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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then, if you are not too sleepy, I will give you a sketch of whathas happened, and of what remains to be done."
2.  "It was a long path and the light was not very good, but it seemedto me something was moving ahead of me. I ran on and called hisname, but it was no use. When I got to the end of the path therewere several others branching in different directions to variousouthouses. I stood hesitating, and as I did so I heard distinctlythe sound of a closing door. It was not behind me in the house, butahead of me, somewhere in the darkness. That was enough, Mr. Holmes,to assure me that what I had seen was not a vision. Godfrey had runaway from me, and he had shut a door behind him. Of that I wascertain.
3.  etc., etc. Ha! That represents the last time that the colonel neededto have his machine overhauled, I fancy."
4.  "And the white cock?"
5.  "Will you see him?"
6.  So it proved; for in the morning I found my friend standing on thehearthrug with his back to the fire and a smile of completesatisfaction upon his face.


1.  "By heaven!" said he, "if you squeal on us, Bob Carruthers, I'llserve you as you served Jack Woodley. You can bleat about the girlto your heart's content, for that's your own affair, but if youround on your pals to this plain-clothes copper, it will be theworst day's work that ever you did."
2.  "Hotel Cosmopolitan Jewel Robbery. John Horner, 26,
3.  "'The propriety of my leaving it. You may set your mind at restabout that. I should not dream of doing so were it not absolutelycertain that I should be able in four days to reclaim it. It is a purematter of form. Is the security sufficient?'
4.  "It is a nice household," he murmured. "That is the baboon."I had forgotten the strange pets which the doctor affected. Therewas a cheetah, too; perhaps we might find it upon our shoulders at anymoment. I confess that I felt easier in my mind when, afterfollowing Holmes's example and slipping off my shoes, I found myselfinside the bedroom. My companion noiselessly closed the shutters,moved the lamp onto the table, and cast his eyes round the room. Allwas as we had seen it in the daytime. Then creeping up to me andmaking a trumpet of his hand, he whispered into my ear again so gentlythat it was all that I could do to distinguish the words:"The least sound would be fatal to our plans."
5.  "What for?"
6.  Late that evening, is we sat together smoking our pipes in thevillage inn, Holmes gave me a brief review of what had passed."I fear, Watson," said he, "that you will not improve any reputationwhich I may have acquired by adding the case of the Thor Bridgemystery to your annals. I have been sluggish in mind and wanting inthat mixture of imagination and reality which is the basis of myart. I confess that the chip in the stonework was a sufficient clue tosuggest the true solution, and that I blame myself for not havingattained it sooner.


1.  "'Nothing. There lies the inexplicable part of it. The message wasabsurd and trivial. Ah, my God, it is as I feared!'
2.  "The injury from which the unfortunate veteran was suffering wasfound to be a jagged cut some two inches long at the back part ofhis head, which had evidently been caused by a violent blow from ablunt weapon. Nor was it difficult to guess what that weapon mayhave been. Upon the floor, close to the body, was lying a singularclub of hard carved wood with a bone handle. The colonel possessed avaried collection of weapons brought from the different countries inwhich he had fought, and it is conjectured by the police that thisclub was among his trophies. The servants deny having seen itbefore, but among the numerous curiosities in the house it is possiblethat it may have been overlooked. Nothing else of importance wasdiscovered in the room by the police, save the inexplicable factthat neither upon Mrs. Barclay's person nor upon that of the victimnor in any part of the room was the missing key to be found. Thedoor had eventually to be opened by a locksmith from Aldershot."That was the state of things, Watson, when upon the Tuesday morningI, at the request of Major Murphy, went down to Aldershot tosupplement the efforts of the police. I think that you willacknowledge that the problem was already one of interest but myobservations soon made me realize that it was in truth much moreextraordinary than would at first sight appear.
3.  "The hero of the Long Island cave mystery?" said Holmes. "Sir, Iam pleased to meet you."
4.  "It was entirely dropped."
5.   "Where does he sleep?"
6.  "Then why did you arrest the mulatto?"


