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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The next time you get a pair of shoes, dearie," said Mrs. Vance,"get button, with thick soles and patent-leather tips. They'reall the rage this fall."
2.  "H. R. Jacob's," said Minnie.
3.  "Oh, I don't play," ventured Carrie.
4.  For a young man, this was rather a morbid turn of character, andso affected Carrie. Indeed, it affected the entire atmosphere ofthe flat, as such things are inclined to do, and gave to hiswife's mind its subdued and tactful turn, anxious to avoidtaciturn replies. Under the influence of Carrie's announcement hebrightened up somewhat.
5.  "Won't you come along with me?" he said, as if there was greatdanger that she would not. "You won't need to do anything buttravel with me. I'll not trouble you in any way. You can seeMontreal and New York, and then if you don't want to stay you cango back. It will be better than trying to go back to-night."
6.  Now a fierce feeling against Carrie welled up--just one fierce,angry thought before the whole thing slipped out of his mind.


1.  "Oh, wouldn't you?" said Carrie, the, to her, new attitudeforcing itself distinctly upon her for the first time.
2.  "Before?"
3.  "I'm with the company at the Casino now."
4.  "Yassah," assented the negro, nodding his head.
5.  "I came out here to-day," he went on, solemnly, "to tell you justhow I feel--to see if you wouldn't listen to me."
6.  "Yes," said the astonished girl.


1.  The advertisements were already in the papers; the posters uponthe bill-boards. The leading lady and many members were cited.Carrie was nothing.
2.  At the same time Hurstwood kept himself wholly in the background.The members of Custer Lodge could scarcely understand why theirlittle affair was taking so well. Mr. Harry Quincel was lookedupon as quite a star for this sort of work.
3.  When she entered the room, however, her appearance gave himcourage. She looked simple and charming enough to strengthen thedaring of any lover. Her apparent nervousness dispelled his own.
4.  Carrie fluttered under his approving glance.
5.   "I think I'll go home," she said, wearily.
6.  "Is it that way?" she mused.


1.  "Give me 1643," he called to Central, after looking up theMichigan Central depot number. Soon he got the ticket agent.
2.  Carrie was an apt student of fortune's ways--of fortune'ssuperficialities. Seeing a thing, she would immediately set toinquiring how she would look, properly related to it. Be itknown that this is not fine feeling, it is not wisdom. Thegreatest minds are not so afflicted; and on the contrary, thelowest order of mind is not so disturbed. Fine clothes to herwere a vast persuasion; they spoke tenderly and Jesuitically forthemselves. When she came within earshot of their pleading,desire in her bent a willing ear. The voice of the so-calledinanimate! Who shall translate for us the language of thestones?
3.  Carrie looked at him with the tenderness which virtue ever feelsin its hope of reclaiming vice. How could such a man needreclaiming? His errors, what were they, that she could correct?Small they must be, where all was so fine. At worst, they weregilded affairs, and with what leniency are gilded errors viewed.He put himself in such a lonely light that she was deeply moved.
4、  Carrie took it and found that one was Mrs. Bermudez, anotherMarcus Jenks, a third Percy Weil. She paused only a moment, andthen moved toward the door.
5、  He also noted among the want ads. one which read:




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      A few weeks later Drouet, in his peregrinations, encountered oneof his well-dressed lady acquaintances in Chicago on his returnfrom a short trip to Omaha. He had intended to hurry out toOgden Place and surprise Carrie, but now he fell into aninteresting conversation and soon modified his originalintention.

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      For an hour he thought over this plausible statement of thetangle. He wanted to tell them about his wife, but couldn't. Hefinally narrowed it down to an assertion that he was light-headedfrom entertaining friends, had found the safe open, and havinggone so far as to take the money out, had accidentally closed it.This act he regretted very much. He was sorry he had put them toso much trouble. He would undo what he could by sending themoney back--the major portion of it. The remainder he would payup as soon as he could. Was there any possibility of his beingrestored? This he only hinted at.

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       "Was it in the afternoon?" she asked, artfully, assuming an airof acquaintanceship with the matter.

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      "He talks about worrying," thought Carrie. "If he worried enoughhe couldn't sit there and wait for me. He'd get something to do.No man could go seven months without finding something if hetried."

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    {  "I guess I'll stand down at the door a little while." She couldscarcely prevent her voice from trembling.

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      A half-dollar was passed over, and now a knock came at herdressing-room door.Carrie opened it.}

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      "No, I can't," said Carrie weakly, very much drawn toward theproposition and yet fearful.

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      As she looked at him, she wondered what his financial state wasnow. They ate and talked a little.

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       One o'clock came while he was still on the car practising, and hebegan to feel hungry. The day set in snowing, and he was cold.He grew weary of running to and fro on the short track.

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    {  In a few more minutes it fell to her to read the letter sent inby the strange villain. The audience had been slightly divertedby a conversation between the professional actor and a charactercalled Snorky, impersonated by a short little American, whoreally developed some humour as a half-crazed, one-armed soldier,turned messenger for a living. He bawled his lines out with suchdefiance that, while they really did not partake of the humourintended, they were funny. Now he was off, however, and it wasback to pathos, with Carrie as the chief figure. She did notrecover. She wandered through the whole scene between herselfand the intruding villain, straining the patience of theaudience, and finally exiting, much to their relief.

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      "Yes," returned Carrie.