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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Really, sir," retorted the count, "have you attained theeminent situation in which you are, without having admitted,or even without having met with exceptions? and do you neveruse your eyes, which must have acquired so much finesse andcertainty, to divine, at a glance, the kind of man by whomyou are confronted? Should not a magistrate be not merelythe best administrator of the law, but the most craftyexpounder of the chicanery of his profession, a steel probeto search hearts, a touchstone to try the gold which in eachsoul is mingled with more or less of alloy?"
2.  "Listen, if you please, till I have finished speaking,"replied Monte Cristo. "You receive 1,500 francs per annumfor your services here -- more than many a brave subaltern,who continually risks his life for his country, obtains. Youlive in a manner far superior to many clerks who work tentimes harder than you do for their money. Then, thoughyourself a servant, you have other servants to wait uponyou, take care of your clothes, and see that your linen isduly prepared for you. Again, you make a profit upon eacharticle you purchase for my toilet, amounting in the courseof a year to a sum equalling your wages."
3.  "And very princely," added Chateau-Renaud.
4.  "No."
5.  "Ah, then, indeed, sir," said the sweet girl, bathed intears, "I see that I am condemned to die!"
6.  "You had a new livery yesterday?"


1.  "Well?" said the count.
2.  "What's the knot for?" thought Dantes.
3.  "Oh, count, you overwhelm me with that coolness. Have you,then, power against death? Are you superhuman? Are you anangel?" And the young man, who had never shrunk from danger,shrank before Monte Cristo with indescribable terror. ButMonte Cristo looked at him with so melancholy and sweet asmile, that Maximilian felt the tears filling his eyes. "Ican do much for you, my friend," replied the count. "Go; Imust be alone." Morrel, subdued by the extraordinaryascendancy Monte Cristo exercised over everything aroundhim, did not endeavor to resist it. He pressed the count'shand and left. He stopped one moment at the door forBaptistin, whom he saw in the Rue Matignon, and who wasrunning.
4.  "So much the worse."
5.  "Yes, that is the penalty of being a living puzzle!"
6.  The next day M. Noirtier sent for the notary; the first willwas torn up and a second made, in which he left the whole ofhis fortune to Valentine, on condition that she should neverbe separated from him. It was then generally reported thatMademoiselle de Villefort, the heiress of the marquis andmarchioness of Saint-Meran, had regained the good graces ofher grandfather, and that she would ultimately be inpossession of an income of 300,000 livres.


1.  Franz again interrupted himself, and wiped the cold dropsfrom his brow; there was something awful in hearing the sonread aloud in trembling pallor these details of his father'sdeath, which had hitherto been a mystery. Valentine claspedher hands as if in prayer. Noirtier looked at Villefort withan almost sublime expression of contempt and pride. Franzcontinued: --
2.  "Have pity on me doctor! So many dreadful things havehappened to me lately that I am on the verge of madness."
3.  "He? Oh, no, he has plunged a thousand daggers into myheart, tragedy-weapons, I own, which instead of woundingsheathe their points in their own handles, but daggers whichhe nevertheless believed to be real and deadly."
4.  "You have it broker, have you not?"
5.   Dantes had not been deceived -- he had reached the first ofthe two islands, which was, in fact, Tiboulen. He knew thatit was barren and without shelter; but when the sea becamemore calm, he resolved to plunge into its waves again, andswim to Lemaire, equally arid, but larger, and consequentlybetter adapted for concealment.
6.  "No, sir," said Albert, coldly; "there are circumstances inwhich one cannot, except through cowardice, -- I offer youthat refuge, -- refuse to admit certain persons at least."


1.  "Listen; this is not a command, but advice I give you."
2.  "It was not I who wished to kill the Jew," said Caderousse;"it was La Carconte."
3.  "And why among us four?" inquired Caderousse.
4、  The jailer, though rough and hardened by the constant sightof so much suffering, was yet a man. At the bottom of hisheart he had often had a feeling of pity for this unhappyyoung man who suffered so; and he laid the request of number34 before the governor; but the latter sapiently imaginedthat Dantes wished to conspire or attempt an escape, andrefused his request. Dantes had exhausted all humanresources, and he then turned to God.
5、  "Yes, I do remember," replied the countess. A servantentered, summoned by Albert's ring of the bell. "Take theseflowers into the anteroom or dressing-room," said theviscount; "they make the countess ill." The footman obeyedhis orders. A long pause ensued, which lasted until all theflowers were removed. "What is this name of Monte Cristo?"inquired the countess, when the servant had taken away thelast vase of flowers, "is it a family name, or the name ofthe estate, or a simple title?"




