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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Gentlemen," said the Count of Monte Cristo as he entered,"I pray you excuse me for suffering my visit to beanticipated; but I feared to disturb you by presentingmyself earlier at your apartments; besides, you sent me wordthat you would come to me, and I have held myself at yourdisposal."
2.  "That you are blindfolded, and do not take off the bandageuntil he himself bids you." Franz looked at Gaetano, to see,if possible, what he thought of this proposal. "Ah," repliedhe, guessing Franz's thought, "I know this is a seriousmatter."
3.  "Brutal politics, I must confess." said Maximilian; "butdon't attach any serious importance, dear, to what yourfather said. My father was not a bit behind yours in thatsort of talk. `Why,' said he, `does not the emperor, who hasdevised so many clever and efficient modes of improving theart of war, organize a regiment of lawyers, judges and legalpractitioners, sending them in the hottest fire the enemycould maintain, and using them to save better men?' You see,my dear, that for picturesque expression and generosity ofspirit there is not much to choose between the language ofeither party. But what did M. Danglars say to this outburston the part of the procureur?"
4.  "But why is my grandfather allowed to live?"
5.  "The truth is," replied Dantes, "that I am too happy fornoisy mirth; if that is what you meant by your observation,my worthy friend, you are right; joy takes a strange effectat times, it seems to oppress us almost the same as sorrow."
6.  "Then," answered the elder prisoner, "the will of God bedone!" and as the old man slowly pronounced those words, anair of profound resignation spread itself over his careworncountenance. Dantes gazed on the man who could thusphilosophically resign hopes so long and ardently nourishedwith an astonishment mingled with admiration.


1.  "Really?"
2.  "You know I am waiting," said Monte Cristo, smiling.
3.  To be kept in strict solitary confinement, and to be closelywatched and guarded.
4.  "You thought it a mercy then, miserable wretch! The cowardwho feared death rejoiced at perpetual disgrace; for likeall galley-slaves, you said, `I may escape from prison, Icannot from the grave.' And you said truly; the way wasopened for you unexpectedly. An Englishman visited Toulon,who had vowed to rescue two men from infamy, and his choicefell on you and your companion. You received a secondfortune, money and tranquillity were restored to you, andyou, who had been condemned to a felon's life, might live asother men. Then, wretched creature, then you tempted God athird time. `I have not enough,' you said, when you had morethan you before possessed, and you committed a third crime,without reason, without excuse. God is wearied; he haspunished you." Caderousse was fast sinking. "Give me drink,"said he: "I thirst -- I burn!" Monte Cristo gave him a glassof water. "And yet that villain, Benedetto, will escape!"
5.  "Are you sure?"
6.  "Most likely," replied Vampa coolly.


1.  "In a word," said Mercedes, "it was a way of assuring methat his abstinence was intended." And she left the room. Aminute afterwards the blinds were thrown open, and throughthe jessamine and clematis that overhung the window onecould see the garden ornamented with lanterns, and thesupper laid under the tent. Dancers, players, talkers, alluttered an exclamation of joy -- every one inhaled withdelight the breeze that floated in. At the same timeMercedes reappeared, paler than before, but with thatimperturbable expression of countenance which she sometimeswore. She went straight to the group of which her husbandformed the centre. "Do not detain those gentlemen here,count," she said; "they would prefer, I should think, tobreathe in the garden rather than suffocate here, since theyare not playing."
2.  "Ah," exclaimed the young girl, blushing with delight, andfairly leaping in excess of love, "you see he has notforgotten me, for here he is!" And rushing towards the door,she opened it, saying, "Here, Edmond, here I am!"
3.  "Indeed?" said Monte Cristo; "and so those gentlemen downthere are men of great talent. I should not have guessed it.And for what kind of talent are they celebrated? You knowthere are different sorts."
4.  "The better reason for my not being conversant with theslang of the bank, which is here dinning in my ears frommorning to night; that noise of jingling crowns, which areconstantly being counted and re-counted, is odious to me. Ionly know one thing I dislike more, which is the sound ofyour voice."
5.   "Whom am I to take with me? The procureur?"
6.  "How attentively he looked at you."


