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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But it was on leaving this club," said he, "my fatherdisappeared." Noirtier's eye continued to say, "Read." Heresumed: --
2.  "Yes, but girls tell each other secrets without beingparticularly intimate; own, now, that you did question heron the subject. Ah, I see you are smiling."
3.  "Was it you who asked him to drink some of it?"
4.  Mercedes was left alone face to face with the vast plainthat had never seemed so barren, and the sea that had neverseemed so vast. Bathed in tears she wandered about theCatalan village. Sometimes she stood mute and motionless asa statue, looking towards Marseilles, at other times gazingon the sea, and debating as to whether it were not better tocast herself into the abyss of the ocean, and thus end herwoes. It was not want of courage that prevented her puttingthis resolution into execution; but her religious feelingscame to her aid and saved her. Caderousse was, like Fernand,enrolled in the army, but, being married and eight yearsolder, he was merely sent to the frontier. Old Dantes, whowas only sustained by hope, lost all hope at Napoleon'sdownfall. Five months after he had been separated from hisson, and almost at the hour of his arrest, he breathed hislast in Mercedes' arms. M. Morrel paid the expenses of hisfuneral, and a few small debts the poor old man hadcontracted.
5.  "You annoyed, count?" said Beauchamp; "and by what?"
6.  "On my word," said Franz, "you are wise as Nestor andprudent as Ulysses, and your fair Circe must be very skilfulor very powerful if she succeed in changing you into a beastof any kind." Albert was right; the fair unknown hadresolved, doubtless, to carry the intrigue no farther; foralthough the young men made several more turns, they did notagain see the calash, which had turned up one of theneighboring streets. Then they returned to the RospoliPalace; but the count and the blue domino had alsodisappeared; the two windows, hung with yellow damask, werestill occupied by the persons whom the count had invited. Atthis moment the same bell that had proclaimed the beginningof the mascherata sounded the retreat. The file on the Corsobroke the line, and in a second all the carriages haddisappeared. Franz and Albert were opposite the Via delleMaratte; the coachman, without saying a word, drove up it,passed along the Piazza di Spagni and the Rospoli Palace andstopped at the door of the hotel. Signor Pastrini came tothe door to receive his guests. Franz hastened to inquireafter the count, and to express regret that he had notreturned in sufficient time; but Pastrini reassured him bysaying that the Count of Monte Cristo had ordered a secondcarriage for himself, and that it had gone at four o'clockto fetch him from the Rospoli Palace. The count had,moreover, charged him to offer the two friends the key ofhis box at the Argentina. Franz questioned Albert as to hisintentions; but Albert had great projects to put intoexecution before going to the theatre; and instead of makingany answer, he inquired if Signor Pastrini could procure hima tailor. "A tailor," said the host; "and for what?"


1.  "`Silence, child! Hush, we are flying!' I did notunderstand. Why should my father fly? -- he, theall-powerful -- he, before whom others were accustomed tofly -- he, who had taken for his device, `They hate me; thenthey fear me!' It was, indeed, a flight which my father wastrying to effect. I have been told since that the garrisonof the castle of Yanina, fatigued with long service" --
2.  "Here is a glass with one already prepared," said Villefort,entering the room.
3.  "I admire all that is beautiful," returned the young lady.
4.  "The festa was magnificent; not only was the villabrilliantly illuminated, but thousands of colored lanternswere suspended from the trees in the garden; and very soonthe palace overflowed to the terraces, and the terraces tothe garden-walks. At each cross-path was an orchestra, andtables spread with refreshments; the guests stopped, formedquadrilles, and danced in any part of the grounds theypleased. Carmela was attired like a woman of Sonnino. Hercap was embroidered with pearls, the pins in her hair wereof gold and diamonds, her girdle was of Turkey silk, withlarge embroidered flowers, her bodice and skirt were ofcashmere, her apron of Indian muslin, and the buttons of hercorset were of jewels. Two of her companions were dressed,the one as a woman of Nettuno, and the other as a woman ofLa Riccia. Four young men of the richest and noblestfamilies of Rome accompanied them with that Italian freedomwhich has not its parallel in any other country in theworld. They were attired as peasants of Albano, Velletri,Civita-Castellana, and Sora. We need hardly add that thesepeasant costumes, like those of the young women, werebrilliant with gold and jewels.
5.  Mercedes courtesied gravely, and said -- "That is not myname, and in my country it bodes ill fortune, they say, tocall a young girl by the name of her betrothed before hebecomes her husband. So call me Mercedes, if you please."
6.  "Of course," said he; "of what else should I speak?"


1.  "I think so, indeed! He has six millions' worth."
2.  "Yes, to go and meet him."
3.  "It is possible."
4.  "Tell me; satisfy my impatience."
5.   "To me?"
6.  "It does," replied the abbe; "with the addition of an equaldivision of that part intended for the elder Dantes, which Ibelieve myself at liberty to divide equally with the foursurvivors."


1.  Having given this vent to his ill-humor, the baron becamemore calm; Mademoiselle Danglars had that morning requestedan interview with her father, and had fixed on the gildeddrawing-room as the spot. The singularity of this step, andabove all its formality, had not a little surprised thebanker, who had immediately obeyed his daughter by repairingfirst to the drawing-room. Etienne soon returned from hiserrand. "Mademoiselle's lady's maid says, sir, thatmademoiselle is finishing her toilette, and will be hereshortly."
2.  "Said to bear the name!" repeated Caderousse, becomingexcited and eager. "Why, he was so called as truly as Imyself bore the appellation of Gaspard Caderousse; but tellme, I pray, what has become of poor Edmond? Did you knowhim? Is he alive and at liberty? Is he prosperous andhappy?"
3.  "And that ghost" --
4、  Albert had proceeded no farther than the door, where heremained rooted to the spot, being completely fascinated bythe sight of such surpassing beauty, beheld as it was forthe first time, and of which an inhabitant of more northernclimes could form no adequate idea.
5、  "I see; to your domestics you are `my lord,' the journalistsstyle you `monsieur,' while your constituents call you`citizen.' These are distinctions very suitable under aconstitutional government. I understand perfectly." AgainDanglars bit his lips; he saw that he was no match for MonteCristo in an argument of this sort, and he thereforehastened to turn to subjects more congenial.




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      "Sign it!" continued the count.

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      "With one of the clamps of my bedstead; and this very toolhas sufficed me to hollow out the road by which I camehither, a distance of about fifty feet."

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       "In that box."

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      "And who can that person be who has taken it into his headto wrap himself up in a blue coat embroidered with green?"

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    {  "Never mind that," returned the sailor, "I know theirvessel."

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      "At least, we shall see each other again, M. Morrel?" askedPenelon.}

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      "Yes, and up to this point I know all," said the priest."Dantes himself only knew that which personally concernedhim, for he never beheld again the five persons I have namedto you, or heard mention of any one of them."

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      "But have you ever watched him carefully?"

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       "Yes; I left it in the pantry, because I was called away."

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    {  Dantes stood mute and motionless before this majesticspectacle, as if he now beheld it for the first time; andindeed since his captivity in the Chateau d'If he hadforgotten that such scenes were ever to be witnessed. Heturned towards the fortress, and looked at both sea andland. The gloomy building rose from the bosom of the oceanwith imposing majesty and seemed to dominate the scene. Itwas about five o'clock. The sea continued to get calmer.

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      "That is to say," replied Villefort with hesitation, "thathuman nature being weak, every man, according to your creed,has committed faults."