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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Your excellency his not stated the number of guests."
2.  "And I," replied Franz, "will tell you, as I only requirehis wonderful lamp to make me precisely like Aladdin, that Isee no reason why at this moment I should not be calledAladdin. That will keep us from going away from the Eastwhither I am tempted to think I have been conveyed by somegood genius."
3.  "No, indeed, -- I am calm," said Morrel, giving his hand tothe count; "my pulse does not beat slower or faster thanusual. No, I feel that I have reached the goal, and I willgo no farther. You told me to wait and hope; do you knowwhat you did, unfortunate adviser? I waited a month, orrather I suffered for a month! I did hope (man is a poorwretched creature), I did hope. What I cannot tell, --something wonderful, an absurdity, a miracle, -- of whatnature he alone can tell who has mingled with our reasonthat folly we call hope. Yes, I did wait -- yes, I did hope,count, and during this quarter of an hour we have beentalking together, you have unconsciously wounded, torturedmy heart, for every word you have uttered proved that therewas no hope for me. Oh, count, I shall sleep calmly,deliciously in the arms of death." Morrel uttered thesewords with an energy which made the count shudder. "Myfriend," continued Morrel, "you named the fifth of Octoberas the end of the period of waiting, -- to-day is the fifthof October," he took out his watch, "it is now nine o'clock,-- I have yet three hours to live."
4.  "And which of them made this passage?"
5.  "Precisely, madame," replied Monte Cristo; "but I perceive Ihave not much to teach you. Allow me to compliment you onyour knowledge; such learning is very rare among ladies."
6.  "I know it, and appeal to your penetration. You are of sosuperior a mind, nothing escapes you."


1.  "And your fee?"
2.  "How so?" inquired the abbe. "Are these persons, then, sorich and powerful?"
3.  "Listen, now, to what I say in this my dying moment. Thetreasure of the Spadas exists. God grants me the boon ofvision unrestricted by time or space. I see it in the depthsof the inner cavern. My eyes pierce the inmost recesses ofthe earth, and are dazzled at the sight of so much riches.If you do escape, remember that the poor abbe, whom all theworld called mad, was not so. Hasten to Monte Cristo --avail yourself of the fortune -- for you have indeedsuffered long enough." A violent convulsion attacked the oldman. Dantes raised his head and saw Faria's eyes injectedwith blood. It seemed as if a flow of blood had ascendedfrom the chest to the head.
4.  "So much the better -- so much the better," said Caderousse."When one is going to be married, there is nothing likeimplicit confidence; but never mind that, my boy, -- go andannounce your arrival, and let her know all your hopes andprospects."
5.  "There," said the sentinel, pointing over his shoulder to aspacious crypt, hollowed out of the rock, the lights fromwhich shone into the passage through the large archedopenings. "Fine spoil, captain, fine spoil!" said Peppino inItalian, and taking Danglars by the collar of his coat hedragged him to an opening resembling a door, through whichthey entered the apartment which the captain appeared tohave made his dwelling-place.
6.  "Well, my dear Dantes, are you now free?" inquired theowner.


1.  "Then you are not consoled?" asked the count, surprised.
2.  Danglars took advantage of Caderousse's temper at themoment, to take him off towards Marseilles by the PorteSaint-Victor, staggering as he went.
3.  "Impossible," said Madame de Villefort.
4.  "Yes, you saw him the day I had the honor of receiving you;he has been a soldier, a smuggler -- in fact, everything. Iwould not be quite sure that he has not been mixed up withthe police for some trifle -- a stab with a knife, forinstance."
5.   "Do not think I wish to turn you out, my dear Debray,"continued Danglars; "oh, no, not at all. An unexpectedoccurrence forces me to ask my wife to have a littleconversation with me; it is so rarely I make such a request,I am sure you cannot grudge it to me." Debray mutteredsomething, bowed and went out, knocking himself against theedge of the door, like Nathan in "Athalie."
6.  It was really the Count of Monte Cristo who had just arrivedat Madame de Villefort's for the purpose of returning theprocureur's visit, and at his name, as may be easilyimagined, the whole house was in confusion. Madame deVillefort, who was alone in her drawing-room when the countwas announced, desired that her son might be brought thitherinstantly to renew his thanks to the count; and Edward, whoheard this great personage talked of for two whole days,made all possible haste to come to him, not from obedienceto his mother, or out of any feeling of gratitude to thecount, but from sheer curiosity, and that some chance remarkmight give him the opportunity for making one of theimpertinent speeches which made his mother say, -- "Oh, thatnaughty child! But I can't be severe with him, he is reallyso bright."


