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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Let us go, count."
2.  "You do not understand me, Maximilian. About a year ago, Italked of retiring to a convent. Madame de Villefort, inspite of all the remarks which she considered it her duty tomake, secretly approved of the proposition, my fatherconsented to it at her instigation, and it was only onaccount of my poor grandfather that I finally abandoned theproject. You can form no idea of the expression of that oldman's eye when he looks at me, the only person in the worldwhom he loves, and, I had almost said, by whom he is belovedin return. When he learned my resolution, I shall neverforget the reproachful look which he cast on me, and thetears of utter despair which chased each other down hislifeless cheeks. Ah, Maximilian, I experienced, at thatmoment, such remorse for my intention, that, throwing myselfat his feet, I exclaimed, -- `Forgive me, pray forgive me,my dear grandfather; they may do what they will with me, Iwill never leave you.' When I had ceased speaking, hethankfully raised his eyes to heaven, but without uttering aword. Ah, Maximilian, I may have much to suffer, but I feelas if my grandfather's look at that moment would more thancompensate for all."
3.  "But shall you be allowed to go into Normandy?"
4.  "Here," said he, leaning heavily on the arm of Monte Cristo,-- "here is the spot where my father stopped, when thePharaon entered the port; it was here that the good old man,whom you saved from death and dishonor, threw himself intomy arms. I yet feel his warm tears on my face, and his werenot the only tears shed, for many who witnessed our meetingwept also." Monte Cristo gently smiled and said, -- "I wasthere;" at the same time pointing to the corner of a street.As he spoke, and in the very direction he indicated, agroan, expressive of bitter grief, was heard, and a womanwas seen waving her hand to a passenger on board the vesselabout to sail. Monte Cristo looked at her with an emotionthat must have been remarked by Morrel had not his eyes beenfixed on the vessel.
5.  "Excuse me, excellency, but these details are necessary, andyou promised to be patient."
6.  Franz entered the hotel. On the staircase he met SignorPastrini. "Well?" said the landlord.


1.  "On the contrary," returned Gaetano, "the chief, who wastold you were a young Frenchman, invites you to sup withhim."
2.  "Do you remember your father, Haidee?" The young Greeksmiled. "He is here, and here," said she, touching her eyesand her heart. "And where am I?" inquired Monte Cristolaughingly.
3.  "Does he wear them?"
4.  "Oh, I am aware of that," said Madame de Villefort; "but Ihave a passion for the occult sciences, which speak to theimagination like poetry, and are reducible to figures, likean algebraic equation; but go on, I beg of you; what you sayinterests me to the greatest degree."
5.  "Certainly they were; supposing there were to be doubtsraised as to the validity of your marriage or the legitimacyof your child?"
6.  "And you sit there, tearing your hair, instead of seeking toremedy your condition; I did not think that was the way ofyour people."


1.  Tuesday evening, at seven o'clock, descend from yourcarriage opposite the Via dei Pontefici, and follow theRoman peasant who snatches your torch from you. When youarrive at the first step of the church of San Giacomo, besure to fasten a knot of rose-colored ribbons to theshoulder of your harlequin costume, in order that you may berecognized. Until then you will not see me.
2.  "You are very kind, but I may be prevented."
3.  "Very true," said Monte Cristo; "it is unnecessary, we knoweach other so well!"
4.  "Is not that word known in France? The people who wrote areAnglo-Germans, you know."
5.   "Well, be it so. You have continued your course of villany;you have robbed -- you have assassinated."
6.  "Perhaps," returned the count, smiling.


1.  "He's heavy though for an old and thin man," said one, as heraised the head.
2.  "Do you, then, know in what manner Fernand injured Dantes?"inquired the abbe of Caderousse.
3.  "Indeed? Then your father ought to have met with you on theroad, for it is exactly the same route which he himselftook, and that is how we have been able to trace yourjourney to this place."
4、  "Is all safe and sound, M. Morrel, take my word for it; andI advise you not to take 25,000 francs for the profits ofthe voyage."
5、  "And, pray, how do you know that?"




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      Furnished with this plunder, Andrea leaped with a lighterheart from the window, intending to slip through the handsof the gendarmes. Tall and well proportioned as an ancientgladiator, and muscular as a Spartan, he walked for aquarter of an hour without knowing where to direct hissteps, actuated by the sole idea of getting away from thespot where if he lingered he knew that he would surely betaken. Having passed through the Rue Mont Blanc, guided bythe instinct which leads thieves always to take the safestpath, he found himself at the end of the Rue Lafayette.There he stopped, breathless and panting. He was quitealone; on one side was the vast wilderness of theSaint-Lazare, on the other, Paris enshrouded in darkness."Am I to be captured?" he cried; "no, not if I can use moreactivity than my enemies. My safety is now a mere questionof speed." At this moment he saw a cab at the top of theFaubourg Poissonniere. The dull driver, smoking his pipe,was plodding along toward the limits of the FaubourgSaint-Denis, where no doubt he ordinarily had his station."Ho, friend!" said Benedetto.

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      "Doubtless, my dear viscount, you will not be taken byforce; and seriously, do you wish to break off yourengagement?"

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       "Come," he said, as he ascended the stairs leading to hiswife's room, "nothing is changed here." He then closed thedoor of the landing. "No one must disturb us," he said; "Imust speak freely to her, accuse myself, and say" -- heapproached the door, touched the crystal handle, whichyielded to his hand. "Not locked," he cried; "that is well."And he entered the little room in which Edward slept; forthough the child went to school during the day, his mothercould not allow him to be separated from her at night. Witha single glance Villefort's eye ran through the room. "Nothere," he said; "doubtless she is in her bedroom." He rushedtowards the door, found it bolted, and stopped, shuddering."Heloise!" he cried. He fancied he heard the sound of apiece of furniture being removed. "Heloise!" he repeated.

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      "I think I can assist your researches," said Maximilian."Monte Cristo is a little island I have often heard spokenof by the old sailors my father employed -- a grain of sandin the centre of the Mediterranean, an atom in theinfinite."

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    {  "These are all so many empty words, my dear sir," saidMorcerf: "they might satisfy a new acquaintance, but theComte de Morcerf does not rank in that list; and when a manlike him comes to another, recalls to him his plighted word,and this man fails to redeem the pledge, he has at least aright to exact from him a good reason for so doing."Danglars was a coward, but did not wish to appear so; he waspiqued at the tone which Morcerf had just assumed. "I am notwithout a good reason for my conduct," replied the banker.

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      "The young man himself is acting blindfolded, and knows notthe true cause, which is known only to God and to me; but Igive you my word, Morrel, that God, who does know it, willbe on our side."}

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      Albert, without knowing why, started on hearing these wordspronounced with such a haughty and dignified accent; itappeared to him as if there was something supernaturallygloomy and terrible in the expression which gleamed from thebrilliant eyes of Haidee at this moment; she appeared like aPythoness evoking a spectre, as she recalled to his mind theremembrance of the fearful death of this man, to the news ofwhich all Europe had listened with horror. "Soon," saidHaidee, "we halted on our march, and found ourselves on theborders of a lake. My mother pressed me to her throbbingheart, and at the distance of a few paces I saw my father,who was glancing anxiously around. Four marble steps leddown to the water's edge, and below them was a boat floatingon the tide.

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      "Indeed? Pray tell me how it happened?"

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       "Indeed? Is it not a curious affair?"

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    {  "Yes," was the laconic reply. "You have found out that thereis something worth having about this large gentleman?"

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      "You see, then," said Albert, "that instead of opposing, shewill encourage me."