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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, but your excellency will permit us to take all dueprecautions."
2.  "The Count of Monte Cristo!" said Danglars, more pale fromterror than he had been just before from hunger and misery.
3.  "Oh, sir, twenty-five years."
4.  "Did she return home?"
5.  "My master will go to dinner."
6.  "Well, sir, what do you require of me, and what document isit that you wish to be drawn up?" Valentine named all theletters of the alphabet until she came to W. At this letterthe eloquent eye of Noirtier gave her notice that she was tostop. "It is very evident that it is the letter W which M.Noirtier wants," said the notary. "Wait," said Valentine;and, turning to her grandfather, she repeated, "Wa -- We --Wi" -- The old man stopped her at the last syllable.Valentine then took the dictionary, and the notary watchedher while she turned over the pages. She passed her fingerslowly down the columns, and when she came to the word"Will," M. Noirtier's eye bade her stop. "Will," said thenotary; "it is very evident that M. Noirtier is desirous ofmaking his will."


1.  "Sometimes," said he, "in my voyages, when I was a man andcommanded other men, I have seen the heavens overcast, thesea rage and foam, the storm arise, and, like a monstrousbird, beating the two horizons with its wings. Then I feltthat my vessel was a vain refuge, that trembled and shookbefore the tempest. Soon the fury of the waves and the sightof the sharp rocks announced the approach of death, anddeath then terrified me, and I used all my skill andintelligence as a man and a sailor to struggle against thewrath of God. But I did so because I was happy, because Ihad not courted death, because to be cast upon a bed ofrocks and seaweed seemed terrible, because I was unwillingthat I, a creature made for the service of God, should servefor food to the gulls and ravens. But now it is different; Ihave lost all that bound me to life, death smiles andinvites me to repose; I die after my own manner, I dieexhausted and broken-spirited, as I fall asleep when I havepaced three thousand times round my cell."
2.  This last explanation was wholly lost upon Dantes, who hadalways imagined, from seeing the sun rise from behind themountains and set in the Mediterranean, that it moved, andnot the earth. A double movement of the globe he inhabited,and of which he could feel nothing, appeared to himperfectly impossible. Each word that fell from hiscompanion's lips seemed fraught with the mysteries ofscience, as worthy of digging out as the gold and diamondsin the mines of Guzerat and Golconda, which he could justrecollect having visited during a voyage made in hisearliest youth.
3.  "In this simple way, madame," replied Monte Cristo; "thewaistcoat and the letter were both what is termedcircumstantial evidence; I therefore sent them to the king'sattorney. You understand, my dear baron, that legal methodsare the safest in criminal cases; it was, perhaps, some plotagainst you." Andrea looked steadily at Monte Cristo anddisappeared in the second drawing-room.
4.  "They may if they like, but we will not."
5.  "Ah, sir," said Caderousse with a sigh, "it is easy toperceive I am not a rich man; but in this world a man doesnot thrive the better for being honest." The abbe fixed onhim a searching, penetrating glance.
6.  "Oh, no," returned Monte Cristo negligently; "since I havethis, I will keep it."


1.  "Well, renew these bills up to the 5th of September; and onthe 5th of September at eleven o'clock (the hand of theclock pointed to eleven), I shall come to receive themoney."
2.  "Yes, it is very soon," said the doctor, looking at thecorpse before him; "but that ought not to astonish you;Monsieur and Madame de Saint-Meran died as soon. People dievery suddenly in your house, M. de Villefort."
3.  "Gentlemen," interrupted Albert, "I think you did notunderstand that something very serious had passed between M.de Monte Cristo and myself."
4.  "It ought to do so, at least."
5.   "Well, look through this opening, and you will see thebeautiful new horse which I rode here."
6.  "A very easy thing, if your horse isn't tired."