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      "Adieu, then, sir, and do not forget the prescription."

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      "I shared the same fate at Aquapendente."

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       "You fear to acknowledge that your correspondent hisdeceived you? Oh, no self-love, Beauchamp. Acknowledge it,Beauchamp; your courage cannot be doubted."

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      "Sir," replied the mayor. "I know very well that during thelast four or five years misfortune has seemed to pursue M.Morrel. He has lost four or five vessels, and suffered bythree or four bankruptcies; but it is not for me, although Iam a creditor myself to the amount of ten thousand francs,to give any information as to the state of his finances. Askof me, as mayor, what is my opinion of M. Morrel, and Ishall say that he is a man honorable to the last degree, andwho has up to this time fulfilled every engagement withscrupulous punctuality. This is all I can say, sir; if youwish to learn more, address yourself to M. de Boville, theinspector of prisons, No. 15, Rue de Nouailles; he has, Ibelieve, two hundred thousand francs in Morrel's hands, andif there be any grounds for apprehension, as this is agreater amount than mine, you will most probably find himbetter informed than myself."

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    {  "And then," said Eugenie, while turning over the leaves ofMadame de Villefort's album, "add that you have taken agreat fancy to the young man."

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      Franz again interrupted himself, and wiped the cold dropsfrom his brow; there was something awful in hearing the sonread aloud in trembling pallor these details of his father'sdeath, which had hitherto been a mystery. Valentine claspedher hands as if in prayer. Noirtier looked at Villefort withan almost sublime expression of contempt and pride. Franzcontinued: --}

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      "`The president went up the steps, after pushing his swordinto his cane; a track of blood on the snow marked hiscourse. He had scarcely arrived at the top when he heard aheavy splash in the water -- it was the general's body,which the witnesses had just thrown into the river afterascertaining that he was dead. The general fell, then, in aloyal duel, and not in ambush as it might have beenreported. In proof of this we have signed this paper toestablish the truth of the facts, lest the moment shouldarrive when either of the actors in this terrible sceneshould be accused of premeditated murder or of infringementof the laws of honor.

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      One light alone was visible; and Dantes saw that it camefrom Mercedes' chamber. Mercedes was the only one awake inthe whole settlement. A loud cry could be heard by her. Butpride restrained him and he did not utter it. What would hisguards think if they heard him shout like a madman?

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       At these words the public attention became more intense, andall eyes were turned towards the door through whichBenedetto was to enter. The door soon opened and the accusedappeared. The same impression was experienced by allpresent, and no one was deceived by the expression of hiscountenance. His features bore no sign of that deep emotionwhich stops the beating of the heart and blanches the cheek.His hands, gracefully placed, one upon his hat, the other inthe opening of his white waistcoat, were not at alltremulous; his eye was calm and even brilliant. Scarcely hadhe entered the hall when he glanced at the whole body ofmagistrates and assistants; his eye rested longer on thepresident, and still more so on the king's attorney. By theside of Andrea was stationed the lawyer who was to conducthis defence, and who had been appointed by the court, forAndrea disdained to pay any attention to those details, towhich he appeared to attach no importance. The lawyer was ayoung man with light hair whose face expressed a hundredtimes more emotion than that which characterized theprisoner.

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    {  P.S. -- My poor grandmother gets worse and worse; yesterdayher fever amounted to delirium; to-day her delirium isalmost madness. You will be very kind to me, will you not,Morrel, to make me forget my sorrow in leaving her thus? Ithink it is kept a secret from grandpapa Noirtier, that thecontract is to be signed this evening.

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      "Dentro la testa!" answered a solemn and imperious voice,accompanied by a menacing gesture. Danglars thought dentrola testa meant, "Put in your head!" He was making rapidprogress in Italian. He obeyed, not without some uneasiness,which, momentarily increasing, caused his mind, instead ofbeing as unoccupied as it was when he began his journey, tofill with ideas which were very likely to keep a travellerawake, more especially one in such a situation as Danglars.His eyes acquired that quality which in the first moment ofstrong emotion enables them to see distinctly, and whichafterwards fails from being too much taxed. Before we arealarmed, we see correctly; when we are alarmed, we seedouble; and when we have been alarmed, we see nothing buttrouble. Danglars observed a man in a cloak galloping at theright hand of the carriage.