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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Command my humble service when you choose.
2.  A! tara lara da!
3.  He whom we mourned as dead, Living and glorious, From the dark gravehath fled, O'er death victorious; Almost creative bliss Waits on his growingpowers; Ah! Him on earth we miss; Sorrow and grief are ours. Yearning heleft his own, Mid sore annoy; Ah! we must needs bemoan. Master, thy joy!Chorus of Angels
4.  Poor Son of Earth, without my aid, How would thy weary days have flown?Thee of thy foolish whims I've cured, Thy vain imaginations banished, And butfor me, be well assured, Thou from this sphere must soon have vanished. Inrocky hollows and in caverns drear, Why like an owl sit moping here?Wherefore from dripping stones and moss with ooze embued, Dost suck, likeany toad, thy food? A rare, sweet pastime. Verily! The doctor cleaveth still tothee.
5.  Faust
6.  Martha (coming out)


1.  The Witch
2.  Siebel
3.  With clever finger catch and kill!
4.  Act four, scene one, "Walpurgis Night" theme from the opera "Faust" 1859,by Charles Gounod. Over the heather, marshes, meadows, Light as a feather,Eerie shadows, Airily flashing lower, higher, flaming and flashing, glowing fire,they float, they hover, below, above, In fields of clover, In wood and grove,Flames burning brightly, Rays blazing red, Souls drifting lightly, Souls of thedead.
5.  Mephistopheles
6.  What foreign is one always can't decline, What's good is often scatter'd farapart. The French your genuine German hates with all his heart, Yet has arelish for their wine.


1.  Voice
2.  (He disappears with Faust; the fellows draw back from one another.)Siebel
3.  The question trifling seems from one, Who it appears the Word doth rate solow; Who, undeluded by mere outward show, To Being's depths wouldpenetrate alone.
4.  Faust
5.   Dramatis Personae
6.  Is it not dust, wherewith this lofty wall, With hundred shelves, confines meround; Rubbish, in thousand shapes, may I not call What in this moth - worlddoth my being bound? Here, what doth fail me, shall I find? Read in athousand tomes that, everywhere, Self - torture is the lot of human - kind,With but one mortal happy, here and there? Thou hollow skull, that grin, whatshould it say, But that thy brain, like mine, of old perplexed, Still yearning forthe truth, hath sought the light of day. And in the twilight wandered, sorelyvexed? Ye instruments, forsooth, ye mock at me, With wheel, and cog, andring, and cylinder; To nature's portals ye should be the key; Cunning yourwards, and yet the bolts ye fail to stir. Inscrutable in broadest light, To beunveil'd by force she doth refuse, What she reveals not to thy mental sight,Thou wilt not wrest me from her with levers and with screws. Old uselessfurnitures, yet stand ye here, Because my sire ye served, now dead and gone.Old scroll, the smoke of years dost wear, So long as o'er this desk the sorrylamp hath shone. Better my little means hath squandered quite away, Thanburden'd by that little here to sweat and groan! Wouldst thou possess thyheritage, essay, By use to render it thine own! What we employ not, butimpedes our way, That which the hour creates, that can it use alone! Butwherefore to yon spot is riveted my gaze? Is yonder flasket there a magnet tomy sight? Whence this mild radiance that around me plays, As when, 'midforest gloom, reigneth the moon's soft light?


1.  Voices
2.  But 'tis my will!
3.  Margaret
4、  Martha
5、  My friend, learn this to understand, I pray! To deal with witches this is still theway.




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      And shall I see her? - Have her?

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      Faust (entering with the poodle)

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    {  How through the chasms strangely gleams, A lurid light, like dawn's red glow,Pervading with its quivering beams, The gorges of the gulf below! Herevapours rise, there clouds float by, Here through the mist the light doth shine;Now, like a fount, it bursts on high, Meanders now, a slender line; Farreaching, with a hundred veins, Here through the valley see it glide; Here,where its force the gorge restrains, At once it scatters, far and wide; Anear,like showers of golden sand Strewn broadcast, sputter sparks of light: Andmark yon rocky walls that stand Ablaze, in all their towering height!Mephistopheles

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      Forbear to trifle longer with thy grief, Which, vulture - like, consumes thee inthis den. The worst society is some relief, Making thee feel thyself a man withmen. Nathless, it is not meant, I trow, To thrust thee 'mid the vulgar throng. Ito the upper ranks do not belong; Yet if, by me companion'd, thou Thy stepsthrough life forthwith wilt take, Upon the spot myself I'll make Thy comrade;Should it suit thy need, I am thy servant, am thy slave indeed!Faust}

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      Ah, rich in sorrow, thou, Stoop thy maternal brow, And mark with pitying eyemy misery! The sword in thy pierced heart, Thou dost with bitter smart, Gazeupwards on thy Son's death agony. To the dear God on high, Ascends thypiteous sigh, Pleading for his and thy sore misery. Ah, who can know Thetorturing woe, The pangs that rack me to the bone? How my poor heart,without relief, Trembles and throbs, its yearning grief Thou knowest, thoualone! Ah, wheresoe'er I go, With woe, with woe, with woe, My anguish'dbreast is aching! When all alone I creep, I weep, I weep, I weep, Alas! myheart is breaking! The flower-pots at my window Were wet with tears ofmine, The while I pluck'd these blossoms, At dawn to deck thy shrine! Whenearly in my chamber Shone bright the rising morn, I sat there on my pallet, Myheart with anguish torn. Help! from disgrace and death deliver me! Ah! rich insorrow, thou, Stoop thy maternal brow, And mark with pitying eye mymisery!

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       The Monkeys

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    {  Martha (coming out)

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