1.  "Mademoiselle Danglars' fortune will be great, no doubt,especially it the telegraph should not make any moremistakes."
2.  "I am going," said Albert, as he made his parting bow. Justas he was passing the count's box, the door opened, andMonte Cristo came forth. After giving some directions toAli, who stood in the lobby, the count took Albert's arm.Carefully closing the box door, Ali placed himself beforeit, while a crowd of spectators assembled round the Nubian.
3.  "By no means, madame; the fanciful exists no longer in theEast. There, disguised under other names, and concealedunder other costumes, are police agents, magistrates,attorneys-general, and bailiffs. They hang, behead, andimpale their criminals in the most agreeable possiblemanner; but some of these, like clever rogues, havecontrived to escape human justice, and succeed in theirfraudulent enterprises by cunning stratagems. Amongst us asimpleton, possessed by the demon of hate or cupidity, whohas an enemy to destroy, or some near relation to disposeof, goes straight to the grocer's or druggist's, gives afalse name, which leads more easily to his detection thanhis real one, and under the pretext that the rats preventhim from sleeping, purchases five or six grammes of arsenic-- if he is really a cunning fellow, he goes to five or sixdifferent druggists or grocers, and thereby becomes onlyfive or six times more easily traced; -- then, when he hasacquired his specific, he administers duly to his enemy, ornear kinsman, a dose of arsenic which would make a mammothor mastodon burst, and which, without rhyme or reason, makeshis victim utter groans which alarm the entire neighborhood.Then arrive a crowd of policemen and constables. They fetcha doctor, who opens the dead body, and collects from theentrails and stomach a quantity of arsenic in a spoon. Nextday a hundred newspapers relate the fact, with the names ofthe victim and the murderer. The same evening the grocer orgrocers, druggist or druggists, come and say, `It was I whosold the arsenic to the gentleman;' and rather than notrecognize the guilty purchaser, they will recognize twenty.Then the foolish criminal is taken, imprisoned,interrogated, confronted, confounded, condemned, and cut offby hemp or steel; or if she be a woman of any consideration,they lock her up for life. This is the way in which youNortherns understand chemistry, madame. Desrues was,however, I must confess, more skilful."
4、  "One thing still puzzles me," observed Dantes, "and that ishow you managed to do all this by daylight?"
5、  "Yes, his father," replied the abbe; "his right name wasNoirtier de Villefort." At this instant a bright light shotthrough the mind of Dantes, and cleared up all that had beendark and obscure before. The change that had come overVillefort during the examination, the destruction of theletter, the exacted promise, the almost supplicating tonesof the magistrate, who seemed rather to implore mercy thanto pronounce punishment, -- all returned with a stunningforce to his memory. He cried out, and staggered against thewall like a drunken man, then he hurried to the opening thatled from the abbe's cell to his own, and said, "I must bealone, to think over all this."




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      "Worse than that, she was faithless, and had married one ofthe persecutors of her betrothed. You see, then, Morrel,that he was a more unhappy lover than you."

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      "Do not do anything of the sort; for were the gentleman aMontmorency, and the diplomatist a Metternich, we willbreakfast at eleven; in the meantime, follow Debray'sexample, and take a glass of sherry and a biscuit."

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       Morrel smiled, and shook his head. "Still you must breakfastsomewhere."

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      "I?" said Caderousse, rising with all the offended dignityof a drunken man, "I can't keep on my legs? Why, I'll wagerI can go up into the belfry of the Accoules, and withoutstaggering, too!"

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    {  "I mean that M. de Monte Cristo, digging underneath thesetrees, found neither skeleton nor chest, because neither ofthem was there!"

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      "Tell me what it is."}

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      As Dantes (his eyes turned in the direction of the Chateaud'If) uttered this prayer, he saw off the farther point ofthe Island of Pomegue a small vessel with lateen sailskimming the sea like a gull in search of prey; and with hissailor's eye he knew it to be a Genoese tartan. She wascoming out of Marseilles harbor, and was standing out to searapidly, her sharp prow cleaving through the waves. "Oh,"cried Edmond, "to think that in half an hour I could joinher, did I not fear being questioned, detected, and conveyedback to Marseilles! What can I do? What story can I invent?under pretext of trading along the coast, these men, who arein reality smugglers, will prefer selling me to doing a goodaction. I must wait. But I cannot ---I am starving. In a fewhours my strength will be utterly exhausted; besides,perhaps I have not been missed at the fortress. I can passas one of the sailors wrecked last night. My story will beaccepted, for there is no one left to contradict me."

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      "You have a right to be unjust to them, monsieur; they areyour compatriots."

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       The inspector visited, one after another, the cells anddungeons of several of the prisoners, whose good behavior orstupidity recommended them to the clemency of thegovernment. He inquired how they were fed, and if they hadany request to make. The universal response was, that thefare was detestable, and that they wanted to be set free.

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    {  "Simply the fact that the idea never occurred to me,"answered Dantes.

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      "A pardon!" cried the people with one voice -- "a pardon!"At this cry Andrea raised his head. "Pardon for whom?" criedhe.