable to purchasethemselves, to put their horses in a gallop in order to seethe rich foreigner who could afford to give 20,000 francsapiece for his horses. The house Ali had chosen, and whichwas to serve as a town residence to Monte Cristo, wassituated on the right hand as you ascend the Champs Elysees.A thick clump of trees and shrubs rose in the centre, andmasked a portion of the front; around this shrubbery twoalleys, like two arms, extended right and left, and formed acarriage-drive from the iron gates to a double portico, onevery step of which stood a porcelain vase. filled withflowers. This house, isolated from the rest, had, besidesthe main entrance, another in the Rue Ponthieu. Even beforethe coachman had hailed the concierge, the massy gatesrolled on their hinges -- they had seen the Count coming,and at Paris, as everywhere else, he was served with therapidity of lightning. The coachman entered and traversedthe half-circle without slackening his speed, and the gateswere closed ere the wheels had ceased to sound on thegravel. The carriage stopped at the left side of theportico, two men presented themselves at thecarriage-window; the one was Ali, who, smiling with anexpression of the most sincere joy, seemed amply repaid by amere look from Monte Cristo. The other bowed respectfully,and offered his arm to assist the count in descending."Thanks, M. Bertuccio," said the count, springing lightly upthe three steps of the portico; "and the notary?"
4.  "A lost and adored son!"
5.  "If I took them, and were detected, I should lose my place,which is worth two thousand francs a year; so that I shouldbe a great fool to run such a risk for three hundred."
6.  This address, delivered in the presence of Ali, who, notunderstanding one word of the language in which it wasspoken, stood wholly unmoved, produced an effect on M.Baptistin only to be conceived by such as have occasion tostudy the character and disposition of French domestics. "Iassure your excellency," said he, "that at least it shall bemy study to merit your approbation in all things, and I willtake M. Ali as my model."


1.  Had a thunderbolt fallen at the feet of Dantes, or hellopened its yawning gulf before him, he could not have beenmore completely transfixed with horror than he was at thesound of these unexpected words. Starting up, he clasped hishands around his head as though to prevent his very brainfrom bursting, and exclaimed, "His father! his father!"
2.  "The first time, he broke my arm; the second, he wounded mein the breast; and the third time, made this large wound."The Englishman turned down his shirt-collar, and showed ascar, whose redness proved it to be a recent one. "So that,you see, there is a deadly feud between us."
3.  "By whom?"
4.  "And why, I should like to know," persisted Caderousse,"should they put Dantes in prison? he has not robbed orkilled or murdered."
5.  "M. Beauchamp," announced the servant. "Come in, come in,"said Albert, rising and advancing to meet the young man."Here is Debray, who detests you without reading you, so hesays."
6.  "Ah, but madame, does mankind ever lose anything? The artschange about and make a tour of the world; things take adifferent name, and the vulgar do not follow them -- that isall; but there is always the same result. Poisons actparticularly on some organ or another -- one on the stomach,another on the brain, another on the intestines. Well, thepoison brings on a cough, the cough an inflammation of thelungs, or some other complaint catalogued in the book ofscience, which, however, by no means precludes it from beingdecidedly mortal; and if it were not, would be sure tobecome so, thanks to the remedies applied by foolishdoctors, who are generally bad chemists, and which will actin favor of or against the malady, as you please; and thenthere is a human being killed according to all the rules ofart and skill, and of whom justice learns nothing, as wassaid by a terrible chemist of my acquaintance, the worthyAbbe Adelmonte of Taormina, in Sicily, who has studied thesenational phenomena very profoundly."


1.  "I do not know her name; but it is she, sir, it is she!"
2.  "Danglars, as well as the rest?"
3.  "What did he answer?"
4.  "I hope so."
5.   Emmanuel hesitated a moment, but his desire to make Juliedecide immediately made him reply.
6.  "Reverend sir!"


1.  "Talking of Captain Leclere, has not Dantes given you aletter from him?"
2.  "Besides," said Dantes, "the various circumstances mentionedin the letter were wholly unknown to him."
3.  "And where do the servants sleep?"
4、  "It is at this moment," replied Barrois with the samefirmness, "that M. Noirtier, my master, wishes to speak onimportant subjects to M. Franz d'Epinay."
5、  "Well, never mind that, neighbor Caderousse; it is not worthwhile to contradict me for such a trifle as that. 'Tis truethat Mercedes is not actually my wife; but," added he,drawing out his watch, "in an hour and a half she will be."




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      "I do not understand you, sir," replied Monte Cristo; "andif I did, your tone is too high. I am at home here, and Ialone have a right to raise my voice above another's. Leavethe box, sir!" Monte Cristo pointed towards the door withthe most commanding dignity. "Ah, I shall know how to makeyou leave your home!" replied Albert, clasping in hisconvulsed grasp the glove, which Monte Cristo did not losesight of.

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      "Indeed," said the receiver.

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       "Now, could any one have had any interest in preventing theaccomplishment of these two things? But let us first settlethe question as to its being the interest of any one tohinder you from being captain of the Pharaon. What say you?"

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      "I ran to the hospital, and learned that the same night --the night of the 20th of September -- a child had beenbrought there, wrapped in part of a fine linen napkin,purposely torn in half. This portion of the napkin wasmarked with half a baron's crown, and the letter H."

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    {  "That's better," cried the abbe; "now we are on the rightscent. Did you take anybody with you when you put into theport of Elba?"

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      "I am at your service, sir," replied the major.}

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      "And does my father mean to remain long in Paris?" askedAndrea.

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      "Oh, I am done with considering! I am tired of hearing onlyof market reports, of the end of the month, of the rise andfall of Spanish funds, of Haitian bonds. Instead of that,Louise -- do you understand? -- air, liberty, melody ofbirds, plains of Lombardy, Venetian canals, Roman palaces,the Bay of Naples. How much have we, Louise?" The young girlto whom this question was addressed drew from an inlaidsecretary a small portfolio with a lock, in which shecounted twenty-three bank-notes.

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       "And I again repeat, you shall not commit suicide."

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    {  "It is no doubt the same," said he. "Did you drink some too,M. Noirtier?"

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      "Who will give it to you -- your prince?"