1.  "'No, no. This is only where we compress it. But never mind that.All we wish you to do is to examine the machine and to let us knowwhat is wrong with it.'
2.  "I could very easily give you half a dozen," said Holmes. "Herefor example, is a very possible and even probable one. I make you afree present of it. The older man is showing documents which are ofevident value. A passing tramp sees them through the window, the blindof which is only half down. Exit the solicitor. Enter the tramp! Heseizes a stick, which he observes there, kills Oldacre, and departsafter burning the body."
3.  "You must understand, Dr. Watson, that the professor had nosecrets from me. If I were his son or his younger brother I couldnot have more completely enjoyed his confidence. As his secretary Ihandled every paper which came to him, and I opened and subdivided hisletters. Shortly after his return all this was changed. He told methat certain letters might come to him from London which would bemarked by a cross under the stamp. These were to be set aside forhis own eyes only. I may say that several of these did pass through myhands, that they had the E.C. mark, and were in an illiteratehandwriting. If he answered them at all the answers did not passthrough my hands nor into the letter-basket in which ourcorrespondence was collected."
4、  "You may be sure that I took some precautions. I have one of myBaker Street boys mounting guard over him who would stick to himlike a burr, go where he might. We shall find him in Hudson Streetto-morrow, Watson, and meanwhile I should be the criminal myself ifI kept you out of bed any longer."
5、  "Yes," said he, "I have solved it."




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      "Then go to London and test your conclusions."

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      It was Holmes's turn to look astonished.

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       "`Why, what on earth does this mean, John?' he stammered."My heart had turned to lead. `It is K. K. K.,' said I."He looked inside the envelope. `So it is,' he cried. `Hereare the very letters. But what is this written above them?'"`Put the papers on the sundial,' I read, peeping over hisshoulder.

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      We found Holmes pacing up and down in the field, his chin sunkupon his breast, and his hands thrust into his trousers pockets."The matter grows in interest," said he. "Watson, your countrytrip has been a distinct success. I have had a charming morning.""You have been up to the scene of the crime, I understand," said thecolonel.

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    {  A shiver of assent passed through the drooping tail. The dog'smournful eyes passed from one of us to the other. He knew that we werediscussing his case.

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      "A man's surely," I cried.}

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      "They will take what comes to them. That is what they are paidfor. I shall not appear in the matter."

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      There could be no doubt of the fact. The woodwork was cut, and thescratches showed white through the paint, as if they had been thatinstant done. Holmes had been examining the window.

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       So those were the facts about Killer Evans and his remarkableinvention of the three Garridebs. We heard later that our poor oldfriend never got over the shock of his dissipated dreams. When hiscastle in the air fell down, it buried him beneath the ruins. He waslast heard of at a nursing-home in Brixton. It was a glad day at theYard when the Prescott outfit was discovered, for, though they knewthat it existed, they had never been able, after the death of the man,to find out where it was. Evans had indeed done great service andcaused several worthy C.I.D. men to sleep the sounder, for thecounterfeiter stands in a class by himself as a public danger. Theywould willingly have subscribed to that soup-plate medal of whichthe criminal had spoken, but an unappreciative bench took a lessfavourable view, ind the Killer returned to those shades from which hehad just emerged.

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    {  "Perhaps we can clear the point up before we separate," said Holmes."Meanwhile, I am much obliged to you for your courteousacquiescence. You will excuse this informal reception in the open air,but my friend Watson and I have nearly furnished an additional chapterto what the papers call the Cornish Horror, and we prefer a clearatmosphere for the present. Perhaps, since the matters which we haveto discuss will affect you personally in a very intimate fashion, itis as well that we should talk where there can be no eavesdropping."The explorer to his cigar from his lips and gazed sternly at mycompanion.

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      "And you think you have evidence that he murdered his late master?""I didn't say so, Mr. Holmes; I didn't say so. We all have ourlittle ways. You try yours and I will try mine. That's the agreement."Holmes shrugged his shoulders as we walked away together. "I can'tmake the man out. He seems to be riding for a fall. Well, as hesays, we must each try our own way and see what comes of it. Butthere's something in Inspector Baynes which I can't quite understand.""Just sit down in that chair, Watson," said Sherlock Holmes whenwe had returned to our apartment at the Bull. "I want to put you intouch with the situation, as I may need your help to-night. Let meshow you the evolution of this case so far as I have been able tofollow it. Simple as it has been in its leading features, it hasnone the less presented surprising difficulties in the way of anarrest. There are gaps in that direction which we have still to fill."We will go back to the note which was handed in to Garcia uponthe evening of his death. We may put aside this idea of Baynes'sthat Garcia's servants were concerned in the matter. The proof of thislies in the fact that it was he who had arranged for the presence ofScott Eccles, which could only have been done for the purpose of analibi. It was Garcia, then, who had an enterprise, and apparently acriminal enterprise, in hand that night in the course of which hemet his death. I say 'criminal' because only a man with a criminalenterprise desires to establish an alibi. Who, then, is most likely tohave taken his life? Surely the person against whom the criminalenterprise was directed. So far it seems to me that we are on safeground.