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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Whoever had selected this retired portion of the grounds asthe boundary of a walk, or as a place for meditation, wasabundantly justified in the choice by the absence of allglare, the cool, refreshing shade, the screen it affordedfrom the scorching rays of the sun, that found no entrancethere even during the burning days of hottest summer, theincessant and melodious warbling of birds, and the entireremoval from either the noise of the street or the bustle ofthe mansion. On the evening of one of the warmest daysspring had yet bestowed on the inhabitants of Paris, mightbe seen negligently thrown upon the stone bench, a book, aparasol, and a work-basket, from which hung a partlyembroidered cambric handkerchief, while at a little distancefrom these articles was a young woman, standing close to theiron gate, endeavoring to discern something on the otherside by means of the openings in the planks, -- theearnestness of her attitude and the fixed gaze with whichshe seemed to seek the object of her wishes, proving howmuch her feelings were interested in the matter. At thatinstant the little side-gate leading from the waste groundto the street was noiselessly opened, and a tall, powerfulyoung man appeared. He was dressed in a common gray blouseand velvet cap, but his carefully arranged hair, beard andmustache, all of the richest and glossiest black, illaccorded with his plebeian attire. After casting a rapidglance around him, in order to assure himself that he wasunobserved, he entered by the small gate, and, carefullyclosing and securing it after him, proceeded with a hurriedstep towards the barrier.
2.  Then, noticing that Julie was struck with the sound of hisvoice, --
3.  "Why?"
4.  "What on earth are you talking of?"
5.  "What is it?"
6.  "Hold your tongue, will you?" said Danglars, pretending torestrain Caderousse, who, with the tenacity of drunkards,leaned out of the arbor. "Try to stand upright, and let thelovers make love without interruption. See, look at Fernand,and follow his example; he is well-behaved!"


1.  "Ah, so much the better, I feared this little precautionmight have been forgotten."
2.  "Ah," murmured Caderousse, "what a strange priest you are;you drive the dying to despair, instead of consoling them."
3.  Edmond listened intently; an hour passed, two hours passed,and no sound was heard from the wall -- all was silentthere.
4.  "Why, how could you make such a mistake -- such an oldstager?"
5.  "I do not know; he is no longer in my hands," repliedVillefort.
6.  "And," said Madame de Villefort, "I need not ask you if youshare that fancy."


1.  "Oh, things take their course without our assistance. Whilewe are forgetting them, they are falling into theirappointed order; and when, again, our attention is directedto them, we are surprised at the progress they have madetowards the proposed end. My father and M. Danglars servedtogether in Spain, my father in the army and M. Danglars inthe commissariat department. It was there that my father,ruined by the revolution, and M. Danglars, who never hadpossessed any patrimony, both laid the foundations of theirdifferent fortunes."
2.  By a rapid movement, which the gendarme's practiced eye hadperceived, Dantes sprang forward to precipitate himself intothe sea; but four vigorous arms seized him as his feetquitted the bottom of the boat. He fell back cursing withrage.
3.  "It is desirable I should know the real cause."
4.  "I was at the house of Monte Cristo an hour since," saidMorrel; "we were speaking, he of the sorrow your family hadexperienced, and I of your grief, when a carriage rolledinto the court-yard. Never, till then, had I placed anyconfidence in presentiments, but now I cannot help believingthem, Valentine. At the sound of that carriage I shuddered;soon I heard steps on the staircase, which terrified me asmuch as the footsteps of the commander did Don Juan. Thedoor at last opened; Albert de Morcerf entered first, and Ibegan to hope my fears were vain, when, after him, anotheryoung man advanced, and the count exclaimed -- `Ah, here isthe Baron Franz d'Epinay!' I summoned all my strength andcourage to my support. Perhaps I turned pale and trembled,but certainly I smiled; and five minutes after I left,without having heard one word that had passed."
5.   "I have answered you a hundred times, Fernand, and reallyyou must be very stupid to ask me again."
6.  "Yes, especially if you will show me the poor abbe's room."


1.  "My dear friend," said Caderousse, "eat of my bread, andtake my advice; you will be none the worse off, physicallyor morally."
2.  "You ought to know."
3.  "Not with us, sir," replied Dantes.
4、  "It is for that reason you see me so early."
5、  "But," replied Madame Danglars, "the Count of Monte Cristocan know nothing, or he would not seek our society as hedoes."




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      "Count Andrea Cavalcanti," repeated the young man,accompanying his words with a bow.

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      La Carconte muttered a few inarticulate words, then let herhead again drop upon her knees, and went into a fit of ague,leaving the two speakers to resume the conversation, butremaining so as to be able to hear every word they uttered.Again the abbe had been obliged to swallow a draught ofwater to calm the emotions that threatened to overpower him.When he had sufficiently recovered himself, he said, "Itappears, then, that the miserable old man you were tellingme of was forsaken by every one. Surely, had not such beenthe case, he would not have perished by so dreadful adeath."

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       "What can I know of him? He calls himself so. I, of course,give him the same title, and every one else does likewise."

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      "Dantes? Did I know poor dear Edmond? Why, Edmond Dantes andmyself were intimate friends!" exclaimed Caderousse, whosecountenance flushed darkly as he caught the penetrating gazeof the abbe fixed on him, while the clear, calm eye of thequestioner seemed to dilate with feverish scrutiny.

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    {  "I had told your excellency he is the most famous bandit wehave had since the days of Mastrilla."

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      "Yes," said Monte Cristo; "for that reason I wished to keepyou near me."}

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      "Enough, sir," said Morcerf, "we will speak no more on thesubject." And clutching his gloves in anger, he left theapartment. Danglars observed that during the wholeconversation Morcerf had never once dared to ask if it wason his own account that Danglars recalled his word. Thatevening he had a long conference with several friends; andM. Cavalcanti, who had remained in the drawing-room with theladies, was the last to leave the banker's house.

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      "Nay, madame, I pray you pardon this little traitor. Ipromise you that to make up for her want of loyalty, I willbe most inflexibly severe;" then casting an expressiveglance at his betrothed, which seemed to say, "Fear not, foryour dear sake my justice shall be tempered with mercy," andreceiving a sweet and approving smile in return, Villefortquitted the room.

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       Two days after, a considerable crowd was assembled, towardsten o'clock in the morning, around the door of M. deVillefort's house, and a long file of mourning-coaches andprivate carriages extended along the Faubourg Saint-Honoreand the Rue de la Pepiniere. Among them was one of a verysingular form, which appeared to have come from a distance.It was a kind of covered wagon, painted black, and was oneof the first to arrive. Inquiry was made, and it wasascertained that, by a strange coincidence, this carriagecontained the corpse of the Marquis de Saint-Meran, and thatthose who had come thinking to attend one funeral wouldfollow two. Their number was great. The Marquis deSaint-Meran, one of the most zealous and faithfuldignitaries of Louis XVIII. and King Charles X., hadpreserved a great number of friends, and these, added to thepersonages whom the usages of society gave Villefort a claimon, formed a considerable body.

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    {  "Yes."

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      "Alas," replied the weeping girl, "I am obliged to own thatmy mother-in-law's aversion to me arises from a very naturalsource -- her overweening love for her own child, my brotherEdward."