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2.  I admitted that I had not.
3.  Billy advanced and drew away the drapery which screened the alcoveof the bow window.
4.  "God bless you!" cried the prisoner passionately. "I would haveendured imprisonment, ay, even execution, rather than have left mymiserable secret as a family blot to my children.
5.  We had reached the same crowded thoroughfare in which we hadfound ourselves in the morning. Our cabs were dismissed, and,following the guidance of Mr. Merryweather, we passed down anarrow passage and through a side door, which he opened for us.Within there was a small corridor, which ended in a very massiveiron gate. This also was opened, and led down a flight of windingstone steps, which terminated at another formidable gate. Mr.Merryweather stopped to light a lantern, and then conducted usdown a dark, earth-smelling passage, and so, after opening a thirddoor, into a huge vault or cellar, which was piled all round withcrates and massive boxes.
6.  "Quite so- cousins of your mother. Was your baggage aboard theship?"


1.  "Go on, Mr. Mason. You get more and more interesting."
2.  "Was the window open?"
3.  "Where she was afterwards found?"
4.  "Well, Mr. Holmes, that was the state of affairs when I first sawyou two days ago. I had no more idea of the truth than you. You willask me what was James's motive in doing such a deed. I answer thatthere was a great deal which was unreasoning and fanatical in thehatred which he bore my heir. In his view he should himself havebeen heir of all my estates, and he deeply resented those sociallaws which made it impossible. At the same time, he had a definitemotive also. He was eager that I should break the entail, and he wasof opinion that it lay in my power to do so. He intended to make abargain with me- to restore Arthur if I would break the entail, and somake it possible for the estate to be left to him by will. He knewwell that I should never willingly invoke the aid of the policeagainst him. I say that he would have proposed such a bargain to me,but he did not actually do so, for events moved too quickly for,him, and he had not time to put his plans into practice."What brought all his wicked scheme to wreck was your discovery ofthis man Heidegger's dead body. James was seized with horror at thenews. It came to us yesterday, as we sat together in this study. Dr.Huxtable had sent a telegram. James was so overwhelmed with griefand agitation that my suspicions, which had never been entirely absentrose instantly to a certainty, and I taxed him with the deed. Hemade a complete voluntary confession. Then he implored me to keephis secret for three days longer, so as to give his wretchedaccomplice a chance of saving his guilty life. I yielded- as I havealways yielded- to his prayers, and instantly James hurried off to theFighting Cock to warn Hayes and give him the means of flight. Icould not go there by daylight without provoking comment, but assoon as night fell I hurried off to see my dear Arthur. I found himsafe and well, but horrified beyond expression by the dreadful deed hehad witnessed. In deference to my promise, and much against my will, Iconsented to leave him there for three days, under the charge ofMrs. Hayes, since it was evident that it was impossible to informthe police where he was without telling them also who was themurderer, and I could not see how that murderer could be punishedwithout ruin to my unfortunate James. You asked for frankness, Mr.Holmes, and I have taken you at your word, for I have now told youeverything without an attempt at circumlocution or concealment. Do youin turn be as frank with me."
5.  "What will you do, then?"
6.  "If you could have looked into Allardyce's back shop, you would haveseen a dead pig swung from a hook in the ceiling, and a gentleman inhis shirt sleeves furiously stabbing at it with this weapon. I wasthat energetic person, and I have satisfied myself that by no exertionof my strength can I transfix the pig with a single blow. Perhapsyou would care to try?"


1.  "You shall have it then. Ring for our boots and tell them to order acab. I'll be back in a moment when I have changed my dressing-gown andfilled my cigar-case."
2.  "At some evidence implicating Flora Millar in the disappearance.""I am afraid that you will find it difficult."
3.  "It had not been there the morning before."
4.  "But if I refuse?"
5.   The Count's knotted brows gathered more heavily over his menacingeyes. "What you say only makes the matter worse. It was not youragents but your play-acting, busybody self! You admit that you havedogged me. Why?"
6.  "Man or woman?" I asked.


