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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "He wasn't a tall, handsome. dark young man?"
2.  The narratives of Watson, have accustomed the reader, no doubt, tothe fact that I do not waste words or disclose my thoughts while acase is actually under consideration. Dodd seemed surprised, butnothing more was said, and the three of us continued our journeytogether. in the train I asked Dodd one more question which I wishedour companion to hear.
3.  "I have a great fancy to see this lodger of yours, Mrs. Warren.""I don't see how that is to be managed, unless you break in thedoor. I always hear him unlock it as I go down the stair after I leavethe tray."
4.  "Mr. Eccles was going to tell us about it when you entered the room.I think, Watson, a brandy and soda would do him no harm. Now, sir, Isuggest that you take no notice of this addition to your audience, andthat you proceed with your narrative exactly as you would have donehad you never been interrupted."
5.  "One night, when Gennaro returned from his work, he brought afellow-countryman back with him. His name was Gorgiano, and he hadcome also from Posilippo. He was a huge man, as you can testify, foryou have looked upon his corpse. Not only was his body that of a giantbut everything about him was grotesque, gigantic, and terrifying.His voice was like thunder in our little house. There was scarceroom for the whirl of his great arms as he talked. His thoughts, hisemotions, his passions, all were exaggerated and monstrous. He talked,or rather roared, with such energy that others could but sit andlisten, cowed with the mighty stream of words. His eyes blazed atyou and held you at his mercy. He was a terrible and wonderful man.I thank God that he is dead!
6.  "You are a good fellow," said he. "I had misjudged you. I thankheaven that my compunction at leaving poor Staunton all alone inthis plight caused me to turn my carriage back and so to make youracquaintance. Knowing as much as you do, the situation is veryeasily explained. A year ago Godfrey Staunton lodged in London for atime and became passionately attached to his landlady's daughter, whomhe married. She was as good as she was beautiful and as intelligent asshe was good. No man need be ashamed of such a wife. But Godfrey wasthe heir to this crabbed old nobleman, and it was quite certain thatthe news of his marriage would have been the end of his inheritance. Iknew the lad well, and I loved him for his many excellent qualities. Idid all I could to help him to keep things straight. We did our verybest to keep the thing from everyone, for, when once such a whispergets about, it is not long before everyone has heard it. Thanks tothis lonely cottage and his own discretion, Godfrey has up to nowsucceeded. Their secret was known to no one save to me and to oneexcellent servant, who has at present gone for assistance toTrumpington. But at last there came a terrible blow in the shape ofdangerous illness to his wife. It was consumption of the most virulentkind. The poor boy was half crazed with grief, and yet he had to go toLondon to play this match, for he could not get out of it withoutexplanations which would expose his secret. I tried to cheer him up bywire, and he sent me one in reply, imploring me to do all I could.This was the telegram which you appear in some inexplicable way tohave seen. I did not tell him how urgent the danger was, for I knewthat he could do no good here, but I sent the truth to the girl'sfather, and he very injudiciously communicated it to Godfrey. Theresult was that he came straight away in a state bordering onfrenzy, and has remained in the same state, kneeling at the end of herbed, until this morning death put an end to her sufferings. That isall, Mr. Holmes, and I am sure that I can rely upon your discretionand that of your friend."


1.  "You see?"
2.  "You're precious near your end, my friend, but I don't want you togo till I have had a word with you. That's why I give you water.There, don't slop it about! That's right. Can you understand what Isay?"
3.  'Oh, I would not venture to say, sir. I don't believe there is anygentleman in this university who is capable of profiting by such anaction. No, sir, I'll not believe it."
4.  "Well, Watson, we seem to have fallen upon evil days," said he ina feeble voice, but with something of his old carelessness of manner."My dear fellow!" I cried, approaching him.
5.  "You remember that a stonemason, named Slater, walking from ForestRow about one o'clock in the morning- two days before the murder-stopped as he passed the grounds and looked at the square of lightstill shining among the trees. He swears that the shadow of a man'shead turned sideways was clearly visible on the blind, and that thisshadow was certainly not that of Peter Carey, whom he knew well. Itwas that of a bearded man, but the beard was short and bristledforward in a way very different from that of the captain. So hesays, but he had been two hours in the public-house, and it is somedistance from the road to the window. Besides, this refers to theMonday, and the crime was done upon the Wednesday.
6.  As I entered, a sallow Malay attendant had hurried up with a pipefor me and a supply of the drug, beckoning me to an empty berth."Thank you. I have not come to stay," said I. "There is a friendof mine here, Mr. Isa Whitney, and I wish to speak with him."There was a movement and an exclamation from my right, and peeringthrough the gloom I saw Whitney, pale, haggard, and unkempt staringout at me.


