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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Carrie picked out the new abode because of its newness and brightwood-work. It was one of the very new ones supplied with steamheat, which was a great advantage. The stationary range, hot andcold water, dumb-waiter, speaking tubes, and call-bell for thejanitor pleased her very much. She had enough of the instinctsof a housewife to take great satisfaction in these things.
2.  Hurstwood examined his watch and urged the man to hurry. For onein so delicate a position he was exceedingly cool. He could onlythink of how needful it was to make the train and get quietlyaway. Carrie seemed quite tractable, and he congratulatedhimself.
3.  "I'd like it ever so much," she replied.
4.  Carrie felt this to contain, in some way, an aspersion upon herability.
5.  When Hurstwood got back to his office again he was in a greaterquandary than ever. Lord, Lord, he thought, what had he gotinto? How could things have taken such a violent turn, and soquickly? He could hardly realise how it had all come about. Itseemed a monstrous, unnatural, unwarranted condition which hadsuddenly descended upon him without his let or hindrance.
6.  Nothing came of this incident at the time, for the truth is itdid not seem conclusive enough to warrant any discussion. Onlythe atmosphere of distrust and ill-feeling was strengthened,precipitating every now and then little sprinklings of irritableconversation, enlivened by flashes of wrath. The matter of theWaukesha outing was merely a continuation of other things of thesame nature.


1.  For another thing, Hurstwood missed the celebrities--those well-dressed, elite individuals who lend grace to the average bars andbring news from far-off and exclusive circles. He did not seeone such in a month. Evenings, when still at his post, he wouldoccasionally read in the evening papers incidents concerningcelebrities whom he knew--whom he had drunk a glass with many atime. They would visit a bar like Fitzgerald and Moy's inChicago, or the Hoffman House, uptown, but he knew that he wouldnever see them down here.Again, the business did not pay as well as he thought. Itincreased a little, but he found he would have to watch hishousehold expenses, which was humiliating.
2.  "Who was it?" asked Carrie.
3.  Monday Carrie went again to the Casino.
4.  "How do you know?" questioned Drouet reflectively.
5.  She was relieved to see that he felt nothing. She did not credither willingness to go to any fascination Hurstwood held for her.It seemed that the combination of Hurstwood, Drouet, and herselfwas more agreeable than anything else that had been suggested.She arrayed herself most carefully and they started off,extending excuses upstairs.
6.  There had been appearing in the papers about this time rumoursand notices of an approaching strike on the trolley lines inBrooklyn. There was general dissatisfaction as to the hours oflabour required and the wages paid. As usual--and for someinexplicable reason--the men chose the winter for the forcing ofthe hand of their employers and the settlement of theirdifficulties.


1.  "Well, I don't know as I'd care to change," said Carrie, who wasalready turning over the three-dollar rate in her mind. She wasthinking if she had only herself to support this would leave herseventeen for herself.
2.  "Great," said Drouet. He was as much affected by this show offinery and gayety as she. He pressed her arm warmly. Once shelooked up, her even teeth glistening through her smiling lips,her eyes alight. As they were moving out he whispered down toher, "You look lovely!" They were right where the coach-callerwas swinging open a coach-door and ushering in two ladies.
3.  Hurstwood made arrangements with one of the instalment houseswhereby they furnished the flat complete and accepted fiftydollars down and ten dollars a month. He then had a littleplate, bearing the name G. W. Wheeler, made, which he placed onhis letter-box in the hall. It sounded exceedingly odd to Carrieto be called Mrs. Wheeler by the janitor, but in time she becameused to it and looked upon the name as her own.
4.  "Well, if it has, it has," answered Hurstwood, grimly. He wouldnot give the other a key to his opinions, whatever they were. Heshould not have the satisfaction.
5.   The least wrinkle crept into his brow as he remembered that thiswas February 2d, the time the man always called. He fished downin his pocket for his purse, getting the first taste of payingout when nothing is coming in. He looked at the fat, green rollas a sick man looks at the one possible saving cure. Then hecounted off twenty-eight dollars.
6.  "No; he said he wouldn't be home for dinner."


1.  "Yes," said the clerk.
2.  Every day he came home early, and at last made no pretence ofgoing anywhere. Winter was no time to look for anything.
3.  "How do the trains leave here for Detroit?" he asked.
4、  "Maybe it ain't winter, nuther!"
5、  Carrie interrupted:




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      "I know why you should be a success," he said, another time, "ifyou had a more dramatic part. I've studied it out----"

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      Carrie felt this to contain, in some way, an aspersion upon herability.

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       On her spiritual side, also, she was rich in feeling, as such anature well might be. Sorrow in her was aroused by many aspectacle--an uncritical upwelling of grief for the weak and thehelpless. She was constantly pained by the sight of the white-faced, ragged men who slopped desperately by her in a sort ofwretched mental stupor. The poorly clad girls who went blowingby her window evenings, hurrying home from some of the shops ofthe West Side, she pitied from the depths of her heart. Shewould stand and bite her lips as they passed, shaking her littlehead and wondering. They had so little, she thought. It was sosad to be ragged and poor. The hang of faded clothes pained hereyes.

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      "It would be a good thing if they did," he went on, half tohimself, half to her, though he felt that something was amiss inthat quarter. He withdrew his attention to his paper verycircumspectly, listening mentally for the little sounds whichshould show him what was on foot.

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    {  Suddenly he thought of his experience in Montreal. At the moreimportant hotels he would be certain to meet Chicagoans whom heknew. He stood up and spoke to the driver.

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      "It's so bad to-day, I'll just wear these around."Eventually these became the permanent thing.}

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      Now the stones were off, and Hurstwood took his place again amida continued chorus of epithets. Both officers got up beside himand the conductor rang the bell, when, bang! bang! through windowand door came rocks and stones. One narrowly grazed Hurstwood'shead. Another shattered the window behind.

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       "I notice the papers praise it," said Ames.

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    {  "Do you think he will?" she asked.

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      "Why don't you get into some good, strong comedy-drama?" he said.He was looking directly at her now, studying her face. Herlarge, sympathetic eyes and pain-touched mouth appealed to him asproofs of his judgment.