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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The old man read so much truth and so much grief in the face ofthe young man that he made him a sign to listen, and repeated ina low voice: "It was scarcely nine o'clock when I heard a noisein the street, and was wondering what it could be, when on comingto my door, I found that somebody was endeavoring to open it. AsI am very poor and am not afraid of being robbed, I went andopened the gate and saw three men at a few paces from it. In theshadow was a carriage with two horses, and some saddlehorses.These horses evidently belonged to the three men, who wee dressedas cavaliers. 'Ah, my worthy gentlemen,' cried I, 'what do youwant?' 'You must have a ladder?' said he who appeared to be theleader of the party. 'Yes, monsieur, the one with which I gathermy fruit.' 'Lend it to us, and go into your house again; thereis a crown for the annoyance we have caused you. Only rememberthis--if you speak a word of what you may see or what you mayhear (for you will look and you will listen, I am quite sure,however we may threaten you), you are lost.' At these words hethrew me a crown, which I picked up, and he took the ladder.After shutting the gate behind them, I pretended to return to thehouse, but I immediately went out a back door, and stealing alongin the shade of the hedge, I gained yonder clump of elder, fromwhich I could hear and see everything. The three men brought thecarriage up quietly, and took out of it a little man, stout,short, elderly, and commonly dressed in clothes of a dark color,who ascended the ladder very carefully, looked suspiciously in atthe window of the pavilion, came down as quietly as he had goneup, and whispered, 'It is she!' Immediately, he who had spokento me approached the door of the pavilion, opened it with a keyhe had in his hand, closed the door and disappeared, while at thesame time the other two men ascended the ladder. The little oldman remained at the coach door; the coachman took care of hishorses, the lackey held the saddlehorses. All at once greatcried resounded in the pavilion, and a woman came to the window,and opened it, as if to throw herself out of it; but as soon asshe perceived the other two men, she fell back and they went intothe chamber. Then I saw no more; but I heard the noise ofbreaking furniture. The woman screamed, and cried for help; buther cries were soon stifled. Two of the men appeared, bearingthe woman in their arms, and carried her to the carriage, intowhich the little old man got after her. The leader closed thewindow, came out an instant after by the door, and satisfiedhimself that the woman was in the carriage. His two companionswere already on horseback. He sprang into his saddle; the lackeytook his place by the coachman; the carriage went off at a quickpace, escorted by the three horsemen, and all was over. Fromthat moment I have neither seen nor heard anything."D'Artagnan, entirely overcome by this terrible story, remainedmotionless and mute, while all the demons of anger and jealousywere howling in his heart.
2.  "Good heaven! That is enough to drive away all my pains; I couldmount him with thirty balls in my body. On my soul, handsomestirrups! HOLA, Bazin, come here this minute."
3.  "Good, the Luxembourg! One might believe this is anallusion to the queen-mother! That's ingenious," saidAthos.
4.  "Indeed!"
5.  "My brother's carriage will be here first."
6.  "About noon."


1.  "Alas, yes," said Milady.
2.  And they both set forward as fast as they could toward thecountry house of the worthy functionary.
3.  "Your companion!" cried D'Artagnan, becoming more pale than the whiteveil of his mistress. "Of what companion are you speaking, dearConstance?"
4.  "Yes, and important. Take it quickly."
5.  "Planchet!" cried D'Artagnan, beside himself with joy."Planchet!" repeated Aramis and Porthos.
6.  He however kept a good countenance, holding his hat in hishand and awaiting the good pleasure of his Eminence, withouttoo much assurance, but also without too much humility."Monsieur," said the cardinal, "are you a D'Artagnan fromBearn?"


