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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  `I believe,' returned Doctor Manette, `that there had been a strong and extraordinary revival of the train of thought and remembrance that was the first cause of the malady. Some intense associations of a most distressing nature were vividly recalled, I think. It is probable that there had long been a dread lurking in his mind, that those associations would be recalled--say, under certain circumstances--say, on a particular occasion. He tried to prepare himself in vain; perhaps the effort to prepare himself made him less able to bear it.'
2.  `You see,' said Doctor Manette, turning to him after an uneasy pause, `it is very hard to explain, consistently, the innermost workings of this poor man's mind. He once yearned so frightfully for that occupation, and it was so welcome when it came; no doubt it relieved his pain so much, by substituting the perplexity of the fingers for the perplexity of the brain, and by substituting, as he became more practised, the ingenuity of the hands, for the ingenuity of the mental torture; that he has never been able to bear the thought of putting it quite out of his reach. Even now, when I believe he is more hopeful of himself than he has ever been, and even speaks of himself with a kind of confidence, the idea that he might need that old employment, and not find it, gives him a sudden sense of terror, like that which one may fancy strikes to the heart of a lost child.'
3.  `Hah!' muttered Defarge.
4.  `Business! Bless you, I have no business,' said Mr. Carton. `It is a pity you have not, sir.'
5.  `About.'`About. Good!'
6.  `Naturally,' said Mr. Lorry. `Yes--I---'


1.  The fellow was brought, cap in hand, and the other fellows closed round to look and listen, in the manner of the people at the Paris fountain.
2.  `Yes, my Lord.'
3.  But indeed, at that time, putting to death was a recipe much in vogue with all trades and professions, and not least of all with Tellson's. Death is Nature's remedy for all things, and why not Legislation's? Accordingly, the forger was put to death; the utterer of a bad note was put to Death; the unlawful opener of a letter was put to Death; the purloiner of forty shillings and sixpence was put to Death; the holder of a horse at Tellson's door, who made off with it, was put to Death; the coiner of a bad shilling was put to Death; the sounders of three-fourths of the notes in the whole gamut of Grime, were put to Death. Not that it did the least good in the way of prevention--it might almost have been worth remarking that the fact was exactly the reverse--but, it cleared off (as to this world) the trouble of each particular case, and left nothing else connected with it to be looked after. Thus, Tellson's, in its day, like greater places of business, its contemporaries, had taken so many lives, that, if the heads laid low before it had been ranged on Temple Bar instead of being privately disposed of' they would probably have excluded what little light the ground floor had, in a rather significant manner.
4.  `Say gallantry, while you are about it,' suggested Carton.
5.  `I wish it, that I may the better deserve your confidence, and have no secret from you.
6.  `Or both,' said Darnay.


1.  `It does not take a long time to strike a man with Lightning,' said Defarge.
2.  `You are good enough to say so, as a fashion of speech; hut, I don't mean any fashion of speech. Indeed, when I say I wish we might be friends, I scarcely mean quite that, either.'
3.  He did not begin, but, in his indecision, met her glance.
4.  `The picturesque doctor's daughter, Miss Manette.'
5.   `I try to be a good wife, Jerry,' the poor woman protested, with tears.
6.  `Not even by the dearest one ever to be known to you?'`Mr. Carton,' she answered, after an agitated pause, `the secret is yours, not mine; and I promise to respect it.'


1.  He studied much, slept little, sustained a great deal of fatigue with ease, and was equably cheerful. To him, now entered Charles Darnay, at sight of whom he laid aside his book and held out his hand.
2.  `You are not the gaoler's daughter?'
3.  The summer light struck into the corner brilliantly in the earlier part of the day; but, when the streets grew hot, the corner was in shadow, though not in shadow so remote but that you could see beyond it into a glare of brightness. It was a cool spot, staid but cheerful, a wonderful place for echoes, and a very harbour from the raging streets.
4、  `How did it show itself? I infer,' glancing at his hands again, `in the resumption of some old pursuit connected with the shock?'
5、  The hungry man gnawed one of his fingers as he looked at the other three, and his finger quivered with the craving that was on him.




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      `Shall I show her to you? Will you come and see he''

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      `what was he like?'

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       `Hooroar, father!' cried Young Jerry.

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      `One hundred and five, North Tower!'

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    {  `Monseigneur, I am flattered to devote myself to your orders.'

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      `And as such,' quoth Mr. Larry, whom the counsel learned in the law had now shouldered back into the group, just as he had previously shouldered him out of it--`as such I will appeal to Doctor Manette, to break up this conference and order us all to our homes. Miss Lucie looks ill, Mr. Darnay has had a terrible day, we are worn out.'}

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      Hailing his softened tone and manner, his daughter fell upon her knees before him, with her appealing hands upon his breast.

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      `If he's found Guilty, you mean to say?' Jerry added, by way of proviso.

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       His cry was so like a cry of actual pain, that it rang in Charles Darnay's ears long after he had ceased. He motioned with the hand he had extended, and it seemed to be an appeal to Darnay to pause. The latter so received it, and remained silent.

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    {  `Hah!' said the Marquis again, in a well-satisfied manner.

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      `Well, then; don't meditate nothing. You might as well meditate. You may as well go again me one way as another. Drop it altogether.'