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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes."
2.  The prisoner glanced at the windows -- they were grated; hehad changed his prison for another that was conveying him heknew not whither. Through the grating, however, Dantes sawthey were passing through the Rue Caisserie, and by the RueSaint-Laurent and the Rue Taramis, to the port. Soon he sawthe lights of La Consigne.
3.  "Thus I shall rejoice when Mademoiselle Eugenie perceives Iam but a pitiful atom, with scarcely as many hundredthousand francs as she has millions." Monte Cristo smiled."One plan occurred to me," continued Albert; "Franz likesall that is eccentric; I tried to make him fall in love withMademoiselle Danglars; but in spite of four letters, writtenin the most alluring style, he invariably answered: `Myeccentricity may be great, but it will not make me break mypromise.'"
4.  "It was the end of November, all the verdure of the gardenhad disappeared, the trees were nothing more than skeletonswith their long bony arms, and the dead leaves sounded onthe gravel under my feet. My terror overcame me to such adegree as I approached the thicket, that I took a pistolfrom my pocket and armed myself. I fancied continually thatI saw the figure of the Corsican between the branches. Iexamined the thicket with my dark lantern; it was empty. Ilooked carefully around; I was indeed alone, -- no noisedisturbed the silence but the owl, whose piercing cry seemedto be calling up the phantoms of the night. I tied mylantern to a forked branch I had noticed a year before atthe precise spot where I stopped to dig the hole.
5.  "And so," continued the Englishman who first gained hiscomposure, "he was drowned?"
6.  Danglars was balancing his monthly accounts, and it wasperhaps not the most favorable moment for finding him in hisbest humor. At the first sight of his old friend, Danglarsassumed his majestic air, and settled himself in hiseasy-chair. Morcerf, usually so stiff and formal, accostedthe banker in an affable and smiling manner, and, feelingsure that the overture he was about make would be wellreceived, he did not consider it necessary to adopt anymanoeuvres in order to gain his end, but went at oncestraight to the point.


1.  "Impossible? and why?" asked the old man. "The Spada familywas one of the oldest and most powerful families of thefifteenth century; and in those times, when otheropportunities for investment were wanting, suchaccumulations of gold and jewels were by no means rare;there are at this day Roman families perishing of hunger,though possessed of nearly a million in diamonds and jewels,handed down by entail, and which they cannot touch." Edmondthought he was in a dream -- he wavered between incredulityand joy.
2.  "So he has; but I like mine as well."
3.  "Well, now that all is arranged, do not let these newlyawakened remembrances be forgotten. You have, doubtless,already guessed that I was preparing a surprise for you?"
4.  "I was called to see him on his dying bed, that I mightadminister to him the consolations of religion."
5.  "Was I so badly lodged at Rome?" said Monte Cristo smiling.
6.  "He possesses a noble heart, madame," replied the count,"and he has acted rightly. He feels that every man owes atribute to his country; some contribute their talents,others their industry; these devote their blood, those theirnightly labors, to the same cause. Had he remained with you,his life must have become a hateful burden, nor would hehave participated in your griefs. He will increase instrength and honor by struggling with adversity, which hewill convert into prosperity. Leave him to build up thefuture for you, and I venture to say you will confide it tosafe hands."


1.  "You will oblige me." Danglars rushed out of the room, andmade but one leap into his coupe.
2.  "He was, then, a more unhappy son than you, Morrel, for hecould not even find his father's grave."
3.  "The Count of Morcerf's adventure exasperates the youngman."
4.  "Well, read the letter again. Look at the writing, and findif you can, any blemish in the language or orthography."(The writing was, in reality, charming, and the orthographyirreproachable.) "You are born to good fortune," said Franz,as he returned the letter.
5.   "By whom?"
6.  "How so?" cried Morrel, "when I left her dying?" MonteCristo pressed his hands to his forehead. What was passingin that brain, so loaded with dreadful secrets? What doesthe angel of light or the angel of darkness say to thatmind, at once implacable and generous? God only knows.


1.  "Well," replied La Carconte, "do as you like. For my part, Iwash my hands of the affair." So saying, she once moreclimbed the staircase leading to her chamber, her bodyconvulsed with chills, and her teeth rattling in her head,in spite of the intense heat of the weather. Arrived at thetop stair, she turned round, and called out, in a warningtone, to her husband, "Gaspard, consider well what you areabout to do!"
2.  "The count knows everything," said the Italian, bowing.
3.  "And the matter seems serious to you?"
4、  "The people will rise."
5、  "I would realize" --




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      "A fine idea that of his," said Danglars, shrugging hisshoulders. Madame Danglars looked at her husband with anexpression which, at any other time, would have indicated astorm, but for the second time she controlled herself. "Thebaron appears thoughtful to-day," said Monte Cristo to her;"are they going to put him in the ministry?"

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      "I will remember it," said the young man, "as selfishchildren recollect their parents when they want their aid.When I need your assistance, and the moment arrives, I willcome to you, count."

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       "It is likely."

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      "On the contrary, we shall meet again," said Mercedes,pointing to heaven with solemnity. "I tell you so to proveto you that I still hope." And after pressing her owntrembling hand upon that of the count, Mercedes rushed upthe stairs and disappeared. Monte Cristo slowly left thehouse and turned towards the quay. But Mercedes did notwitness his departure, although she was seated at the littlewindow of the room which had been occupied by old Dantes.Her eyes were straining to see the ship which was carryingher son over the vast sea; but still her voice involuntarilymurmured softly, "Edmond, Edmond, Edmond!"

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    {  "Hush -- hush!" murmured the dying man, "that they may notseparate us if you save me!"

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      "That is true," answered the marquis.}

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      "Come," said he to the abbe, "I am anxious to see yourtreasures."

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      "`Signed El-Kobbir.'

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       "Franz assured me," replied Albert, "that she was sixty-sixyears old. But she has not died of old age, but of grief; itappears that since the death of the marquis, which affectedher very deeply, she has not completely recovered herreason."

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    {  But beneath this superficial calm there were in the heart ofthe young man, and perhaps in that of the old man, manyrepressed desires, many stifled sighs, which found vent whenFaria was left alone, and when Edmond returned to his cell.One night Edmond awoke suddenly, believing that he heardsome one calling him. He opened his eyes upon utterdarkness. His name, or rather a plaintive voice whichessayed to pronounce his name, reached him. He sat up in bedand a cold sweat broke out upon his brow. Undoubtedly thecall came from Faria's dungeon. "Alas," murmured Edmond;"can it be?"

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      "Is there one of my brethren in whom you have equalconfidence with myself?"