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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Nor me either," said Athos.
2.  There were also less agreeable visits--for two or threetimes reports were spread that the cardinal had nearly beenassassinated.
3.  38 HOW, WIHTOUT INCOMMODING HIMSELF, ATHOS PROCURES HIA EQUIPMENTD'Artagnan was so completely bewildered that without takingany heed of what might become of Kitty he ran at full speedacross half Paris, and did not stop till he came to Athos'sdoor. The confusion of his mind, the terror which spurredhim on, the cries of some of the patrol who started inpursuit of him, and the hooting of the people who,notwithstanding the early hour, were going to their work,only made him precipitate his course.
4.  "This is not the way that I wished to avenge myself," said Milady,replacing the glass upon the table, with an infernal smile, "but, myfaith! we do what we can!" And she rushed out of the room.Mme. Bonacieux saw her go without being able to follow her; she was likepeople who dream they are pursued, and who in vain try to walk.A few moments passed; a great noise was heard at the gate. Everyinstant Mme. Bonacieux expected to see Milady, but she did not return.Several times, with terror, no doubt, the cold sweat burst from herburning brow.
5.  "Is it my equipment?"
6.  "The miserable villain! He had foreseen all. His breast wascovered with a coat-of-mail; the knife was bent against it."'Ah, ah!' cried he, seizing my arm, and wresting from me theweapon that had so badly served me, 'you want to take my life, doyou, my pretty Puritan? But that's more than dislike, that'singratitude! Come, come, calm yourself, my sweet girl! Ithought you had softened. I am not one of those tyrants whodetain women by force. You don't love me. With my usual fatuityI doubted it; now I am convinced. Tomorrow you shall be free.'"I had but one wish; that was that he should kill me."'Beware!' said I, 'for my liberty is your dishonor.'"'Explain yourself, my pretty sibyl!'


1.  "Will that be the answer," replied the secretary, smiling, "whichhe must transmit to his Majesty if, by chance, his Majesty shouldhave the curiosity to know why no vessel is to leave any of theports of Great Britain?"
2.  "I am lost!" said D'Artagnan to himself. And he bowed profoundlybefore the cardinal, like a man who says, "Lord, Thy will be done!"The cardinal approached the table, and without sitting down, wrote a fewlines upon a parchment of which two-thirds were already filled, andaffixed his seal.
3.  D'Artagnan, without losing sight of the lady of the red cushion,continued to watch the proceedings of Porthos, which amused himgreatly. He guessed that the lady of the black hood was theprocurator's wife of the Rue aux Ours, which was the moreprobable from the church of St. Leu being not far from thatlocality.
4.  Felton had fallen; but there was still another step to be taken.He must be retained, or rather he must be left quite alone; andMilady but obscurely perceived the means which could lead to thisresult.
5.  "I don't at all understand you, but I believe all you say tobe true. Let us return to my ring, or rather to yours. Youshall take half the sum that will be advanced upon it, or Iwill throw it into the Seine; and I doubt, as was the casewith Polycrates, whether any fish will be sufficientlycomplaisant to bring it back to us."
6.  At the end of an instant they heard a furious fusillade."What's that?" asked Porthos, "what are they firing at now?I hear no balls whistle, and I see nobody!"


1.  "Really," said she, "I believe you now begin to hesitate.""No, I do not hesitate; but I really pity this poor Comte deWardes, since you have ceased to love him. I think that aman must be so severely punished by the loss of your lovethat he stands in need of no other chastisement.""Who told you that I loved him?" asked Milady, sharply."At least, I am now at liberty to believe, without too muchfatuity, that you love another," said the young man, in acaressing tone, "and I repeat that I am really interestedfor the count."
2.  "Ah! If I were not in such haste, and if I were not runningafter someone," said D'Artagnan.
3.  Do not depend upon me, madame, for the next meeting. Sincemy convalescence I have so many affairs of this kind on myhands that I am forced to regulate them a little. When yourturn comes, I shall have the honor to inform you of it. Ikiss your hands.
4.  "After supper I exhibited the same marks of languor as on thepreceding evening; but this time, as I yielded to fatigue, or asif I had become familiarized with danger, I dragged myself towardmy bed, let my robe fall, and lay down.
5.   The next morning, when Kitty presented herself atD'Artagnan's, she was no longer joyous and alert as on thetwo preceding days; but on the contrary sad as death.D'Artagnan asked the poor girl what was the matter with her;but she, as her only reply, drew a letter from her pocketand gave it to him.
6.  "Whenever it shall please your Majesty; but I shall be alwayshappy and proud, sire, to sacrifice myself to the harmony which Idesire to see reign between you and the Queen of France.""Very well, Cardinal, very well; but, meantime, send for Monsieurthe Keeper of the Seals. I will go to the queen."And Louis XIII, opening the door of communication, passed intothe corridor which led from his apartments to those of Anne ofAustria.


