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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "There again! De Wardes, one of the cardinal's men, a cousin ofRochefort! Stop, my friend, I have an idea."
2.  "The count was of the highest nobility. He had on his estatesthe rights of high and low tribunals. He tore the dress of thecountess to pieces; he tied her hands behind her, and hanged heron a tree."
3.  In fact the Rochellais had made a sortie during the night,and had retaken a bastion of which the royal army had gainedpossession two days before. The matter was to ascertain, byreconnoitering, how the enemy guarded this bastion.At the end of a few minutes Monsieur raised his voice, andsaid, "I want for this mission three or four volunteers, ledby a man who can be depended upon."
4.  "I am satisfied with having killed that fellow, my boy,seeing that it is blessed bread to kill an Englishman; butif I had pocketed his pistoles, they would have weighed medown like a remorse.
5.  "Never."
6.  "Of what consequence? Nobody knows you. Besides, we are in asituation to overlook ceremony."


1.  "Yes; there is peril of imprisonment, risk of life in knowingme."
2.  "Nothing," said the king, "nothing. But all the time he was inParis, you, of course, did not lose sight of him?""No, sire."
3.  "Oh, yes," said Kitty, clapping her hands, "very willing.""Well, then, come here, my dear," said D'Artagnan,establishing himself in an easy chair; "come, and let metell you that you are the prettiest SOUBRETTE I ever saw!"And he did tell her so much, and so well, that the poorgirl, who asked nothing better than to believe him, didbelieve him. Nevertheless, to D'Artagnan's great
4.  "Hum!" said D'Artagnan. "I have no greater regard for theBastille than you. If it were nothing but a sword thrust, whythen--"
5.  "Oh, my God!" said Mme. Bonacieux, what is that noise?""That of either our friends or our enemies," said Milady, with herterrible coolness. "Stay where you are, I will tell you."Mme. Bonacieux remained standing, mute, motionless, and pale as astatue.
6.  "There is something horribly mysterious under all this,Athos; this woman is one of the cardinal's spies, I am sureof that."


1.  "And you have reason, for she is much to be pitied. Imprisonment,menaces, ill treatment-she has suffered everything. But after all,"resumed the abbess, "Monsieur Cardinal has perhaps plausible motives foracting thus; and though she has the look of an angel, we must not alwaysjudge people by the appearance."
2.  When the chancellor had opened and shut twenty times the drawersof the secretaries, it became necessary, whatever hesitation hemight experience--it became necessary, I say, to come to theconclusion of the affair; that is to say, to search the queenherself. The chancellor advanced, therefore, toward Anne ofAustria, and said with a very perplexed and embarrassed air, "Andnow it remains for me to make the principal examination.""What is that?" asked the queen, who did not understand, orrather was not willing to understand.
3.  "Ah, my faith, yes!" said Porthos and D'Artagnan, at thesame time; "we are coming nearer to it now."
4.  "Perhaps so. At all events, it is best that he should follow usto Athos's."
5.   "Your husband has none. Is that what you would say?""He has some, but he is very avaricious; that is his fault.Nevertheless, let not your Majesty be uneasy, we will findmeans."
6.  It soon appeared to him that he heard a slight noise within--atimid noise which seemed to tremble lest it should be heard.Then D'Artagnan ceased knocking, and prayed with an accent sofull of anxiety and promises, terror and cajolery, that his voicewas of a nature to reassure the most fearful. At length an old,worm-eaten shutter was opened, or rather pushed ajar, but closedagain as soon as the light from a miserable lamp which burned inthe corner had shone upon the baldric, sword belt, and pistolpommels of D'Artagnan. Nevertheless, rapid as the movement hadbeen, D'Artagnan had had time to get a glimpse of the head of anold man.


1.  "Let him be sent for instantly."
2.  "I cannot take you, however, to the siege of La Rochelle,"aid D'Artagnan.
3.  "Yes," said Aramis, "impart it to us, my dear friend, unless thehonor of any lady be hazarded by this confidence; in that caseyou would do better to keep it to yourself."
4、  "My jailers and my hangmen! Heyday, madame! you are taking apoetical tone, and the comedy of yesterday turns to a tragedythis evening. As to the rest, in eight days you will be whereyou ought to be, and my task will be completed."
5、  The officer leaped to the pier, and offered his hand to Milady.A carriage was in waiting.




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      "What, does Monsieur know this horse?" said Mousqueton."It is of an original color," said Aramis; "I never saw onewith such a hide in my life."

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      "We are safe on that side," said Buckingham, turning towardD'Artagnan. "If the studs are not yet gone to Paris, they willnot arrive till after you."

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       "Now," said Planchet, "let us bind him to a tree."This being properly done, they drew the Comte de Wardes close tohis servant; and as night was approaching, and as the wounded manand the bound man were at some little distance within the wood,it was evident they were likely to remain there till the nextday.

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      The host, on seeing a young man followed by a lackey with twoextra horses, advanced respectfully to the door. Now, as theyhad already traveled eleven leagues, D'Artagnan thought it timeto stop, whether Porthos were or were not in the inn. Perhaps itwould not be prudent to ask at once what had become of theMusketeer. The result of these reflections was that D'Artagnan,without asking information of any kind, alighted, commended thehorses to the care of his lackey, entered a small room destinedto receive those who wished to be alone, and desired the host tobring him a bottle of his best wine and as good a breakfast aspossible--a desire which further corroborated the high opinionthe innkeeper had formed of the traveler at first sight.D'Artagnan was therefore served with miraculous celerity. Theregiment of the Guards was recruited among the first gentlemen ofthe kingdom; and D'Artagnan, followed by a lackey, and travelingwith four magnificent horses, despite the simplicity of hisuniform, could not fail to make a sensation. The host desiredhimself to serve him; which D'Artagnan perceiving, ordered twoglasses to be brought, and commenced the following conversation."My faith, my good host," said D'Artagnan, filling the twoglasses, "I asked for a bottle of your best wine, and if you havedeceived me, you will be punished in what you have sinned; forseeing that I hate drinking my myself, you shall drink with me.Take your glass, then, and let us drink. But what shall we drinkto, so as to avoid wounding any susceptibility? Let us drink tothe prosperity of your establishment."

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    {  "Grimaud," said Athos, pointing to the bodies which layunder the wall of the bastion, "take those gentlemen, setthem up against the wall, put their hats upon their heads,and their guns in their hands."

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      The Comte de Rochefort bowed like a man who acknowledges thesuperiority of the master as great, and retired.}

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      "By the female side, I believe?" said the procurator,maliciously.

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      "What she?" asked Athos.

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       Then they saw from the other bank the executioner raise both his armsslowly; a moonbeam fell upon the blade of the large sword. The twoarms fell with a sudden force; they heard the hissing of the scimitarand the cry of the victim, then a truncated mass sank beneath the blow.The executioner then took off his red cloak, spread it upon the ground,laid the body in it, threw in the head, tied all up by the four corners,lifted it on his back, and entered the boat again.In the middle of the stream he stopped the boat, and suspending hisburden over the water cried in a loud voice, "Let the justice of God bedone!" and he let the corpse drop into the depths of the waters, whichclosed over it.

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    {  The young man departed, laughing at the joke, which he thought healone could comprehend.

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      "Miserable scoundrel!" cried D'Artagnan, "you were all in theplot, then! And I really don't know what prevents me fromexterminating you all."