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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Villefort rushed up-stairs to fetch him. "Take this," saidMadame de Villefort, giving her smelling-bottle toValentine. "They will, no doubt, bleed him; therefore I willretire, for I cannot endure the sight of blood;" and shefollowed her husband up-stairs. Morrel now emerged from hishiding-place, where he had remained quite unperceived, sogreat had been the general confusion. "Go away as quick asyou can, Maximilian," said Valentine, "and stay till I sendfor you. Go."
2.  "Now say if I conceal anything from you?"
3.  While he was yet at the door of the study he heard thebedroom door open, turned, and saw his father. Instead ofgoing direct to his study, M. Morrel had returned to hisbed-chamber, which he was only this moment quitting. Morreluttered a cry of surprise at the sight of his son, of whosearrival he was ignorant. He remained motionless on the spot,pressing with his left hand something he had concealed underhis coat. Maximilian sprang down the staircase, and threwhis arms round his father's neck; but suddenly he recoiled,and placed his right hand on Morrel's breast. "Father," heexclaimed, turning pale as death, "what are you going to dowith that brace of pistols under your coat?"
4.  "You have spoken truly, Maximilian; according to the care webestow upon it, death is either a friend who rocks us gentlyas a nurse, or an enemy who violently drags the soul fromthe body. Some day, when the world is much older, and whenmankind will be masters of all the destructive powers innature, to serve for the general good of humanity; whenmankind, as you were just saying, have discovered thesecrets of death, then that death will become as sweet andvoluptuous as a slumber in the arms of your beloved."
5.  "I hope at least, that you may be mistaken."
6.  "The stables?"


1.  "Well?" said the baroness.
2.  "Because, in truth, Albert" --
3.  "Why, it seems to me," replied Morrel, "that in deliveringM. de Morcerf, whom you did not know, you did good to yourneighbor and to society."
4.  "Are you strong?" the abbe asked one day of Dantes. Theyoung man, in reply, took up the chisel, bent it into theform of a horseshoe, and then as readily straightened it.
5.  "True," said Caderousse; "Benedetto has become the son of agreat lord."
6.  "She is quite well," replied Danglars quickly; "she is atthe piano with M. Cavalcanti." Albert retained his calm andindifferent manner; he might feel perhaps annoyed, but heknew Monte Cristo's eye was on him. "M. Cavalcanti has afine tenor voice," said he, "and Mademoiselle Eugenie asplendid soprano, and then she plays the piano likeThalberg. The concert must be a delightful one."


1.  A long silence followed; the peach, like the grapes, fell tothe ground. "Count," added Mercedes with a supplicatingglance, "there is a beautiful Arabian custom, which makeseternal friends of those who have together eaten bread andsalt under the same roof."
2.  "Yes, sir, I was there, and very anxious to speak; butDanglars restrained me. `If he should really be guilty,'said he, `and did really put in to the Island of Elba; if heis really charged with a letter for the Bonapartistcommittee at Paris, and if they find this letter upon him,those who have supported him will pass for his accomplices.'I confess I had my fears, in the state in which politicsthen were, and I held my tongue. It was cowardly, I confess,but it was not criminal."
3.  "So be it," responded Bertuccio, "all I ask of heaven isthat I may never see him again. And now, your excellency,"he added, bowing his head, "you know everything -- you aremy judge on earth, as the Almighty is in heaven; have youfor me no words of consolation?"
4.  "M. de Saint-Meran?"
5.   "It shall be done," replied Bertuccio. Andrea extended hishand; Bertuccio kept his own in his pocket, and merelyjingled a few pieces of money. "That's what I mean," saidAndrea, endeavoring to smile, quite overcome by the strangetranquillity of Bertuccio. "Can I be deceived?" he murmured,as he stepped into the oblong and grated vehicle which theycall "the salad basket." "Never mind, we shall see!To-morrow, then!" he added, turning towards Bertuccio.
6.  "Oh, misery," cried Franz: "the only hope which sustained meand enabled me to read to the end was that of knowing, atleast, the name of him who killed my father! Sir, sir,"cried he, turning to Noirtier, "do what you can -- make meunderstand in some way!"