1.  The stonework was gray, But at this one point it showed white fora space not larger than a sixpence. When examined closely one couldsee that the surface was chipped as by a sharp blow.
2.  "The coat of arms was on the envelope, and it was addressed in theDuke's peculiar stiff hand. Besides, the Duke remembers havingwritten."
3.  "Drive on! Drive on!" shrieked a harsh voice. The coachman lashedthe horses, and we were left standing in the roadway.
4.  The Gold King paused for a moment as one who marshals histhoughts. His grim, deep-lined face had become even sadder and moregrave.
5.   "Well, in the name of the force I thank you. It seems a clearcase, as you put it, and there can't be much difficulty over thebodies."
6.  "I do not understand how you know these things," she said. "GiuseppeGorgiano- how did he--" She paused, and then suddenly her face litup with pride and delight. "Now I see it! My Gennaro! My splendid,beautiful Gennaro, who has guarded me safe from all harm, he did it,with his own strong hand he killed the monster! Oh, Gennaro, howwonderful you are! What woman could ever be worthy of such a man?""Well, Mrs. Lucca," said the prosaic Gregson, laying his hand uponthe lady's sleeve with as little sentiment as if she were a NottingHill hooligan, "I am not very clear yet who you are or what you are;but you've said enough to make it very clear that we shall want you atthe Yard."


1.  "By train from Waterloo."
2.  "Yes; I shall not feel easy until I have told my story.""Then my servant will call a cab, and I shall be with you in aninstant." I rushed upstairs, explained the matter shortly to mywife, and in five minutes was inside a hansom, driving with my newacquaintance to Baker Street.
3.  "Well, maybe so," said the millionaire, though for a moment thereproof had brought the old angry gleam into his eyes. "I'm notpretending to be any better than I am. I guess all my life I've been aman that reached out his hand for what he wanted, and I never wantedanything more than the love and possession of that woman. I told herso."
4、  "I have heard your reasons and regard them as unconvincing andinadequate. We will pass that. You came down here to ask me whom Isuspected. I refused to answer you. You then went to the vicarage,waited outside it for some time, and finally returned to yourcottage."
5、  "The senior clerk and draughtsman, Mr. Sidney Johnson. He is a manof forty, married, with five children. He is a silent, morose man, buthe has, on the whole, an excellent record in the public service. He isunpopular with his colleagues, but a hard worker. According to his ownaccount, corroborated only by the word of his wife, he was at home thewhole of Monday evening after office hours, and his key has never leftthe watch-chain upon which it hangs."




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      "It was when he horsewhipped Sam Brewer, the well-known CurzonStreet money-lender, on Newmarket Heath. He nearly killed the man.""Ah, he sounds interesting! Does he often indulge in that way?""Well, he has the name of being a dangerous man. He is about themost daredevil rider in England- second in the Grand National a fewyears back. He is one of those men who have overshot their truegeneration. He should have been a buck in the days of the Regency- aboxer, an athlete, a plunger on the turf, a lover of fair ladies, and,by all account, so far down Queer Street that he may never find hisway back again."

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      "They're married?" I gasped.

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       Holmes turned away smiling from the keen scrutiny of those wonderfuleyes.

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      "I understood that it did not open."

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    {  "Then put on your hat and come. I am going through the Cityfirst, and we can have some lunch on the way. I observe thatthere is a good deal of German music on the programme, which israther more to my taste than Italian or French. It is

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      "LATER.- It is rumoured as we go to press that Mr. John HectorMcFarlane has actually been arrested on the charge of the murder ofMr. Jonas Oldacre. It is at least certain that a warrant has beenissued. There have been further and sinister developments in theinvestigation at Norwood. Besides the signs of a struggle in theroom of the unfortunate builder it is now known that the Frenchwindows of his bedroom (which is on the ground floor) were found to beopen, that there were marks as if some bulky object had been draggedacross to the wood-pile, and, finally, it is asserted that charredremains have been found among the charcoal ashes of the fire. Thepolice theory is that a most sensational crime has been committed,that the victim was clubbed to death in his own bedroom, his papersrifled, and his dead body dragged across to the wood-stack, whichwas then ignited so as to hide all traces of the crime. The conduct ofthe criminal investigation has been left in the experienced hands ofInspector Lestrade, of Scotland Yard, who is following up the clueswith his accustomed energy and sagacity."}

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      "Excellent, Watson! Compound of the Busy Bee and Excellsior. Wecan but try- the motto of the firm. A friendly native will surelyguide us."

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      "You have certainly had your share," said Holmes. "Do you thinkyou could walk round the house with me?"

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    {  "But why don't you?"

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      "Yes, sir, you know what that means. He's a stiff 'un, sir, if I maysay so. I can get along with the Prime Minister, and I've nothingagainst the Home Secretary, who seemed a civil, obliging sort ofman, but I can't stand his Lordship. Neither can Mr. Holmes, sir.You see, he don't believe in Mr. Holmes and he was against employinghim. He'd rather he failed."