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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  A husband you deserve this very day; A child so worthy to be loved.Margaret
2.  Margaret
3.  Martha
4.  Alas! good Martha! don't despair!
5.  Faust


1.  Most willingly! And here I have a flask, From which I've sipp'd myself erenow; What's more, it doth no longer stink; To you a glass I joyfully will give.(Aside.)
2.  A Drinking Party
3.  Inquisitive Traveller
4.  (dancing with the young one)
5.  Room! wheel round! They're coming lo! Down sink the bending grasses.Though spirits, yet their limbs, we know, Are huge substantial masses.Puck
6.  A brute!


1.  What wilt thou wager? Him thou yet shall lose, If leave to me thou wilt butgive, Gently to lead him as I choose!
2.  Margaret and Bessy, with pitchers
3.  This hour enjoyment more intense, Shall captivate each ravish'd sense, Thanthou could'st compass in the bound Of the whole year's unvarying round; Andwhat the dainty spirits sing, The lovely images they bring. Are no fantasticsorcery. Rich odours shall regale your smell, On choicest sweets your palatedwell, Your feelings thrill with ecstasy. No preparation do we need, Here wetogether are. Proceed.
4.  My friend, learn this to understand, I pray! To deal with witches this is still theway.
5.   Our landlord's tool - basket behind doth yonder stand.Mephistopheles (takes the gimlet)
6.  Dear soul! I've long forgiven him, indeed!


1.  Depart! elsewhere another servant choose What! shall the bard his godlikepower abuse? Man's loftiest right, kind nature's high bequest, For your meanpurpose basely sport away? Whence comes his mastery o'er the humanbreast, Whence o'er the elements his sway, But from the harmony that,gushing from his soul, Draws back into his heart the wondrous whole? Withcareless hand when round her spindle, Nature Winds the interminable threadof life; When 'mid the clash of Being every creature Mingles in harshinextricable strife; Who deals their course unvaried till it falleth, In rhythmicflow to music's measur'd tone? Each solitary note whose genius calleth, Toswell the mighty choir in unison? Who in the raging storm sees passionlow'ring? Or flush of earnest thought in evening's glow? Who every blossom insweet spring - time flowering Along the loved one's path would strow? Who,Nature's green familiar leaves entwining, Wreathe's glory's garland, won onevery field? Makes sure Olympus, heavenly powers combining? Man's mightyspirit, in the bard reveal'd!
2.  No, no! I to the town my steps retrace.
3.  Spirits, I plainly to your face declare: No spiritual control myself will bear,Since my own spirit can exert no sway.
4、  Once in a cellar lived a rat, He feasted there on butter, Until his paunchbecame as fat As that of Doctor Luther. The cook laid poison for the guest,Then was his heart with pangs oppress'd, As if his frame love wasted.Chorus (shouting)
5、  Am I once more deluded! must I deem That thus the throng of spiritsdisappear? The devil's presence, was it but a dream? Hath but a poodlescap'd and left me here?




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      Of your known juice a goblet we require. But for the very oldest let me ask;Double its strength with years doth grow.

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       (as they draw the stoppers and the wine chosen by each runs into his glass)Oh beauteous spring, which flows so far!

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      Mark this, my friend, And spare my lungs; who would the right maintain, Andhath a tongue wherewith his point to gain, Will gain it in the end. But come, ofgossip I am weary quite; Because I've no resource, thou'rt in the right.A Garden

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    {  Bessy

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      Thou nam'st thyself a part, and yet a whole I see.Mephistopheles}

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      The Hartz Mountains. District of Schierke and ElendFaust and Mephistopheles

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       (who have hitherto been making all sorts of strange gestures, bringMephistopheles a crown, with loud cries)

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    {  Once a fair vision came to me; There in I saw an apple - tree, Two beauteousapples charmed mine eyes; I climb'd forthwith to reach the prize.The Fair One

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      Dr. Johann Faust: Dr. Johann Faust watching a magic disc in his study.Engraving by Rembrant.]