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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  She understood well enough what it meant.
2.  "I'll see you later," he said, with a pretence of disturbance atbeing interrupted.
3.  "What do you mean?" she asked.
4.  "Where were you last night?" she answered. The words were hot asthey came. "Who were you driving with on Washington Boulevard?Who were you with at the theatre when George saw you? Do youthink I'm a fool to be duped by you? Do you think I'll sit athome here and take your 'too busys' and 'can't come,' while youparade around and make out that I'm unable to come? I want you toknow that lordly airs have come to an end so far as I amconcerned. You can't dictate to me nor my children. I'm throughwith you entirely."
5.  "I want to know if I can get a position," she inquired.
6.  "'We sail for Liverpool from New York,'" Jessica exclaimed,mocking her acquaintance. "'Expect to spend most of the "summah"in France,'--vain thing. As If it was anything to go to Europe."


1.  The more he thought, however, the more wretched his situationbecame. He saw that getting here did not exactly clear up theground. The firm would probably employ detectives to watch him--Pinkerton men or agents of Mooney and Boland. They might arresthim the moment he tried to leave Canada. So he might becompelled to remain here months, and in what a state!
2.  "You will excuse me for intruding," he said; "but have you beenthinking of changing your apartments?"
3.  "To make it good, of course," she answered.
4.  "Nothing," he answered. "I was just thinking."
5.  "I'm clear out," he said to Carrie one afternoon. "I paid forsome coal this morning, and that took all but ten or fifteencents."
6.  "I'll go down for a little while," he said after breakfast, "andthen I'll look around. To-morrow I'll spend the whole daylooking about. I think I can get something, now this thing's offmy hands."


1.  It is no easy thing to get up early in the morning when one isused to sleeping until seven and eight, as Carrie had been athome. She gained some inkling of the character of Hanson's lifewhen, half asleep, she looked out into the dining-room at sixo'clock and saw him silently finishing his breakfast. By thetime she was dressed he was gone, and she, Minnie, and the babyate together, the latter being just old enough to sit in a highchair and disturb the dishes with a spoon. Her spirits weregreatly subdued now when the fact of entering upon strange anduntried duties confronted her. Only the ashes of all her finefancies were remaining--ashes still concealing, nevertheless, afew red embers of hope. So subdued was she by her weakeningnerves, that she ate quite in silence going over imaginaryconceptions of the character of the shoe company, the nature ofthe work, her employer's attitude. She was vaguely feeling thatshe would come in contact with the great owners, that her workwould be where grave, stylishly dressed men occasionally look on.
2.  "Don't what?" he asked. "What do you mean?"
3.  At the shoe factory she put in a long day, scarcely so wearisomeas the preceding, but considerably less novel. The head foreman,on his round, stopped by her machine.
4.  The result was that bidding began.
5.   "Mr. Brown hired me," she replied.
6.  "I'd tackle him now," volunteered the youth. "He may go 'way."


1.  "Certainly," said Drouet. "Eh, Carrie?"
2.  "Is Mr. Drouet stopping here?" he asked of the clerk.
3.  "Why don't you get yourself one of those nice serge skirtsthey're selling at Lord & Taylor's?" she said one day. "They'rethe circular style, and they're going to be worn from now on. Adark blue one would look so nice on you."
4、  Carrie laughed ecstatically.
5、  The cabby began to turn the horse around."Michigan Central depot," he said, standing up and speaking solow that Carrie could not hear, "as fast as you can go."




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      In the afternoon some boxes were to be moved to make room for newculinary supplies. He was ordered to handle a truck.Encountering a big box, he could not lift it.

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      "Do you travel far?"

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       "I've been talking with a wholesale liquor company," he said. "Imay go on the road."

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      "Carrie," he said, looking into her face and assuming a seriouslook which he did not feel, "suppose I were to come to you nextweek, or this week for that matter--to-night say--and tell you Ihad to go away--that I couldn't stay another minute and wasn'tcoming back any more--would you come with me?"His sweetheart viewed him with the most affectionate glance, heranswer ready before the words were out of his mouth.

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    {  "Why not come down to The Fair," he suggested, "next Tuesday?"

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      "Gee, but it's cold!"}

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      "That'll do," he assented.

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      "Oh, anything, only don't take that."

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       The latter looked Hurstwood over, and seeing something keen andintellectual in his eyes, said:

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      "It would be nice if you could get some place," said Carrie,prompted by anxiety and hope.