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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Thirty-five or thirty-six, mother."
2.  "`The president went up the steps, after pushing his swordinto his cane; a track of blood on the snow marked hiscourse. He had scarcely arrived at the top when he heard aheavy splash in the water -- it was the general's body,which the witnesses had just thrown into the river afterascertaining that he was dead. The general fell, then, in aloyal duel, and not in ambush as it might have beenreported. In proof of this we have signed this paper toestablish the truth of the facts, lest the moment shouldarrive when either of the actors in this terrible sceneshould be accused of premeditated murder or of infringementof the laws of honor.
3.  "`To whom, then?' -- `To your new master.'
4.  "My dear Count," said Albert, "I will endeavor to returnyour politeness at Rome, and place my coupe at your disposaluntil your own be ready."
5.  "What, for me only?" cried Caderousse, "ah, sir, do not jestwith me!"
6.  "Where?"


1.  "Oh, the Champs Elysees? Ah, yes; we burn, as they say atthe game of pincette. The Champs Elysees? Come, let us talka little about my father."
2.  "No excellency, I do not recollect telling you that."
3.  "And when a child I often played with the son in thetimber-yards."
4.  "Hush, La Carconte. It is God's pleasure that things shouldbe so."
5.  The men he beheld saw him undoubtedly, for their cries werecarried to his ears by the wind. Above the splintered mast asail rent to tatters was waving; suddenly the ropes thatstill held it gave way, and it disappeared in the darknessof the night like a vast sea-bird. At the same moment aviolent crash was heard, and cries of distress. Dantes fromhis rocky perch saw the shattered vessel, and among thefragments the floating forms of the hapless sailors. Thenall was dark again.
6.  "Favorably or otherwise?"


1.  "Indeed? Then your father ought to have met with you on theroad, for it is exactly the same route which he himselftook, and that is how we have been able to trace yourjourney to this place."
2.  "Captain or mate, M. Morrel, I shall always have thegreatest respect for those who possess the owners'confidence."
3.  "You, my poor child, suffer poverty and hunger? Oh, do notsay so; it will break my resolutions."
4.  "Excuse me, sir," replied the man, raising his hand to hiscap; "I am not up there, I know, but I have only just comedown."
5.   "You see some one pays me a visit. Ah, my dear sir, you willsee whether a Cavalcanti is to be treated like a commonperson!" And Andrea, gliding through the court like a blackshadow, rushed out through the wicket, leaving his comrades,and even the keeper, lost in wonder. Certainly a call to thevisitors' room had scarcely astonished Andrea less thanthemselves, for the wily youth, instead of making use of hisprivilege of waiting to be claimed on his entry into LaForce, had maintained a rigid silence. "Everything," hesaid, "proves me to be under the protection of some powerfulperson, -- this sudden fortune, the facility with which Ihave overcome all obstacles, an unexpected family and anillustrious name awarded to me, gold showered down upon me,and the most splendid alliances about to be entered into. Anunhappy lapse of fortune and the absence of my protectorhave cast me down, certainly, but not forever. The handwhich has retreated for a while will be again stretchedforth to save me at the very moment when I shall thinkmyself sinking into the abyss. Why should I risk animprudent step? It might alienate my protector. He has twomeans of extricating me from this dilemma, -- the one by amysterious escape, managed through bribery; the other bybuying off my judges with gold. I will say and do nothinguntil I am convinced that he has quite abandoned me, andthen" --
6.  "My mistress said she should expect you, sir, as soon as youhad finished dressing."


1.  "No."
2.  "In the country?"
3.  "Yes, Noirtier."
4、  "And have you replied to every one as you have to me?"
5、  "Who prepared it?"




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      "But during my visit to you the day before yesterday, sir,which you appear to recollect so well," replied Eugenie, "Isaw you arranging a deposit -- is not that the term? -- offive millions and a half; you even pointed it out to me intwo drafts on the treasury, and you were astonished that sovaluable a paper did not dazzle my eyes like lightning."

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      "Ah, Valentine," said Maximilian, "give me but one fingerthrough this opening in the grating, one finger, thelittlest finger of all, that I may have the happiness ofkissing it."

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       "My Dear Maximilian, --

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      "I know nothing certain; at that period of his life, I lostsight of my young comrade."

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    {  "Revenge, for instance!" observed Franz.

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      "No one, I tell you, will escape; Benedetto will bepunished."}

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      "Sir, unless you force me" --

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      "Wait a little. Pray, was Danglars acquainted with Fernand?"

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       "An island situated on the other side of the equator, atleast two thousand leagues from here," replied the count.

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    {  The draught produced a galvanic effect, a violent tremblingpervaded the old man's limbs, his eyes opened until it wasfearful to gaze upon them, he heaved a sigh which resembleda shriek, and then his convulsed body returned gradually toits former immobility, the eyes remaining open.

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      But on this occasion the precaution was superfluous, andeverything proceeded with the utmost smoothness andpoliteness. Four shallops came off with very little noisealongside the lugger, which, no doubt, in acknowledgement ofthe compliment, lowered her own shallop into the sea, andthe five boats worked so well that by two o'clock in themorning all the cargo was out of The Young Amelia and onterra firma. The same night, such a man of regularity wasthe patron of The Young Amelia, the profits were divided,and each man had a hundred Tuscan livres, or about eightyfrancs. But the voyage was not ended. They turned thebowsprit towards Sardinia, where they intended to take in acargo, which was to replace what had been discharged. Thesecond operation was as successful as the first, The YoungAmelia was in luck. This new cargo was destined for thecoast of the Duchy of Lucca, and consisted almost entirelyof Havana cigars, sherry, and Malaga wines.