1.  "I am."
2.  "Aldgate, where the body was found, is considerably past the stationfor London Bridge, which would be his route to Woolwich.""Many circumstances could be imagined under which he would passLondon Bridge. There was someone in the carriage, for example, withwhom he was having an absorbing interview. This interview led to aviolent scene in which he lost his life. Possibly he tried to leavethe carriage, fell out on the line, and so met his end. The otherclosed the door. There was a thick fog, and nothing could be seen.""No better explanation can be given with our present knowledge;and yet consider, Sherlock, how much you leave untouched. We willsuppose, for argument's sake, that young Cadogan West had determinedto convey these papers to London. He would naturally have made anappointment with the foreign agent and kept his evening clear. Insteadof that he took two tickets for the theatre, escorted his fiancehalfway there, and then suddenly disappeared."
3.  "None save my partner with his family and an occasional friend ofArthur's. Sir George Burnwell has been several times lately. No oneelse, I think."
4、  "Don't touch me, Jimmie. Keep your distance. Yes, you may wellstare! I don't quite look the smart Lance-Corporal Emsworth, of BSquadron, do I?"
5、  "Yes, he was his heir, and the old boy is nearly eighty- cram fullof gout, too. They say he could chalk his billiard-cue with hisknuckles. He never allowed Godfrey a shilling in his life, for he isan absolute miser, but it will all come to him right enough.""Have you heard from Lord Mount-James?"




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      "When you have caught them."

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      "To my surprise, it was a woman who answered the summons, a large,coarse faced, elderly woman, in an apron. She explained that she wasthe commissionaire's wife, who did the charing, and I gave her theorder for the coffee.

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       It was not, I must confess, a very alluring prospect. The oldhouse with its atmosphere of murder, the singular and formidableinhabitants, the unknown dangers of the approach, and the fact that wewere putting ourselves legally in a false position all combined todamp my ardour. But there was something in the ice-cold reasoning ofHolmes which made it impossible to shrink from any adventure whichhe might recommend. One knew that thus, and only thus, could asolution be found. I clasped his hand in silence, and the die wascast.

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      "I do not know what to think. It is all dark to me."

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    {  "Oh, to the other side of the West End. It may be some time before Iget back. Don't wait up for me in case I should be late.""How are you getting on?"

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      I was, of course, familiar with the pictures of the famousstatesman, but the man himself was very different from hisrepresentation. He was a tall and stately person, scrupulouslydressed, with a drawn, thin face, and a nose which was grotesquelycurved and long. His complexion was of a dead pallor, which was morestartling by contrast with a long, dwindling beard of vivid red, whichflowed down over his white waistcoat with his watch-chain gleamingthrough its fringe. Such was the stately presence who looked stonilyat us from the centre of Dr. Huxtable's hearthrug. Beside him stooda very young man, whom I understood to be Wilder, the privatesecretary. He was small, nervous, alert with intelligent light-blueeyes and mobile features. It was he who at once, in an incisive andpositive tone, opened the conversation.}

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      "I'll do that with joy."

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      "We must accept your terms, Mr. Holmes. No doubt you are right,and it is unreasonable for us to expect you to act unless we giveyou our entire confidence."

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       "He took me into his dingy sanctum, and we had a long chat. Ofcourse, he was disappointed that you had not come yourself. 'Ihardly expected,' he said, 'that so humble all individual as myself,especially after my heavy financial loss, could obtain the completeattention of so famous a man as Mr. Sherlock Holmes.'

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    {  "What is the use of asking me questions when I tell you I knownothing whatever about it?"

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      "This is not danger,' said he. 'It is inevitable destruction. Youstand in the way not merely of an individual but of a mightyorganization, the full extent of which you, with all yourcleverness, have been unable to realize. You must stand clear, Mr.Holmes, or be trodden under foot.'