1.  "To M. Franz d'Epinay?"
2.  "Why, he must be a nabob. Do you know what those threewindows were worth?"
3.  "I assure you he is my most intimate friend, and M. deChateau-Renaud has also the honor of his acquaintance."
4、  "Well, I'm sure," said Morcerf, "this is indeed news! Am Iallowed to repeat it?"
5、  "Well, my dear Dantes, are you now free?" inquired theowner.




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      "Yes, sir," said the major, "she has" --

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      "Teresa uttered a cry of joy, and, without inquiring whencethis attire came, or even thanking Luigi, darted into thegrotto, transformed into a dressing-room. Luigi pushed thestone behind her, for on the crest of a small adjacent hillwhich cut off the view toward Palestrina, he saw a travelleron horseback, stopping a moment, as if uncertain of hisroad, and thus presenting against the blue sky that perfectoutline which is peculiar to distant objects in southernclimes. When he saw Luigi, he put his horse into a gallopand advanced toward him. Luigi was not mistaken. Thetraveller, who was going from Palestrina to Tivoli, hadmistaken his way; the young man directed him; but as at adistance of a quarter of a mile the road again divided intothree ways, and on reaching these the traveller might againstray from his route, he begged Luigi to be his guide. Luigithrew his cloak on the ground, placed his carbine on hisshoulder, and freed from his heavy covering, preceded thetraveller with the rapid step of a mountaineer, which ahorse can scarcely keep up with. In ten minutes Luigi andthe traveller reached the cross-roads. On arriving there,with an air as majestic as that of an emperor, he stretchedhis hand towards that one of the roads which the travellerwas to follow. -- "That is your road, excellency, and nowyou cannot again mistake.' -- `And here is your recompense,'said the traveller, offering the young herdsman some smallpieces of money.

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       The count departed with a sad heart from the house in whichhe had left Mercedes, probably never to behold her again.Since the death of little Edward a great change had takenplace in Monte Cristo. Having reached the summit of hisvengeance by a long and tortuous path, he saw an abyss ofdoubt yawning before him. More than this, the conversationwhich had just taken place between Mercedes and himself hadawakened so many recollections in his heart that he felt itnecessary to combat with them. A man of the count'stemperament could not long indulge in that melancholy whichcan exist in common minds, but which destroys superior ones.He thought he must have made an error in his calculations ifhe now found cause to blame himself.

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      "You must teach me a small part of what you know," saidDantes, "if only to prevent your growing weary of me. I canwell believe that so learned a person as yourself wouldprefer absolute solitude to being tormented with the companyof one as ignorant and uninformed as myself. If you willonly agree to my request, I promise you never to mentionanother word about escaping." The abbe smiled. "Alas, myboy," said he, "human knowledge is confined within verynarrow limits; and when I have taught you mathematics,physics, history, and the three or four modern languageswith which I am acquainted, you will know as much as I domyself. Now, it will scarcely require two years for me tocommunicate to you the stock of learning I possess."

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    {  "I could not repeat the signals."

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      "They do, indeed. May I inquire if you are acquainted withMadame Danglars?"}

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      "He!" cried Albert; "yes, it is indeed he who has so longpursued my father with jealous hatred. He, the man who wouldbe popular, cannot forgive the Count of Morcerf for beingcreated a peer; and this marriage broken off without areason being assigned -- yes, it is all from the samecause."

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      "Does your majesty wish me to drop the subject?"

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       "Stop! You are in a shocking hurry to be off -- you forgetone of my guests. Lean a little to the left. Stay! look atM. Andrea Cavalcanti, the young man in a black coat, lookingat Murillo's Madonna; now he is turning." This timeBertuccio would have uttered an exclamation, had not a lookfrom Monte Cristo silenced him. "Benedetto?" he muttered;"fatality!"

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    {  "It is a long story."

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      "You are wrong to speak thus," said the abbe; "and perhaps Imay, in my own person, be able to prove to you howcompletely you are in error."