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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  All four were to meet the next day at eleven o'clock. If they haddiscovered Milady's retreat, three were to remain on guard; the fourthwas to return to Bethune in order to inform Athos and serve as a guideto the four friends. These arrangements made, the lackeys retired.Athos then arose from his chair, girded on his sword, enveloped himselfin his cloak, and left the hotel. It was nearly ten o'clock. At teno'clock in the evening, it is well known, the streets in provincialtowns are very little frequented. Athos nevertheless was visiblyanxious to find someone of whom he could ask a question. At length hemet a belated passenger, went up to him, and spoke a few words to him.The man he addressed recoiled with terror, and only answered the fewwords of the Musketeer by pointing. Athos offered the man half apistole to accompany him, but the man refused.
2.  "And I," said Aramis, with his soft, melodius voice,"remember that I will roast you at a slow fire, like asavage."
3.  It was agreed that Milady should wait for Felton till teno'clock; if he did not return by ten o'clock she was to sail.In that case, and supposing he was at liberty, he was to rejoinher in France, at the convent of the Carmelites at Bethune.
4.  "Your name?" repeated the cavalier a second time, lettinghis cloak fall, and leaving his face uncovered.
5.  "Yes, my Lord; but with the hope of soon becoming enemies.""Be satisfied; I promise you that."
6.  "Gentlemen," said Aramis, "the principal question is not toknow which of our four lackeys is the most discreet, themost strong, the most clever, or the most brave; theprincipal thing is to know which loves money the best.""What Aramis says is very sensible," replied Athos; "we mustspeculate upon the faults of people, and not upon theirvirtues. Monsieur Abbe, you are a great moralist.""Doubtless," said Aramis, "for we not only require to bewell served in order to succeed, but moreover, not to fail;for in case of failure, heads are in question, not for ourlackeys--"


1.  Planchet was sent for, and instructions were given him. Thematter had been named to him by D'Artagnan, who in the firstplace pointed out the money to him, then the glory, and thenthe danger.
2.  "And it is exactly because he is a bold fellow that he isthe more to be feared."
3.  Someone was heard in the corridor; Milady recognized the step ofLord de Winter.
4.  "But, for heaven's sake-" resumed Aramis.
5.  "Madame Bonacieux! Ah, that's true!" said Athos. "My poorfriend, I had forgotten you were in love."
6.  On her side the lady, who from time to time blushed, darted withthe rapidity of lightning a glance toward the inconstant Porthos;and then immediately the eyes of Porthos wandered anxiously. Itwas plain that this mode of proceeding piqued the lady in theblack hood, for she bit her lips till they bled, scratched theend of her nose, and could not sit still in her seat.Porthos, seeing this, retwisted his mustache, elongated hisimperial a second time, and began to make signals to a beautifullady who was near the choir, and who not only was a beautifullady, but still further, no doubt, a great lady--for she hadbehind her a Negro boy who had brought the cushion on which sheknelt, and a female servant who held the emblazoned bag in whichwas placed the book from which she read the Mass.The lady with the black hood followed through all theirwanderings the looks of Porthos, and perceived that they restedupon the lady with the velvet cushion, the little Negro, and themaid-servant.


1.  "What?" asked the host, quite cheerful again.
2.  "Farewell, my son," said the curate, "till tomorrow.""Till tomorrow, rash youth," said the Jesuit. "You promise tobecome one of the lights of the Church. Heaven grant that thislight prove not a devouring fire!"
3.  "He was found in your lodging; they took him for you.""And by whom was he arrested?"
4.  "Well; the Englishman and his companion are still here. Iremarked that he regretted the horse furniture very much. Youappear to think much of your horse. In your place I would stakethe furniture against the horse."
5.   His whole body appeared in its ordinary state of calmness, only anunusual fire beamed from his eyes, like the effects of a fever; his browwas more pale than it generally was; his teeth were clenched, and hisspeech had a short dry accent which indicated that something dark was atwork within him.
6.  Then all his suspicions were confirmed; the road by which the carriagehad disappeared encircled the forest. Athos followed the road for sometime, his eyes fixed upon the ground; slight stains of blood, which camefrom the wound inflicted upon the man who accompanied the carriage as acourier, or from one of the horses, dotted the road. At the end ofthree-quarters of a league, within fifty paces of Festubert, a largerbloodstain appeared; the ground was trampled by horses. Between theforest and this accursed spot, a little behind the trampled ground, wasthe same track of small feet as in the garden; the carriage had stoppedhere. At this spot Milady had come out of the wood, and entered thecarriage.


1.  "And when she finally returned, did she bring that casket withher?"
2.  "Yes, the priest."
3.  The old man, wrapped in a large black doublet, in which thewhole of his slender body was concealed, was brisk and dry.His little gray eyes shone like carbuncles, and appeared,with his grinning mouth, to be the only part of his face inwhich life survived. Unfortunately the legs began to refusetheir service to this bony machine. During the last five orsix months that this weakness had been felt, the worthyprocurator had nearly become the slave of his wife.The cousin was received with resignation, that was all. M.Coquenard, firm upon his legs, would have declined allrelationship with M. Porthos.
4、  "Tell it, Athos, tell it."
5、  The cardinal repressed another smile.




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      Milady remained alone, with her eyes fixed upon the door. An instantlater, the jingling of spurs was heard upon the stairs, steps drew near,the door opened, and a man appeared.

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       "Ah, you gentlemen of policy!" replied the cardinal, knitting hisbrow in his turn, "the secret of many unknown things mightperhaps be found in your brains, if we could read them as youread that letter which you concealed as soon as you saw mecoming."

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      "That's wise--not for the lackeys," resumed Aramis, "but forthe master--for the masters, we may say. Are our lackeyssufficiently devoted to us to risk their lives for us? No.""My faith," said D'Artagnan. "I would almost answer forPlanchet."

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    {  "With women, perhaps; but not with men. I know something ofhim."

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      "So be it," said D'Artagnan. "Go to bed, Planchet, andsleep soundly."}

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      "What connection can the New World have with the bottles whichare on the commode and the wardrobe?"

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      The king looked at the cardinal.

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       The worthy mercer had, immediately upon re-entering his house,informed his wife of his happy return, and his wife had repliedby congratulating him, and telling him that the first moment shecould steal from her duties should be devoted to paying him avisit.

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    {  "That's true," said Athos, after a moment's silence, "that'strue! I never had one! Let us drink!"

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      "How! 'If there is any left!" murmured he.