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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Goof Lord! In the first one handy, provided it is safe," saidthe commissary, with an indifference which penetrated poorBonacieux with horror.
2.  "If you are determined," said Athos, "do so."
3.  D'Artagnan did not know London; he did not know a word ofEnglish; but he wrote the name of Buckingham on a piece of paper,and everyone pointed out to him the way to the duke's hotel.The duke was at Windsor hunting with the king. D'Artagnaninquired for the confidential valet of the duke, who, havingaccompanied him in all his voyages, spoke French perfectly well;he told him that he came from Paris on an affair of life anddeath, and that he must speak with his master instantly.The confidence with which D'Artagnan spoke convinced Patrick,which was the name of this minister of the minister. He orderedtwo horses to be saddled, and himself went as guide to the youngGuardsman. As for Planchet, he had been lifted from his horse asstiff as a rush; the poor lad's strength was almost exhausted.D'Artagnan seemed iron.
4.  "He, he!" murmured she; "can it be he?" And she remained in bed withher eyes fixed.
5.  Musketeers."
6.  There were two means of gaining his object--to search him onthe spot, or to carry him away, making a buckler of hisbody, and search him in the trench.


1.  "Pray, D'Artagnan," said Athos, after a minute, "either takeoff that ring or turn the mounting inside; it recalls suchcruel recollections that I shall have no head to conversewith you. Don't ask me for counsel; don't tell me you areperplexed what to do. But stop! let me look at thatsapphire again; the one I mentioned to you had one of itsfaces scratched by accident."
2.  "Oh, the great man!" cried D'Artagnan. "I comprehend now.""You comprehend?" said Porthos.
3.  Milady knew she might be watched, so she continued her prayers tothe end; and it appeared to her that the soldier who was on dutyat her door did not march with the same step, and seemed tolisten. For the moment she wished nothing better. She arose,came to the table, ate but little, and drank only water.An hour after, her table was cleared; but Milady remarked thatthis time Felton did not accompany the soldiers. He feared,then, to see her too often.
4.  "The second night the door opened; I was lying on the floor, formy strength began to abandon me.
5.  "You are rich, then?" said Aramis.
6.  "He, that man!"


1.  "No; but pray grant me that it is acting with an ill grace tooffer to the Lord only that with which we are perfectlydisgusted! Don't you think so, D'Artagnan?"
2.  "Everything!" replied Athos.
3.  "You approach that famous point of free will which is a mortalrock. You face the insinuations of the Pelagians and the demi-Peligians."
4.  Laporte made no further objection, and read:
5.   "Silence!"
6.  "That it is only the Pope who is infallible, and that thisinfallibility does not extend to cardinals."


1.  Bazin became a lay brother.
2.  "Ah," cried D'Artagnan, really carried away by the passionthis woman had the power to kindle in his heart, "ah, thatis because my happiness appears so impossible to me; and Ihave such fear that it should fly away from me like a dreamthat I pant to make a reality of it."
3.  D'Artagnan regained the trench, and threw the corpse besidethe wounded man, who was as pale as death.
4、  He advanced slowly toward Milady, who had seated herself, andtaking an end of the murderous rope which by neglect, or perhapsby design, she allowed to be seen, "What is this, madame?" heasked coldly.
5、  "Then you will appear?"




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      "But who is she?"

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      "This is serious," answered the three friends; "it is a familyaffair. It is with valets as with wives, they must be placed atonce upon the footing in which you wish them to remain. Reflectupon it."

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       "That my orders go far, madame; and that I am authorized to seekfor the suspected paper, even on the person of your Majesty.""What horror!" cried the queen.

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      "I dragged myself toward the bed, to seek the only defense I hadleft--my saving knife; but I could not reach the bolster. I sankon my knees, my hands clasped round one of the bedposts; then Ifelt that I was lost."

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    {  This cry was generally heeded; for the Musketeers were known tobe enemies of the cardinal, and were beloved on account of thehatred they bore to his Eminence. Thus the soldiers of othercompanies than those which belonged to the Red Duke, as Aramishad called him, often took part with the king's Musketeers inthese quarrels. Of three Guardsmen of the company of M.Dessessart who were passing, two came to the assistance of thefour companions, while the other ran toward the hotel of M. deTreville, crying, "To the rescue, Musketeers! To the rescue!"As usual, this hotel was full of soldiers of this company, whohastened to the succor of their comrades. The MELEE becamegeneral, but strength was on the side of the Musketeers. Thecardinal's Guards and M. de la Tremouille's people retreated intothe hotel, the doors of which they closed just in time to preventtheir enemies from entering with them. As to the wounded man, hehad been taken in at once, and, as we have said, in a very badstate.

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      "I must go thither tonight?"}

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      "The devil!" cried D'Artagnan.

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      At this speech of Aramis, the brow of Athos became clouded and hebit his lips.

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       Meanwhile, carried away as we are by our narrative, we must leaveour three friends to themselves, and follow the Duke ofBuckingham and his guide through the labyrinths of the Louvre.

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    {  Cahusac immediately ran to the Guardsman whom Aramis had killed,seized his rapier, and returned toward D'Artagnan; but on his wayhe met Athos, who during his relief which D'Artagnan had procuredhim had recovered his breath, and who, for fear that D'Artagnanwould kill his enemy, wished to resume the fight.D'Artagnan perceived that it would be disobliging Athos not toleave him alone; and in a few minutes Cahusac fell, with a swordthrust through his throat.

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      "Well, she must be at her country seat, for she has not answeredme."