1.  "I threw the rest away with horror, and waited, with the dew offear upon my brow.
2.  "And you found it?"
3.  "And how do you know there is a young woman whom I love, andthat I believed that woman dead?" asked D'Artagnan."By that letter which my comrade has in his pocket.""You see, then," said D'Artagnan, "that I must have thatletter. So no more delay, no more hesitation; or elsewhatever may be my repugnance to soiling my sword a secondtime with the blood of a wretch like you, I swear by myfaith as an honest man--" and at these words D'Artagnan madeso fierce a gesture that the wounded man sprang up."Stop, stop!" cried he, regaining strength by force ofterror. "I will go--I will go!"
4、  "Why, we are looked upon with a rather favorable eye by alady of quality, the Duchesse de--but, your pardon; my masterhas commanded me to be discreet. She had forced us toaccept a little souvenir, a magnificent Spanish GENET and anAndalusian mule, which were beautiful to look upon. Thehusband heard of the affair; on their way he confiscated thetwo magnificent beasts which were being sent to us, andsubstituted these horrible animals."
5、  D'Artagnan cast an inquiring glance at Milady. She waspale, and looked fatigued, either from tears or want ofsleep. The number of lights had been intentionallydiminished, but the young woman could not conceal the tracesof the fever which had devoured her for two days.D'Artagnan approached her with his usual gallantry. Shethen made an extraordinary effort to receive him, but neverdid a more distressed countenance give the lie to a moreamiable smile.




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      As to Aramis, he never played. He was the worst Musketeer andthe most unconvivial companion imaginable. He had alwayssomething or other to do. Sometimes in the midst of dinner, wheneveryone, under the attraction of wine and in the warmth ofconversation, believed they had two or three hours longer toenjoy themselves at table, Aramis looked at his watch, arose witha bland smile, and took leave of the company, to go, as he said,to consult a casuist with whom he had an appointment. At othertimes he would return home to write a treatise, and requested hisfriends not to disturb him.

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      "And now," said the queen, "we are forgetting one very necessarything."

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       Athos recognized his comrade, and phlegmatic as he was, heburst into a laugh which was quite excused by the strangemasquerade before his eyes--petticoats falling over hisshoes, sleeves tucked up, and mustaches stiff withagitation.

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      Anne of Austria stretched forth her hand, closing her eyes, andleaning with the other upon Estafania, for she felt that herstrength was about to fail her.

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    {  "Then you have no religion at all; I like that best," repliedLord de Winter, laughing.

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      Athos, whose keen eye lost nothing, perceived a faintly sly smilepass over the lips of the young Gascon as he replied, "We had ashort discussion upon dress."}

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      "Ah! This is something new," replied the king. "Will you tellme that your three damned Musketeers, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis,and your youngster from Bearn, have not fallen, like so manyfuries, upon poor Bernajoux, and have not maltreated him in sucha fashion that probably by this time he is dead? Will you tellme that they did not lay siege to the hotel of the Duc de laTremouille, and that they did not endeavor to burn it?--whichwould not, perhaps, have been a great misfortune in time of war,seeing that it is nothing but a nest of Huguenots, but which is,in time of peace, a frightful example. Tell me, now, can youdeny all this?"

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       "This is fine!" said Porthos to himself; "I am prettilycaught!"

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    {  "Or his mistress," interrupted D'Artagnan.

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      "Porthos, you are as vain as Narcissus; I plainly tell you so,"replied Aramis. "You know I hate moralizing, except when it isdone by Athos. As to you, good sir, you wear too magnificent abaldric to be strong on that head. I will be an abbe if it suitsme. In the meanwhile I am a Musketeer; in that quality I saywhat I please, and at this moment it pleases me to say that youweary me."