1.  "No," said Jacopo; "but I have a shirt and a pair oftrousers."
2.  "You have rightly guessed, madame," replied the count.
3.  "Yes; but so little, it can hardly be called eating."
4、  "What do you mean by having made a stiff? -- havingassassinated a man?" said Franz, continuing hisinvestigation.
5、  "Very true," said Monte Cristo; "it is unnecessary, we knoweach other so well!"




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      This visit had infused new vigor into Dantes; he had, tillthen, forgotten the date; but now, with a fragment ofplaster, he wrote the date, 30th July, 1816, and made a markevery day, in order not to lose his reckoning again. Daysand weeks passed away, then months -- Dantes still waited;he at first expected to be freed in a fortnight. Thisfortnight expired, he decided that the inspector would donothing until his return to Paris, and that he would notreach there until his circuit was finished, he thereforefixed three months; three months passed away, then six more.Finally ten months and a half had gone by and no favorablechange had taken place, and Dantes began to fancy theinspector's visit but a dream, an illusion of the brain.

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      "Then," said Monte Cristo "you went to him?"

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       In his whole life, perhaps, Franz had never beforeexperienced so sudden an impression, so rapid a transitionfrom gayety to sadness, as in this moment. It seemed asthough Rome, under the magic breath of some demon of thenight, had suddenly changed into a vast tomb. By a chance,which added yet more to the intensity of the darkness, themoon, which was on the wane, did not rise until eleveno'clock, and the streets which the young man traversed wereplunged in the deepest obscurity. The distance was short,and at the end of ten minutes his carriage, or rather thecount's, stopped before the Hotel de Londres. Dinner waswaiting, but as Albert had told him that he should notreturn so soon, Franz sat down without him. Signor Pastrini,who had been accustomed to see them dine together, inquiredinto the cause of his absence, but Franz merely replied thatAlbert had received on the previous evening an invitationwhich he had accepted. The sudden extinction of themoccoletti, the darkness which had replaced the light, andthe silence which had succeeded the turmoil, had left inFranz's mind a certain depression which was not free fromuneasiness. He therefore dined very silently, in spite ofthe officious attention of his host, who presented himselftwo or three times to inquire if he wanted anything.

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      "I am entirely yours, count." Morrel accompanied the countto the harbor. The white steam was ascending like a plume offeathers from the black chimney. The steamer soondisappeared, and in an hour afterwards, as the count hadsaid, was scarcely distinguishable in the horizon amidst thefogs of the night.

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    {  "Oh, M. Beauchamp, if you assure me that M. de Morcerf doesnot know these pistols, you may readily believe that yourword will be quite sufficient."

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      "I? -- where the devil did you find out that?"}

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      "Undeceive yourself, monsieur," replied Monte Cristo; "I amquite sure, that, on the contrary, he will choose everythingas I wish. He knows my tastes, my caprices, my wants. He hasbeen here a week, with the instinct of a hound, hunting byhimself. He will arrange everything for me. He knew, that Ishould arrive to-day at ten o'clock; he was waiting for meat nine at the Barriere de Fontainebleau. He gave me thispaper; it contains the number of my new abode; read ityourself," and Monte Cristo passed a paper to Albert. "Ah,that is really original," said Beauchamp.

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      "What did your excellency say?" inquired the other.

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       Let us leave the banker driving his horses at their fullestspeed, and follow Madame Danglars in her morning excursion.We have said that at half-past twelve o'clock MadameDanglars had ordered her horses, and had left home in thecarriage. She directed her course towards the Faubourg SaintGermain, went down the Rue Mazarine, and stopped at thePassage du Pont-Neuf. She descended, and went through thepassage. She was very plainly dressed, as would be the casewith a woman of taste walking in the morning. At the RueGuenegaud she called a cab, and directed the driver to go tothe Rue de Harlay. As soon as she was seated in the vehicle,she drew from her pocket a very thick black veil, which shetied on to her straw bonnet. She then replaced the bonnet,and saw with pleasure, in a little pocket-mirror, that herwhite complexion and brilliant eyes were alone visible. Thecab crossed the Pont-Neuf and entered the Rue de Harlay bythe Place Dauphine; the driver was paid as the door opened,and stepping lightly up the stairs Madame Danglars soonreached the Salle des Pas-Perdus.

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    {  "Come," said Beauchamp, taking both his hands, "takecourage, my friend."

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