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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  So for three mornings the mystery remained, so far as I could followit in the papers. If Holmes knew more, he kept his own counsel, but,as he told me that Inspector Lestrade had taken him into him intohis confidence in the case, I knew that he was in close touch withevery development. Upon the fourth day there appeared a longtelegram from Paris which seemed to solve the whole question.A discovery has just been made by the Parisian police [said theDaily Telegraph] which raises the veil which hung round the tragicfate of Mr. Eduardo Lucas, who met his death by violence last Mondaynight at Godolphin Street, Westminster. Our readers will remember thatthe deceased gentleman was found stabbed in his room, and that somesuspicion attached to his valet, but that the case broke down on analibi. Yesterday a lady, who has been known as Mme. Henri Fournaye,occupying a small villa in the Rue Austerlitz, was reported to theauthorities by her servants as being insane. An examination showed shehad indeed developed mania of a dangerous and permanent form. Oninquiry, the police have discovered that Mme. Henri Fournaye onlyreturned from a journey to London on Tuesday last, and there isevidence to connect her with the crime at Westminster. A comparison ofphotographs has proved conclusively that M. Henri Fournaye and EduardoLucas were really one and the same person, and that the deceased hadfor some reason lived a double life in London and Paris. Mme.Fournaye, who is of Creole origin, is of an extremely excitablenature, and has suffered in the past from attacks of jealousy whichhave amounted to frenzy. It is conjectured that it was in one of thesethat she committed the terrible crime which has caused such asensation in London. Her movements upon the Monday night have notyet been traced, but it is undoubted that a woman answering to herdescription attracted much attention at Charing Cross Station onTuesday morning by the wildness of her appearance and the violenceof her gestures. It is probable, therefore, that the crime waseither committed when insane, or that its immediate effect was todrive the unhappy woman out of her mind. At present she is unable togive any coherent account of the past, and the doctors hold out nohopes of the reestablishment of her reason. There is evidence that awoman, who might have been Mme. Fournaye, was seen for some hours uponMonday night watching the house in Godolphin Street.
2.  "Did you ever meet anyone who knew her in America?"
3.  Holmes sprang to his feet, all energy in an instant.
4.  "We don't seem to have got any real facts yet, Mr. Holmes. You saythat the prisoner, in the presence of three witnesses, practicallyconfessed by trying to commit suicide, that he had murdered his wifeand her lover. What other facts have you?"
5.  "Yes, Mr. Holmes. I took the job myself. It's good to see you backin London, sir."
6.  "'You have visited Japan.'


1.  The Scotland Yard inspector was still writing in the parlour whenHolmes interrupted him.
2.  With a single spring Holmes had leaped from the dummy's chair andhad grasped the precious jewel. He held it now in one hand, whilehis other pointed a revolver at the Count's head. The two villainsstaggered back in utter amazement. Before they had recovered Holmeshad pressed the electric bell.
3.  Holmes smiled.
4.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
5.  "Well, she took her glass, but now it is often a whole bottle ofan evening. So Stephens, the butler, told me. It's all changed, Mr.Holmes, and there is something damned rotten about it. But then,again, what is master doing down at the old church crypt at night? Andwho is the man that meets him there?"
6.  "Well, then, ask Mrs. Oakshott for it."


1.  The Coroner: What did you understand by that?
2.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
3.  "I could very easily give you half a dozen," said Holmes. "Herefor example, is a very possible and even probable one. I make you afree present of it. The older man is showing documents which are ofevident value. A passing tramp sees them through the window, the blindof which is only half down. Exit the solicitor. Enter the tramp! Heseizes a stick, which he observes there, kills Oldacre, and departsafter burning the body."
4.  "Alice is her name. She is an American and came from California withher."
5.   "It is for his sake. You can serve him. Quick! Promise!"She gave a quick nod of assent just as the other two came up."Why do you sit moping there, Annie?" cried her brother. "Come outinto the sunshine!"
6.  "You might tell them at Briarbrae that I hope to be back to-morrownight," cried Phelps, as we began to move from the platform."I hardly expect to go back to Briarbrae," answered Holmes, andwaved his hand to us cheerily as we shot out from the station.Phelps and I talked it over on our journey, but neither of uscould devise a satisfactory reason for this new development."I suppose he wants to find out some clues as to the burglary lastnight, if a burglar it was. For myself, I don't believe it was anordinary thief."


1.  "I have hopes, Miss Presbury, but the case is still obscure. Perhapswhat you have to say may throw some fresh light upon it.""It was last night, Mr. Holmes. He had been very strange all day.I am sure that there are times when he has no recollection of whathe does. He lives as in a strange dream. Yesterday was such a day.It was not my father with whom I lived. His outward shell was there,but it was not really he."
2.  "A pen, sir."
3.  "When you like and where you like."
4、  "The old butler rubbed his skinny hands.
5、  "So I've heard Godfrey say."




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      "I have had several opponents to whom that flattering term hasbeen applied," said Holmes with a smile. "Don't you smoke? Then youwill excuse me if I light my pipe. If your man is more dangerousthan the late Professor Moriarty, or than the living Colonel SebastianMoran, then he is indeed worth meeting. May I ask his name?""Have you ever heard of Baron Gruner?"

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       "But abroad?"

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    {  Holmes had not said one word to me about the tragedy which we hadwitnessed, but I observed all the morning that he was in his mostthoughtful mood, and he gave me the impression, from his vacant eyesand his abstracted manner, of a man who is striving to recallsomething to his memory. We were in the middle of our lunch, when hesuddenly sprang to his feet. "By Jove, Watson, I've got it!" he cried."Take your hat! Come with me!" He hurried at his top speed downBaker Street and along Oxford Street, until we had almost reachedRegent Circus. Here, on the left hand, there stands a shop windowfilled with photographs of the celebrities and beauties of the day.Holmes's eyes fixed themselves upon one of them, and following hisgaze I saw the picture of a regal and stately lady in Court dress,with a high diamond tiara upon her noble head. I looked at thatdelicately curved nose, at the marked eyebrows, at the straight mouth,and the strong little chin beneath it. Then I caught my breath as Iread the time-honoured title of the great nobleman and statesman whosewife she had been. My eyes met those of Holmes, and he put hisfinger to his lips as we turned away from the window.

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      "What!- the hundred-thousand-pound burglary?"}

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      "I should be very glad now to go upstairs," said he. "I shallprobably wish to go over the outside of the house again. Perhaps I hadbetter take a look at the lower windows before I go up."He walked swiftly round from one to the other, pausing only at thelarge one which looked from the hall onto the stable lane. This heopened and made a very careful examination of the sill with hispowerful magnifying lens. "Now we shall go upstairs," said he at last.The banker's dressing-room was a plainly furnished little chamber,with a gray carpet, a large bureau, and a long mirror. Holmes wentto the bureau first and looked hard at the lock.

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      "'Come, now, Mr. Holmes,' said he, laughing good-humouredly. 'I'm anexcellent subject, if you can deduce anything from me.'"'I fear there is not very much,' I answered. 'I might suggestthat you have gone about in fear of some personal attack within thelast twelvemonth.'

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       "Indeed. This is more interesting than it promised to be; quitedramatic, in fact."

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    {  "Well?"

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      "Can you recall that the tracks were sometimes like that, Watson"-he arranged a number of bread-crumbs in this fashion- : : : :- "andsometimes like this"- :.:.:.:.- "and occasionally like this"-..'.'.'. "Can you remember that?"