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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then," said Monte Cristo, "here are 200,000 francs goneafter" --
2.  "Before Mercedes should die," replied Fernand, with theaccents of unshaken resolution, "I would die myself!"
3.  "I do not condemn you, Albert; I only restrain you. Actprudently."
4.  "It was not I who wished to kill the Jew," said Caderousse;"it was La Carconte."
5.  "I don't know how to write, reverend sir."
6.  "Very well, as far as I could judge from the sight of him."


1.  The prisoner followed his guide, who led him into a roomalmost under ground, whose bare and reeking walls seemed asthough impregnated with tears; a lamp placed on a stoolillumined the apartment faintly, and showed Dantes thefeatures of his conductor, an under-jailer, ill-clothed, andof sullen appearance.
2.  The eyes of Noirtier lighted up with rage, and d'Avrignyprepared to speak. Morrel, however, extended his arm, andcommanded silence. "And I say that murders are committedhere," said Morrel, whose voice, though lower in tone, lostnone of its terrible distinctness: "I tell you that this isthe fourth victim within the last four months. I tell you,Valentine's life was attempted by poison four days ago,though she escaped, owing to the precautions of M. Noirtier.I tell you that the dose has been double, the poisonchanged, and that this time it has succeeded. I tell youthat you know these things as well as I do, since thisgentleman has forewarned you, both as a doctor and as afriend."
3.  "They are Spanish smugglers," said he; "they have with themtwo Corsican bandits."
4.  "Well, do you know if the persons you see there are rich orpoor, if their sacks of wheat are not rubies or diamonds?They seem like poor fishermen, and suddenly they open somemysterious cavern filled with the wealth of the Indies."
5.  "My dear father, I think I already know what you are aboutto tell me."
6.  "Yes," replied the invalid.


1.  "Let us go, then. I cannot stay here any longer."
2.  "Oh, he has been taken to Fenestrelles, to Pignerol, or tothe Sainte-Marguerite islands. Some fine morning he willreturn to take command of your vessel."
3.  "What can I know of him? He calls himself so. I, of course,give him the same title, and every one else does likewise."
4.  "Alas, it is unhappily but too true. The day after theevent, she decided on leaving Paris with a nun of heracquaintance; they are gone to seek a very strict convent inItaly or Spain."
5.   The word reached his ear as a wave which he no longer hadthe strength to surmount passed over his head. He rose againto the surface, struggled with the last desperate effort ofa drowning man, uttered a third cry, and felt himselfsinking, as if the fatal cannon shot were again tied to hisfeet. The water passed over his head, and the sky turnedgray. A convulsive movement again brought him to thesurface. He felt himself seized by the hair, then he saw andheard nothing. He had fainted.
6.  "I have, indeed."


1.  "Give it me, then;" and Monte Cristo took the letter, whichhe opened and read. The major looked at the count with hislarge staring eyes, and then took a survey of the apartment,but his gaze almost immediately reverted to the proprietorof the room. "Yes, yes, I see. `Major Cavalcanti, a worthypatrician of Lucca, a descendant of the Cavalcanti ofFlorence,'" continued Monte Cristo, reading aloud,"`possessing an income of half a million.'" Monte Cristoraised his eyes from the paper, and bowed. "Half a million,"said he, "magnificent!"
2.  "Let us try what we can do, then," said the notary. "Youaccept this young lady as your interpreter, M. Noirtier?"
3.  "In France!" he cried, "the usurper in France! Then they didnot watch over this man. Who knows? they were, perhaps, inleague with him."
4、  "What think you, Danglars," said one of the party, turningtowards him, "of this event?"
5、  "Well, then, try. The cold gains upon me. I feel the bloodflowing towards my brain. These horrible chills, which makemy teeth chatter and seem to dislocate my bones, begin topervade my whole frame; in five minutes the malady willreach its height, and in a quarter of an hour there will benothing left of me but a corpse."




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      "Fernand," cried Mercedes, "I believed you weregood-hearted, and I was mistaken! Fernand, you are wicked tocall to your aid jealousy and the anger of God! Yes, I willnot deny it, I do await, and I do love him of whom youspeak; and, if he does not return, instead of accusing himof the inconstancy which you insinuate, I will tell you thathe died loving me and me only." The young girl made agesture of rage. "I understand you, Fernand; you would berevenged on him because I do not love you; you would crossyour Catalan knife with his dirk. What end would thatanswer? To lose you my friendship if he were conquered, andsee that friendship changed into hate if you were victor.Believe me, to seek a quarrel with a man is a bad method ofpleasing the woman who loves that man. No, Fernand, you willnot thus give way to evil thoughts. Unable to have me foryour wife, you will content yourself with having me for yourfriend and sister; and besides," she added, her eyestroubled and moistened with tears, "wait, wait, Fernand; yousaid just now that the sea was treacherous, and he has beengone four months, and during these four months there havebeen some terrible storms."

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      "Not more than five or six hundred thousand francs," saidLord Wilmore; "he is a miser." Hatred evidently inspired theEnglishman, who, knowing no other reproach to bring on thecount, accused him of avarice. "Do you know his house atAuteuil?"

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       "Never see you again?" exclaimed Emmanuel, while two largetears rolled down Julie's cheeks, "never behold you again?It is not a man, then, but some angel that leaves us, andthis angel is on the point of returning to heaven afterhaving appeared on earth to do good."

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      "Do you know," observed Franz, "that with such stories youmake me think of Ali Baba's enchanted cavern?"

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    {  "Yes."

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      "He? You are mistaken. M. Albert would not do us the honorto be jealous; he does not like Eugenie sufficiently.Besides, I care not for his displeasure."}

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      "But they believe I am shut up alone here."

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      "Well, do you know if the persons you see there are rich orpoor, if their sacks of wheat are not rubies or diamonds?They seem like poor fishermen, and suddenly they open somemysterious cavern filled with the wealth of the Indies."

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       "Yes, yes; but tell the duke himself, who cannot findanything, what the report contains -- give him theparticulars of what the usurper is doing in his islet."

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    {  Madame Danglars uttered a piercing cry, and, seizingVillefort's hands, exclaimed, "My child was alive?" saidshe; "you buried my child alive? You were not certain mychild was dead, and you buried it? Ah" --

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      "Yes. Did not the messenger say your father's safetydepended upon it?"