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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  It was a magnificent play, and had its effect. Hurstwood fellback beaten. He knew now that he had more than mere bluff tocontend with. He felt that he was face to face with a dullproposition. What to say he hardly knew. All the merriment hadgone out of the day. He was disturbed, wretched, resentful.What should he do?"Do as you please," he said, at last. "I'll have nothing more todo with you," and out he strode.
2.  "Better, I should say so. What comes next?"
3.  "Yes," he replied; "I know how you feel."
4.  "I'm glad you liked it."
5.  On the morrow, however, there was nothing in the papersconcerning the event, and, in view of the flow of common,everyday things about, it now lost a shade of the glow of theprevious evening. Drouet himself was not talking so much OF asFOR her. He felt instinctively that, for some reason or other,he needed reconstruction in her regard.
6.  "Sixty-seven," the coach-caller was saying, his voice lifted in asort of euphonious cry. "Sixty-seven."


1.  Suddenly he looked up.
2.  "Now, you must do your best to please me," he said encouragingly."Just remember that I want you to succeed. We will make theperformance worth while. You do that now."
3.  Her spirits sank so that at supper Minnie felt that she must havehad another hard day. Carrie finally decided that she would givethe money back. It was wrong to take it. She would go down inthe morning and hunt for work. At noon she would meet Drouet asagreed and tell him. At this decision her heart sank, until shewas the old Carrie of distress.
4.  "Mr. McManus," called the man at the desk, "this young womanwants to see you."
5.  "Here you are," remarked a bystander, putting a coin into hishand.
6.  He only offered a third interest in the stock, fixtures, andgood-will, and this in return for a thousand dollars andmanagerial ability on the part of the one who should come in.There was no property involved, because the owner of the saloonmerely rented from an estate.


1.  Now that his money was so low, he began to observe his clothesand feel that even his best ones were beginning to lookcommonplace. This was a bitter thought.
2.  Carrie was so bewildered that she swallowed the whole story.
3.  "It's a lie, I tell you," he said, in a low, sharp voice."You've been searching around for some cheap accusation formonths and now you think you have it. You think you'll springsomething and get the upper hand. Well, I tell you, you can't.As long as I'm in this house I'm master of it, and you or any oneelse won't dictate to me--do you hear?"
4.  "Before?"
5.   "You do so well, I thought you might have had some experience."
6.  This was his one resource against the depression which held him.He could extract little from the wording of the letter, but thespirit he thought he knew.


1.  When Carrie had gone, he felicitated himself upon her goodopinion. By George, it was a shame young girls had to be knockedaround like that. Cold weather coming on and no clothes. Tough.He would go around to Fitzgerald and Moy's and get a cigar. Itmade him feel light of foot as he thought about her.
2.  "You are," stamped Carrie. "You're a horrid, conceited coward,that's what you are. If you had any sense of manhood in you, youwouldn't have thought of doing any such thing."
3.  "No, I didn't want to ask," said Carrie. "I guess they paytwelve or fourteen dollars a week."
4、  "They always had as much as I had," he thought.
5、  "Well, it does seem as if most people in this town haven't beenhere so very long. I hear of lots of Indiana people in my linewho are here."




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      "If you do, maybe I can help you. I've got a lot of friends inthat line."

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      "I can do something. I'm not down yet. There's a lot of thingscoming to me if I want to go after them."

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       Oh, the tangle of human life! How dimly as yet we see. Here wasCarrie, in the beginning poor, unsophisticated. emotional;responding with desire to everything most lovely in life, yetfinding herself turned as by a wall. Laws to say: "Be allured,if you will, by everything lovely, but draw not nigh unless byrighteousness." Convention to say: "You shall not better yoursituation save by honest labour." If honest labour beunremunerative and difficult to endure; if it be the long, longroad which never reaches beauty, but wearies the feet and theheart; if the drag to follow beauty be such that one abandons theadmired way, taking rather the despised path leading to herdreams quickly, who shall cast the first stone? Not evil, butlonging for that which is better, more often directs the steps ofthe erring. Not evil, but goodness more often allures thefeeling mind unused to reason.

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      Her sobs disturbed him so that he was quite sure she did not heara word he said.

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    {  "Now, I really don't know," he said kindly. "What kind of workis it you want--you're not a typewriter, are you?"

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      "Good-nature," returned the manager. "Like to see the boys, youknow."}

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      At the Lyceum she entered one of those secluded, under-stairwayclosets, berugged and bepaneled, which causes one to feel thegreatness of all positions of authority. Here was reserve itselfdone into a box-office clerk, a doorman, and an assistant,glorying in their fine positions.

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      "Well, I'll be going, Barney," said one, breaking away and soaddressing the manager. "See you this afternoon."

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       She shook her head.

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    {  At the Lyceum she entered one of those secluded, under-stairwayclosets, berugged and bepaneled, which causes one to feel thegreatness of all positions of authority. Here was reserve itselfdone into a box-office clerk, a doorman, and an assistant,glorying in their fine positions.

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      Carrie looked about her, very much disturbed and quite sure thatshe did not want to work here. Aside from making heruncomfortable by sidelong glances, no one paid her the leastattention. She waited until the whole department was aware ofher presence. Then some word was sent around, and a foreman, inan apron and shirt sleeves, the latter rolled up to hisshoulders, approached.