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ַ֮:a g 9 559 v i p<"Monsieur Porthos, be generous!"D'Artagnan raised his head and uttered a cry of joy. It was the man hecalled his phantom; it was his stranger of Meung, of the Rue desFossoyeurs and of Arras.

Athos examined it and became very pale. He tried it on hisleft hand; it fit his finger as if made for it.


"Thanks, sire, thanks," said the duke; "but your Majesty may beassured that it is not those--I do not speak of Monsieur deTreville--whom your Majesty sees at all hours of the day that aremost devoted to you."

"Horse!" said Aramis, with a grimace of disgust.

"Read the address."

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"This letter! From whom comes this letter?"

"I repeat to you, I don't know her."

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"Yes, yes!" murmured D'Artagnan; "that's the place--Milady'sown residence!"

Milady remained silent; only this time it was no longer fromaffectation, but from terror. She believed the order ready forexecution. She thought that Lord de Winter had hastened herdeparture; she thought she was condemned to set off that veryevening. Everything in her mind was lost for an instant; whenall at once she perceived that no signature was attached to theorder. The joy she felt at this discovery was so great she couldnot conceal it.

<"But the lady?" asked Porthos."Dunce," cried Milady, "dunce! who dares to answer for anotherman, when the wisest, when those most after God's own heart,hesitate to answer for themselves, and who ranges himself on theside of the strongest and the most fortunate, to crush theweakest and the most unfortunate."

D'Artagnan grew pale, and a convulsive trembling shook allhis limbs.


"P.S.-According to the desire of your Eminence, I report to the conventof the Carmelites at Bethune, where I will await your orders."





֮ϰʽֹӪ "Then add that his Grace has, in the precipitation withwhich he quit the Isle of Re, forgotten and left behind himin his lodging a certain letter from Madame de Chevreusewhich singularly compromises the queen, inasmuch as itproves not only that her Majesty can love the enemies of theking but that she can conspire with the enemies of France.You recollect perfectly all I have told you, do you not?""Your Eminence will judge: the ball of Madame the Constable;the night at the Louvre; the evening at Amiens; the arrestof Montague; the letter of Madame de Chevreuse." ϸ

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֮ΰգҽʮ He immediately, therefore, took to his heels and ran towardthe camp, with the swiftness of the young men of hiscountry, so renowned for their agility; but whatever mightbe his speed, the first who fired, having had time toreload, fired a second shot, and this time so well aimedthat it struck his hat, and carried it ten paces from him.As he, however, had no other hat, he picked up this as heran, and arrived at his quarters very pale and quite out ofbreath. He sat down without saying a word to anybody, andbegan to reflect. ϸ

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