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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, "it is half past four, and wehave scarcely time to be on the road of Chaillot by six.""Besides, if we go out too late, nobody will see us," saidPorthos, "and that will be a pity. Let us get ready,gentlemen."
2.  Eight days had been occupied in preparations at the Hotel deVille for this important evening. The city carpenters haderected scaffolds upon which the invited ladies were to beplaced; the city grocer had ornamented the chambers with twohundred FLAMBEAUX if white wax, a piece of luxury unheard of atthat period; and twenty violins were ordered, and the price forthem fixed at double the usual rate, upon condition, said thereport, that they should be played all night.
3.  "We did not see her, monseigneur," said Athos.
4.  His whole body appeared in its ordinary state of calmness, only anunusual fire beamed from his eyes, like the effects of a fever; his browwas more pale than it generally was; his teeth were clenched, and hisspeech had a short dry accent which indicated that something dark was atwork within him.
5.  Porthos, as we have seen, had a character exactly opposite tothat of Athos. He not only talked much, but he talked loudly,little caring, we must render him that justice, whether anybodylistened to him or not. He talked for the pleasure of talkingand for the pleasure of hearing himself talk. He spoke upon allsubjects except the sciences, alleging in this respect theinveterate hatred he had borne to scholars from his childhood.He had not so noble an air as Athos, and the commencement oftheir intimacy often rendered him unjust toward that gentleman,whom he endeavored to eclipse by his splendid dress. But withhis simple Musketeer's uniform and nothing but the manner inwhich he threw back his head and advanced his foot, Athosinstantly took the place which was his due and consigned theostentatious Porthos to the second rank. Porthos consoledhimself by filling the antechamber of M. de Treville and theguardroom of the Louvre with the accounts of his love scrapes,after having passed from professional ladies to military ladies,from the lawyer's dame to the baroness, there was question ofnothing less with Porthos than a foreign princess, who wasenormously fond of him.


1.  The old man read so much truth and so much grief in the face ofthe young man that he made him a sign to listen, and repeated ina low voice: "It was scarcely nine o'clock when I heard a noisein the street, and was wondering what it could be, when on comingto my door, I found that somebody was endeavoring to open it. AsI am very poor and am not afraid of being robbed, I went andopened the gate and saw three men at a few paces from it. In theshadow was a carriage with two horses, and some saddlehorses.These horses evidently belonged to the three men, who wee dressedas cavaliers. 'Ah, my worthy gentlemen,' cried I, 'what do youwant?' 'You must have a ladder?' said he who appeared to be theleader of the party. 'Yes, monsieur, the one with which I gathermy fruit.' 'Lend it to us, and go into your house again; thereis a crown for the annoyance we have caused you. Only rememberthis--if you speak a word of what you may see or what you mayhear (for you will look and you will listen, I am quite sure,however we may threaten you), you are lost.' At these words hethrew me a crown, which I picked up, and he took the ladder.After shutting the gate behind them, I pretended to return to thehouse, but I immediately went out a back door, and stealing alongin the shade of the hedge, I gained yonder clump of elder, fromwhich I could hear and see everything. The three men brought thecarriage up quietly, and took out of it a little man, stout,short, elderly, and commonly dressed in clothes of a dark color,who ascended the ladder very carefully, looked suspiciously in atthe window of the pavilion, came down as quietly as he had goneup, and whispered, 'It is she!' Immediately, he who had spokento me approached the door of the pavilion, opened it with a keyhe had in his hand, closed the door and disappeared, while at thesame time the other two men ascended the ladder. The little oldman remained at the coach door; the coachman took care of hishorses, the lackey held the saddlehorses. All at once greatcried resounded in the pavilion, and a woman came to the window,and opened it, as if to throw herself out of it; but as soon asshe perceived the other two men, she fell back and they went intothe chamber. Then I saw no more; but I heard the noise ofbreaking furniture. The woman screamed, and cried for help; buther cries were soon stifled. Two of the men appeared, bearingthe woman in their arms, and carried her to the carriage, intowhich the little old man got after her. The leader closed thewindow, came out an instant after by the door, and satisfiedhimself that the woman was in the carriage. His two companionswere already on horseback. He sprang into his saddle; the lackeytook his place by the coachman; the carriage went off at a quickpace, escorted by the three horsemen, and all was over. Fromthat moment I have neither seen nor heard anything."D'Artagnan, entirely overcome by this terrible story, remainedmotionless and mute, while all the demons of anger and jealousywere howling in his heart.
2.  Aramis smiled. "I will make verses," said he.
3.  "What have I to fear?"
4.  Milady continued:
5.  "Do not exaggerate the service I have the happiness to renderyour Majesty. I have nothing to save for your Majesty; you areonly the victim of perfidious plots."
6.  "Well, go quickly! I will return soon to learn the result ofyour trip."