1.  He remained on the bench, with his back leaning against the walland his hands hanging down, exactly on the spot where the guardsplaced him.
2.  Milady in the course of the conversation twice or thrice bither lips; she had to deal with a Gascon who played close.At the same hour as on the preceding evening, D'Artagnanretired. In the corridor he again met the pretty Kitty; thatwas the name of the SOUBRETTE. She looked at him with anexpression of kindness which it was impossible to mistake;but D'Artagnan was so preoccupied by the mistress that henoticed absolutely nothing but her.
3.  After this, satisfied with the way in which he had conductedhimself at Meung, without remorse for the past, confident in thepresent, and full of hope for the future, he retired to bed andslept the sleep of the brave.
4.  "I?" cried Athos, with an accent like that of a man whoperceives he is about to tread upon an adder.
5.   This event had hastened the resolutions of the cardinal; andtill the king and he could take the command of the siege ofLa Rochelle, which was determined, he had sent Monsieur todirect the first operations, and had ordered all the troopshe could dispose of to march toward the theater of war. Itwas of this detachment, sent as a vanguard, that our friendD'Artagnan formed a part.
6.  "You will not wait till he asks; you will speak first, andtell him that I am gone on the lookout, because certainexpressions of our host have given me reason to think theroad is not safe. I will say two words about it to thecardinal's esquire likewise. The rest concerns myself;don't be uneasy about that."


1.  "I can see nothing inconvenient in that," said the cardinal."Well, now I have an enemy much more to be dreaded by methan this little Madame Bonacieux."
2.  "Nothing, nothing, only shut the window. Go to bed, or at leastlie down in your clothes. As soon as I have done I will knock onone of the panes of glass. But will you be able to follow me?""Oh, yes!"
3.  "Tell us about it."
4、  "Indeed!"
5、  Milady asked some questions about the carriage. It was a chaise drawnby three horses, driven by a postillion; Rochefort's lackey wouldprecede it, as courier.




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      "Here we are!" said Athos.

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      "Well," said Milady, "what can those who sleep wish for--a happyawakening? This awakening you have given me; allow me, then, to enjoyit at my ease," and taking her hand, she drew her toward the armchair bythe bedside.

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       This was evidently an ambuscade.

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      At the moment he entered the vestibule, another man was enteringlikewise, dusty, out of breath, leaving at the gate a post horse, which,on reaching the palace, tumbled on his foreknees.Felton and he addressed Patrick, the duke's confidential lackey, at thesame moment. Felton named Lord de Winter; the unknown would not nameanybody, and pretended that it was to the duke alone he would makehimself known. Each was anxious to gain admission before the other.Patrick, who knew Lord de Winter was in affairs of the service, and inrelations of friendship with the duke, gave the preference to the onewho came in his name. The other was forced to wait, and it was easilyto be seen how he cursed the delay.

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    {  "Oh, you may even see her if you like, my dear Mr. O'Reilly.Your captivity shall be mild, be assured; and as everyinconvenience deserves its indemnification, here is, in additionto the price of the studs, an order for a thousand pistoles, tomake you forget the annoyance I cause you."

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      This disposition, visible as it was in his Majesty, did notprevent the courtiers from ranging themselves along his pathway.In royal antechambers it is worth more to be viewed with an angryeye than not to be seen at all. The three Musketeers thereforedid not hesitate to make a step forward. D'Artagnan on thecontrary remained concealed behind them; but although the kingknew Athos, Porthos, and Aramis personally, he passed before themwithout speaking or looking--indeed, as if he had never seen thembefore. As for M. de Treville, when the eyes of the king fellupon him, he sustained the look with so much firmness that it wasthe king who dropped his eyes; after which his Majesty,grumbling, entered his apartment.}

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      "Her Majesty did me the honor to grant me that favor.""And that in the presence of witnesses! Imprudent, thriceimprudent!"

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      "For all my tears, my cares,

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       D'Artagnan, who was accustomed to his friend's manner ofacting, and who perceived immediately, by a word, a gesture,or a sign from him, that the circumstances were serious,took Athos's arm, and went out without saying anything.Porthos followed, chatting with Aramis.

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    {  "So much the worse for you, my dear host, so much the worse!When I am happy, I wish all the world to be so; but it appearsthat is not possible."

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      "What will you do with the letter, then?" asked Porthos."Come here, Grimaud," said Athos. Grimaud rose and obeyed. "Asa punishment for having spoken without permission, my friend, youwill please to eat this piece of paper; then to recompense youfor the service you will have rendered us, you shall afterwarddrink this glass of wine. First, here is the letter. Eatheartily."