1.  "Had you not a meeting with my son this morning?" asked thegeneral.
2.  "No," said Fernand; "I shall return to the Catalans."
3.  "Is it possible?" asked the count, assuming all air and toneof the utmost simplicity and candor. "Is it possible thatThomson & French are not looked upon as safe and solventbankers? Pray tell me what you think, baron, for I feeluneasy, I can assure you, having some considerable propertyin their hands."
4、  "Alas," murmured he, with intense suffering, "I might, then,have been happy yet." Then he carried Haidee to her room,resigned her to the care of her attendants, and returning tohis study, which he shut quickly this time, he again copiedthe destroyed will. As he was finishing, the sound of acabriolet entering the yard was heard. Monte Cristoapproached the window, and saw Maximilian and Emmanuelalight. "Good," said he; "it was time," -- and he sealed hiswill with three seals. A moment afterwards he heard a noisein the drawing-room, and went to open the door himself.Morrel was there; he had come twenty minutes before the timeappointed. "I am perhaps come too soon, count," said he,"but I frankly acknowledge that I have not closed my eyesall night, nor has any one in my house. I need to see youstrong in your courageous assurance, to recover myself."Monte Cristo could not resist this proof of affection; henot only extended his hand to the young man, but flew to himwith open arms. "Morrel," said he, "it is a happy day forme, to feel that I am beloved by such a man as you.Good-morning, Emmanuel; you will come with me then,Maximilian?"
5、  "The deuce! -- and what is this condition?"




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      "My dear fellow," said Debray, "you have come in the nick oftime. There is madame overwhelming me with questionsrespecting the count; she insists upon it that I can tellher his birth, education, and parentage, where he came from,and whither he is going. Being no disciple of Cagliostro, Iwas wholly unable to do this; so, by way of getting out ofthe scrape, I said, `Ask Morcerf; he has got the wholehistory of his beloved Monte Cristo at his fingers' ends;'whereupon the baroness signified her desire to see you."

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      "Is your excellency really in earnest?" inquired thesteward. Monte Cristo regarded the person who durst presumeto doubt his words with the look of one equally surprisedand displeased. "I have to pay a visit this evening,"replied he. "I desire that these horses, with completely newharness, may be at the door with my carriage." Bertucciobowed, and was about to retire; but when he reached thedoor, he paused, and then said, "At what o'clock does yourexcellency wish the carriage and horses to be ready?"

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       "When do you leave?"

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    {  "We will fight, nevertheless. I will efface that blot on myfather's character. My father, who was such a brave soldier,whose career was so brilliant" --

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      "Have you succeeded?" asked Monte Cristo quickly, with animperceptible gleam of hope.}

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      During the evening, Monte Cristo quitted Paris for Auteuil,accompanied by Ali. The following day, about three o'clock,a single blow struck on the gong summoned Ali to thepresence of the count. "Ali," observed his master, as theNubian entered the chamber, "you have frequently explainedto me how more than commonly skilful you are in throwing thelasso, have you not?" Ali drew himself up proudly, and thenreturned a sign in the affirmative. "I thought I did notmistake. With your lasso you could stop an ox?" Again Alirepeated his affirmative gesture. "Or a tiger?" Ali bowedhis head in token of assent. "A lion even?" Ali sprungforwards, imitating the action of one throwing the lasso,then of a strangled lion.

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      "Ah, see there, now!" said Caderousse; "and I did notrecognize them! Hallo, Dantes! hello, lovely damsel! Comethis way, and let us know when the wedding is to be, forFernand here is so obstinate he will not tell us."

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       The notary, who was at the door, immediately entered. "Go,Valentine," said Madame de Saint-Meran, "and leave me withthis gentleman."

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    {  "That was not enough for those latitudes," said theEnglishman; "I should have taken four reefs in the topsailsand furled the spanker."

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      "It is a poor lame post-horse."