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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Edmond preserved the most admirable self-command, notsuffering the faintest indication of a smile to escape himat the enumeration of all the benefits he would have reapedhad he been able to quit the island; but as The Young Ameliahad merely come to Monte Cristo to fetch him away, heembarked that same evening, and proceeded with the captainto Leghorn. Arrived at Leghorn, he repaired to the house ofa Jew, a dealer in precious stones, to whom he disposed offour of his smallest diamonds for five thousand francs each.Dantes half feared that such valuable jewels in the hands ofa poor sailor like himself might excite suspicion; but thecunning purchaser asked no troublesome questions concerninga bargain by which he gained a round profit of at leasteighty per cent.
2.  "How once?" stammered Debray; "what do you mean?"
3.  "Go on, go on, sir," replied the king; "you have to-dayearned the right to make inquiries here."
4.  "From Yanina?"
5.  "He is quite right," returned Beauchamp; "for I criticisehim without knowing what he does. Good-day, commander!"
6.  "Bah," said Debray; "he scarcely knew Mademoiselle deVillefort; you said so yourself."


1.  "I suppose you have some cause of quarrel?"
2.  "The part of an honest man, full of courage and real regard.Twenty times he interceded for Edmond. When the emperorreturned, he wrote, implored, threatened, and soenergetically, that on the second restoration he waspersecuted as a Bonapartist. Ten times, as I told you, hecame to see Dantes' father, and offered to receive him inhis own house; and the night or two before his death, as Ihave already said, he left his purse on the mantelpiece,with which they paid the old man's debts, and buried himdecently; and so Edmond's father died, as he had lived,without doing harm to any one. I have the purse still by me-- a large one, made of red silk."
3.  "Oh, my lord," said she, "why are you writing thus at suchan hour? Why are you bequeathing all your fortune to me? Areyou going to leave me?"
4.  "Oh, I am aware of that," said Madame de Villefort; "but Ihave a passion for the occult sciences, which speak to theimagination like poetry, and are reducible to figures, likean algebraic equation; but go on, I beg of you; what you sayinterests me to the greatest degree."
5.  "The grass had grown very thickly there during the summer,and when autumn arrived no one had been there to mow it.Still one place where the grass was thin attracted myattention; it evidently was there I had turned up theground. I went to work. The hour, then, for which I had beenwaiting during the last year had at length arrived. How Iworked, how I hoped, how I struck every piece of turf,thinking to find some resistance to my spade! But no, Ifound nothing, though I had made a hole twice as large asthe first. I thought I had been deceived -- had mistaken thespot. I turned around, I looked at the trees, I tried torecall the details which had struck me at the time. A cold,sharp wind whistled through the leafless branches, and yetthe drops fell from my forehead. I recollected that I wasstabbed just as I was trampling the ground to fill up thehole; while doing so I had leaned against a laburnum; behindme was an artificial rockery, intended to serve as aresting-place for persons walking in the garden; in falling,my hand, relaxing its hold of the laburnum, felt thecoldness of the stone. On my right I saw the tree, behind methe rock. I stood in the same attitude, and threw myselfdown. I rose, and again began digging and enlarging thehole; still I found nothing, nothing -- the chest was nolonger there!"
6.  "He is well educated."


1.  ...ck from the small
2.  "Since you left Toulon what have you lived on? Answer me!"
3.  "Those are indeed holidays to me; I go into the garden, Iplant, I prune, I trim, I kill the insects all day long."
4.  "I quite agree with you," said Morcerf; "and the secret ofthat very pallor is what we want to find out. The CountessG---- insists upon it that he is a vampire."
5.   "And did you mention these suspicions to any person besidemyself?"
6.  "And now, my dear boy," continued Noirtier, "I rely on yourprudence to remove all the things which I leave in yourcare."


