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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Still that idea of death, madame," said Villefort.
2.  "That alters the case. This man might, after all, be agreater scoundrel than you have thought possible."
3.  "Go," said Valentine, "whatever happens, I promise you notto fear."
4.  "And since he has sent for me, it is doubtless to questionme on what happened there. What must I answer?"
5.  The prisoner reproached himself with not having thusemployed the hours he had passed in vain hopes, prayer, anddespondency. During the six years that he had beenimprisoned, what might he not have accomplished?
6.  "You do wrong."


1.  "Well, it will be given to some one who has done nothing todeserve it," said Beauchamp; "that is the way the Academymostly escapes from the dilemma."
2.  "The traitor who surrendered the castle of the man in whoseservice he was" --
3.  "To seek me?" repeated Morrel, as if awakening from a dream.
4.  "By the way," said the major, "you know I have only the2,000 francs which the Abbe Busoni sent me; this sum I haveexpended upon travelling expenses, and" --
5.  The abbe, with a shaking hand, seized a glass of water thatwas standing by him half-full, swallowed it at one gulp, andthen resumed his seat, with red eyes and pale cheeks. "Thiswas, indeed, a horrid event." said he in a hoarse voice.
6.  "I have sent for one," replied the abbe.


1.  "I made myself some; and with the exception of a file, Ihave all that are necessary, -- a chisel, pincers, andlever."
2.  "The blush of mingled pride and modesty which suddenlysuffused the cheeks of the young woman, the brilliancy ofher eye, and her highly important communication, produced anindescribable effect on the assembly. As for the count, hecould not have been more overwhelmed if a thunderbolt hadfallen at his feet and opened an immense gulf before him.`Madame,' replied the president, bowing with profoundrespect, `allow me to ask one question; it shall be thelast: Can you prove the authenticity of what you have nowstated?' -- `I can, sir,' said Haidee, drawing from underher veil a satin satchel highly perfumed; `for here is theregister of my birth, signed by my father and his principalofficers, and that of my baptism, my father having consentedto my being brought up in my mother's faith, -- this latterhas been sealed by the grand primate of Macedonia andEpirus; and lastly (and perhaps the most important), therecord of the sale of my person and that of my mother to theArmenian merchant El-Kobbir, by the French officer, who, inhis infamous bargain with the Porte, had reserved as hispart of the booty the wife and daughter of his benefactor,whom he sold for the sum of four hundred thousand francs.' Agreenish pallor spread over the count's cheeks, and his eyesbecame bloodshot at these terrible imputations, which werelistened to by the assembly with ominous silence.
3.  "Listen, Captain Baldi; there's one way of settling this,"said Jacopo. "Do you go, and I will stay and take care ofthe wounded man."
4.  "In the meanwhile," continued the magistrate, "our codes arein full force, with all their contradictory enactmentsderived from Gallic customs, Roman laws, and Frank usages;the knowledge of all which, you will agree, is not to beacquired without extended labor; it needs tedious study toacquire this knowledge, and, when acquired, a strong powerof brain to retain it."
5.   "To tell you the truth, I consider it lost."
6.  "How useless?" cried the president, "what do you mean?"


1.  "While the rest slept, then, we went away a short distance;we severed our fetters with a file the Englishman had givenus, and swam away."
2.  "Well, then, listen, Valentine," said the count; "I have afavor to ask of you."
3.  "In his mother's laboratory."
4、  "And now why are you here?"
5、  "You have seen that he would have thrown his glove in myface if Morrel, one of my friends, had not stopped him."




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      Morrel looked around him, and then, drawing Dantes on oneside, he said suddenly -- "And how is the emperor?"

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      "Oh, no, no," cried Dantes. "I swear to you again, ratherthan betray you, I would allow myself to be hacked inpieces!"

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       "Very possibly."

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      "Ah, yes," said Faria; "the penknife. That's my masterpiece.I made it, as well as this larger knife, out of an old ironcandlestick." The penknife was sharp and keen as a razor; asfor the other knife, it would serve a double purpose, andwith it one could cut and thrust.

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    {  "Not that I am aware of," replied the young man, "unless,indeed, any ill-feeling might have arisen from their beingof opposite parties -- your father was, as you know, azealous partisan of the Bourbons, while mine was whollydevoted to the emperor; there could not possibly be anyother difference between them. But why do you ask?"

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      Villefort rushed up-stairs to fetch him. "Take this," saidMadame de Villefort, giving her smelling-bottle toValentine. "They will, no doubt, bleed him; therefore I willretire, for I cannot endure the sight of blood;" and shefollowed her husband up-stairs. Morrel now emerged from hishiding-place, where he had remained quite unperceived, sogreat had been the general confusion. "Go away as quick asyou can, Maximilian," said Valentine, "and stay till I sendfor you. Go."}

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      "You have forgotten then?"

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      "Let us hope, my child," cried the marquis, "that M. deVillefort may prove the moral and political physician ofthis province; if so, he will have achieved a noble work."

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       Caderousse remained for a moment aghast under the weight ofsuch an idea. "Oh!" he said, taking up his hat, which heplaced on the red handkerchief tied round his head, "we willsoon find out."

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    {  "I do."

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      "Then, I suppose," asked Caderousse, with eager, glowinglooks, "that it was a stone of immense value?"