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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  D'Artagnan paused.
2.  This is the third time I have written to you to tell youthat I love you. Beware that I do not write to you a fourthtime to tell you that I detest you.
3.  "To sell the diamond," replied Aramis.
4.  "Captain," said Felton, "this is person of whom I spoke to you,and whom you must convey safe and sound to France.""For a thousand pistoles," said the captain.
5.  "D'Artagnan."
6.  "And yet," said Milady, with a persistence that proved shewished to see clearly to the end of the mission with whichshe was about to be charged, "if he persists?"


1.  "Do you know who carried off your wife?"
2.  "Silence, monsieur! Once again, silence! Ah, since the dangersI incur on my own account cannot stop you, think of those you mayyourself run!"
3.  "You approach that famous point of free will which is a mortalrock. You face the insinuations of the Pelagians and the demi-Peligians."
4.  "Well, then, it becomes the simplest thing in the world; getme that proof, and I will send him to the Bastille.""So far good, monseigneur; but afterwards?"
5.  "I know not."
6.  "Were the accomplices of Ravaillac or of Jacques Clementever known?"


1.  "Too late by a minute!" cried he, "too late by a minute! Oh, my God, myGod! what a misfortune!"
2.  "Giving me her hand to kiss."
3.  "Ah, but the valise I want," cried Porthos, "is a well-filled one, my dear."
4.  "Ah, yes," said a light-horseman, with a glass of brandy inhis hand, which he sipped slowly. "I hear you gentlemen ofthe Guards have been in the trenches tonight, and that youdid not get much the best of the Rochellais."
5.   Milady received this look like a resigned victim; it wasimpossible to imagine a more submissive or a more mild expressionthan that which prevailed on her beautiful countenance. Lord deWinter himself could scarcely recognize the tigress who, a minutebefore, prepared apparently for a fight.
6.  The abbess looked at her for an instant with uneasiness, as if a freshthought suggested itself to her mind.


1.  We have said that Athos loved D'Artagnan like a child, andthis somber and inflexible personage felt the anxiety of aparent for the young man.
2.  "Impossible, madame, impossible," murmured Felton, who felt tothe bottom of his heart the justness of this argument. "Aprisoner, you will not recover your liberty through me; living,you will not lose your life through me."
3.  "Yes, my Lord, I accept them," said D'Artagnan; "and if it pleaseGod, we will make a good use of your presents."
5、  "You, monseigneur?"




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      "You are a brave young man," said Buckingham, holding out hishand to D'Artagnan, who pressed it respectfully. "You offer meyour services; with the same frankness I accept them. Follow usat a distance of twenty paces, as far as the Louvre, and ifanyone watches us, slay him!"

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      "Monsieur d'Artagnan promised me his assistance; but I soon foundout that he was betraying me."

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       "And what do you reckon your outfit will cost?" said D'Artagnan."Oh, we can scarcely say. We have made our calculations withSpartan economy, and we each require fifteen hundred livres.""Four times fifteen makes sixty--six thousand livres," saidAthos.

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      "My faith! I don't much about it," said Athos. "AskD'Artagnan."

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    {  "He must have one," said Athos.

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      "You must be gone!" said Porthos; "and if the cardinal asksfor you, what answer can we make?"}

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      Although he felt himself ably supported, the young man wasnot without a little uneasiness as he ascended the greatstaircase, step by step. His conduct toward Milady bore astrong resemblance to treachery, and he was very suspiciousof the political relations which existed between that womanand the cardinal. Still further, De Wardes, whom he hadtreated so ill, was one of the tools of his Eminence; andD'Artagnan knew that while his Eminence was terrible to hisenemies, he was strongly attached to his friends."If De Wardes has related all our affair to the cardinal,which is not to be doubted, and if he has recognized me, asis probable, I may consider myself almost as a condemnedman," said D'Artagnan, shaking his head. "But why has hewaited till now? That's all plain enough. Milady has laidher complaints against me with that hypocritical grief whichrenders her so interesting, and this last offense has madethe cup overflow."

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      He called successively at the abodes of Athos, Porthos, andAramis. Neither of them had returned. Their lackeys likewisewere absent, and nothing had been heard of either the one or theother. He would have inquired after them of their mistresses,but he was neither acquainted with Porthos's nor Aramis's, and asto Athos, he had none.

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       "Never mind; if his mistress abandons him, he will find friends,I will answer for it. So, my dear host, be not uneasy, andcontinue to take all the care of him that his situationrequires."

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    {  "She will follow you to the end of the world, Athos, if sherecognizes you. Let her, then, exhaust her vengeance on mealone!"

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