1.  "Oh, you need not avow this religious indifference, my Lord; yourdebaucheries and crimes would vouch for it."
2.  "Devil take me if I taste one of them!" murmured Porthos tohimself, and then said aloud, "Thank you, my cousin, I am nolonger hungry."
3.  "Give it to me," said the duke.
4.  An instant afterward the three young men separated, agreeingto meet again at four o'clock with Athos, and leavingPlanchet to guard the house.
5.   It may be judged whether D'Artagnan looked or listened withavidity. Unfortunately the light had been removed into anotherchamber; but the eyes of the young man were accustomed to thenight. Besides, the eyes of the Gascons have, as it is asserted,like those of cats, the faculty of seeing in the dark.D'Artagnan then saw that the young woman took from her pocket awhite object, which she unfolded quickly, and which took the formof a handkerchief. She made her interlocutor observe the cornerof this unfolded object.
6.  The four men bent to their oars, but the sea was too high to letthem get much hold of it.


1.  "Well, go quickly! I will return soon to learn the result ofyour trip."
2.  The two young men bowed and separated, Aramis ascending thestreet which led to the Luxembourg, while D'Artagnan, perceivingthe appointed hour was approaching, took the road to theCarmes-Deschaux, saying to himself, "Decidedly I can't draw back;but at least, if I am killed, I shall be killed by a Musketeer."
3.  "Yes, for in any extreme circumstance it might not onlyextricate us from some great embarrassment, but even a greatdanger. It is not only a valuable diamond, but it is anenchanted talisman."
4、  The travelers had chosen crossroads in the hope that they mightmeet with less interruption; but at Crevecoeur, Aramis declaredhe could proceed no farther. In fact, it required all thecourage which he concealed beneath his elegant form and polishedmanners to bear him so far. He grew more pale every minute, andthey were obliged to support him on his horse. They lifted himoff at the door of a cabaret, left Bazin with him, who, besides,in a skirmish was more embarrassing than useful, and set forwardagain in the hope of sleeping at Amiens.
5、  "In that case you will not get beyond Bondy. I tell you so, bythe faith of De Treville."




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      At the sight of the little letter the heart of D'Artagnanbounded, for he believed he recognized the handwriting, andalthough he had seen that writing but once, the memory of itremained at the bottom of his heart.

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      "Listen to me, my dear girl," said the Gascon, who soughtfor an excuse in his own eyes for breaking the promise hehad made Athos; "you must understand it would be impoliticnot to accept such a positive invitation. Milady, notseeing me come again, would not be able to understand whatcould cause the interruption of my visits, and might suspectsomething; who could say how far the vengeance of such awoman would go?"

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       "Pretty figures we shall cut on ponies while Aramis and Porthoscaracole on their steeds."

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      "Because, while you were talking with him, I watched you withoutlistening to you; and, monsieur, his countenance changed colortwo or three times!"

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    {  The clerks gone, Mme. Coquenard rose and took from a buffeta piece of cheese, some preserved quinces, and a cake whichshe had herself made of almonds and honey.

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      "I have just placed an embargo on all vessels at present in hisMajesty's ports, and without particular permission, not one darelife an anchor."}

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      "They have abducted her," added the commissary; "and do you knowthe man who has committed this deed?"

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      "Did he give you any details?"

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       "An opportunity will come," replied Rochefort.

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    {  "I agree to it, too," said Porthos, "if D'Artagnan approves ofit. D'Artagnan, being the bearer of the letter, is naturally thehead of the enterprise; let him decide, and we will execute.""Well," said D'Artagnan, "I decide that we should adopt Athos'splan, and that we set off in half an hour."

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      "Monsieur Porthos," said she, "I can assure you that you haveseverely punished me; and if in the time to come you should findyourself in a similar situation, you have but to apply to me.""Fie, madame, fie!" said Porthos, as if disgusted. "Let us nottalk about money, if you please; it is humiliating.""Then you no longer love me!" said the procurator's wife, slowlyand sadly.