1.  "Hope, my friend," repeated the count.
2.  Dantes dug away the earth carefully, and detected, orfancied he detected, the ingenious artifice. He attackedthis wall, cemented by the hand of time, with his pickaxe.After ten minutes' labor the wall gave way, and a hole largeenough to insert the arm was opened. Dantes went and cut thestrongest olive-tree he could find, stripped off itsbranches, inserted it in the hole, and used it as a lever.But the rock was too heavy, and too firmly wedged, to bemoved by any one man, were he Hercules himself. Dantes sawthat he must attack the wedge. But how? He cast his eyesaround, and saw the horn full of powder which his friendJacopo had left him. He smiled; the infernal invention wouldserve him for this purpose. With the aid of his pickaxe,Dantes, after the manner of a labor-saving pioneer, dug amine between the upper rock and the one that supported it,filled it with powder, then made a match by rolling hishandkerchief in saltpetre. He lighted it and retired. Theexplosion soon followed; the upper rock was lifted from itsbase by the terrific force of the powder; the lower one flewinto pieces; thousands of insects escaped from the apertureDantes had previously formed, and a huge snake, like theguardian demon of the treasure, rolled himself along indarkening coils, and disappeared.
3.  "What do you mean?"
4、  "Yes; he placed the money in my hands at four and a half percent nearly five years ago."
5、  "Stop a moment," said Monte Cristo; "do not let me lose bothmy companions. Return, Emmanuel, to your charming wife, andpresent my best compliments to her; and do you, Morrel,accompany me to the Champs Elysees."




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      "It appears the dear child has obtained possession of abottle containing some drug, which he every now and thenuses against those who have displeased him. First, M. andMadame de Saint-Meran incurred his displeasure, so he pouredout three drops of his elixir -- three drops weresufficient; then followed Barrois, the old servant of M.Noirtier, who sometimes rebuffed this little wretch -- hetherefore received the same quantity of the elixir; the samehappened to Valentine, of whom he was jealous; he gave herthe same dose as the others, and all was over for her aswell as the rest."

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      "And you would be to blame for not assisting him, if theyoung man really needed your help in that quarter, but,happily for me, he can dispense with it."

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       "And besides," said the countess, "accustomed as he is toburning climates, possibly he does not feel the heat as wedo."

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      "Not my own wish, mother, but reason -- necessity. Are wenot two despairing creatures? What is life to you? --Nothing. What is life to me? -- Very little without you,mother; for believe me, but for you I should have ceased tolive on the day I doubted my father and renounced his name.Well, I will live, if you promise me still to hope; and ifyou grant me the care of your future prospects, you willredouble my strength. Then I will go to the governor ofAlgeria; he has a royal heart, and is essentially a soldier;I will tell him my gloomy story. I will beg him to turn hiseyes now and then towards me, and if he keep his word andinterest himself for me, in six months I shall be anofficer, or dead. If I am an officer, your fortune iscertain, for I shall have money enough for both, and,moreover, a name we shall both be proud of, since it will beour own. If I am killed -- well then mother, you can alsodie, and there will be an end of our misfortunes."

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    {  "Oh, madame," said Villefort, deeply affected, in spite ofhimself, "do not yield to those gloomy thoughts; you willlong live with us, happy, loved, and honored, and we willmake you forget" --

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      "Will M. Danglars be there?"}

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      "You know the environs of Paris, then?"

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      "When you pay me a visit in my cell, my young friend," saidhe, "I will show you an entire work, the fruits of thethoughts and reflections of my whole life; many of themmeditated over in the shades of the Coloseum at Rome, at thefoot of St. Mark's column at Venice, and on the borders ofthe Arno at Florence, little imagining at the time that theywould be arranged in order within the walls of the Chateaud'If. The work I speak of is called `A Treatise on thePossibility of a General Monarchy in Italy,' and will makeone large quarto volume."

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       "Young Edward!" A burst of laughter from the auditors didnot in the least disconcert the speaker, who continued, --"Yes, gentlemen; Edward, the infant phenomenon, who is quitean adept in the art of killing."

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    {  "Better fare, if you pay for it, books, and leave to walkabout."

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      Villefort retained his place, but his marriage was put offuntil a more favorable opportunity. If the emperor remainedon the throne, Gerard required a different alliance to aidhis career; if Louis XVIII. returned, the influence of M. deSaint-Meran, like his own, could be vastly increased, andthe marriage be still more suitable. The deputy-procureurwas, therefore, the first magistrate of Marseilles, when onemorning his door opened, and M. Morrel was announced.