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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Keep your secret, young man, and tell me what you wish.""I wish you to obtain for me, from Monsieur Dessessart, leave ofabsence for fifteen days."
2.  "Well, how is it with this madman?" exclaimed he, turning roundas the noise of the door announced the entrance of the host, whocame in to inquire if he was unhurt.
3.  Thereupon the cardinal, hearing the clock strike eleven, bowedlow, asking permission of the king to retire, and supplicatinghim to come to a good understanding with the queen.Anne of Austria, who, in consequence of the seizure of herletter, expected reproaches, was much astonished the next day tosee the king make some attempts at reconciliation with her. Herfirst movement was repellent. Her womanly pride and her queenlydignity had both been so cruelly offended that she could not comeround at the first advance; but, overpersuaded by the advice ofher women, she at last had the appearance of beginning to forget.The king took advantage of this favorable moment to tell her thather had the intention of shortly giving a fete.
4.  "Instantly," said Athos.
5.  D'Artagnan, his eye moist with gratitude though beaming with joy, wentback to Athos, whom he found still at table contemplating the charms ofhis last glass of Malaga by the light of his lamp."Well," said he, "they likewise have refused me.""That, dear friend, is because nobody is more worthy than yourself."He took a quill, wrote the name of D'Artagnan in the commission, andreturned it to him.
6.  "You are speaking, you scoundrel!" said Athos, rising upon hiselbow, and transfixing Grimaud with his flaming look.Grimaud therefore added nothing to his speech, but contentedhimself with pointing his index finger in the direction of thehedge, announcing by this gesture the cardinal and his escort.With a single bound the Musketeers were on their feet, andsaluted with respect.


1.  "I had a large hat," said Aramis.
2.  Tous vos malheurs se verront termines,
3.  "Oh, my legs, my poor legs! where are you?" murmuredCoquenard, and he tried to smile.
4.  "You are too just and reasonable a man, monsieur!" said Treville,"not to accept the proposal I am about to make to you.""Make it, monsieur, I listen."
5.  "There goes one!" cried Athos, at the end of five hundred paces."But why did that man attack Porthos rather than any other one ofus?" asked Aramis.
6.  "Ah!" cried he, on perceiving D'Artagnan, "ah! this isfrightful! You pretend to pardon me, and you poison me!""I!" cried D'Artagnan. "I, wretch? What do you say?""I say that it was you who gave me the wine; I say that itwas you who desired me to drink it. I say you wished toavenge yourself on me, and I say that it is horrible!""Do not think so, Brisemont," said D'Artagnan; "do not thinkso. I swear to you, I protest--"


1.  "I never jest."
2.  "Yes," replied Mme. Bonacieux; "therefore, ask my own secrets,and I will reveal them to you; but those of others--that is quiteanother thing."
3.  "Ill--very ill, say you? And of what malady?"
4.  "Give me your arm, then."
5.   "Oh, then, some pledge of your indulgence, some object which camefrom you, and may remind me that I have not been dreaming;something you have worn, and that I may wear in my turn--a ring,a necklace, a chain."
6.  "D'Artagnan."


1.  "I will go to the second after attending the first," saidD'Artagnan. "One is for seven o'clock, and the other foreight; there will be time for both."
2.  "Ah, my God, my God!" murmured the poor mercer, "now, indeed, Iam lost!" And he followed the guards who came for him,mechanically and without resistance.
3.  D'Artagnan, in a state of fury, crossed the antechamber at threebounds, and was darting toward the stairs, which he reckoned upondescending four at a time, when, in his heedless course, he ranhead foremost against a Musketeer who was coming out of one of M.de Treville's private rooms, and striking his shoulder violently,made him utter a cry, or rather a howl.
4、  Meantime Milady, drunk with passion, roaring on the deck like alioness that has been embarked, had been tempted to throw herselfinto the sea that she might regain the coast, for she could notget rid of the thought that she had been insulted by D'Artagnan,threatened by Athos, and that she had quit France without beingrevenged on them. This idea soon became so insupportable to herthat at the risk of whatever terrible consequences might resultto herself from it, she implored the captain to put her on shore;but the captain, eager to escape from his false position-placedbetween French and English cruisers, like the bat between themice and the birds--was in great haste to regain England, andpositively refused to obey what he took for a woman's caprice,promising his passenger, who had been particularly recommended tohim by the cardinal, to land her, if the sea and the Frenchpermitted him, at one of the ports of Brittany, either at Lorientor Brest. But the wind was contrary, the sea bad; they tackedand kept offshore. Nine days after leaving the Charente, palewith fatigue and vexation, Milady saw only the blue coasts ofFinisterre appear.
5、  Many a time, nevertheless, during the evening she despaired offate and of herself. She did not invoke God, we very well know,but she had faith in the genius of evil--that immense sovereigntywhich reigns in all the details of human life, and by which, asin the Arabian fable, a single pomegranate seed is sufficient toreconstruct a ruined world.




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      "Do not hurry yourself, monsieur, lest it be observed that we goout together. You must be aware that for our undertaking,company would be in the way."

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      "Well, monsieur, let us go to him. Let us adjure him, in thename of the God before whom he must perhaps appear, to speak thetruth. I will take him for judge in his own cause, monsieur, andwill believe what he will say."

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       D'Artagnan descended by the staircase at which he hadentered, and found Athos and the four Musketeers waiting hisappearance, and beginning to grow uneasy. With a word,D'Artagnan reassured them; and Planchet ran to inform theother sentinels that it was useless to keep guard longer, ashis master had come out safe from the Palais-Cardinal.Returned home with Athos, Aramis and Porthos inquiredeagerly the cause of the strange interview; but D'Artagnanconfined himself to telling them that M. de Richelieu hadsent for him to propose to him to enter into his guards withthe rank of ensign, and that he had refused.

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      But all these reasons were combated, destroyed, overthrown, bythat feeling of intimate pain which, on certain occasions, takespossession of our being, and cries to us so as to be understoodunmistakably that some great misfortune is hanging over us.Then D'Artagnan became almost wild. He ran along the high road,took the path he had before taken, and reaching the ferry,interrogated the boatman.

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    {  "There are no extravagant but for fools, monsieur, and youare a man of understanding. Now, what would you say to anensign's commission in my Guards, and a company after thecampaign?"

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      A terrible inclination seized D'Artagnan to grasp the mercer bythe throat and strangle him; but, as we have said, he was a veryprudent youth, and he restrained himself. However, therevolution which appeared upon his countenance was so visiblethat Bonacieux was terrified at it, and he endeavored to drawback a step or two; but as he was standing before the half of thedoor which was shut, the obstacle compelled him to keep hisplace.}

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      "And yet," cried Porthos, "we will not leave--"

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      "What do you say?"

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       "Excuse me," said D'Artagnan, endeavoring to resume his course,"excuse me, but I am in a hurry."

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    {  The baron took the young officer by the arm, and turned his headover his shoulder, so as not to lose sight of Milady till he wasgone out.

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      A sigh escaped from the mouth of Mme. Bonacieux, and dwelt for aninstant on the lips of D'Artagnan. That sigh was the soul, so chasteand so loving, which reascended to heaven.