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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Moriarty?"
2.  The man sprang to his feet with a hoarse scream. He clawed intothe air with his bony hands. His mouth was open, and for the instanthe looked like some horrible bird of prey. In a flash we got a glimpseof the real Josiah Amberley, a misshapen demon with a soul asdistorted as his body. As he fell back into his chair he clapped hishand to his lips as if to stifle a cough. Holmes sprang at histhroat like a tiger and twisted his face towards the ground. A whitepellet fell from between his gasping lips.
3.  "What is it?"
4.  "You wonder," said my companion, "why it is that Mycroft does notuse his powers for detective work. He is incapable of it.""But I thought you said-"
5.  "The man lived and he got off with a year. I have no doubt he is outnow, but he has not dared to show his nose here. We have a cousin ofhis here, and I daresay he could tell you where he is.""No, no," cried Holmes, "not a word to the cousin- not a word, I begof you. The matter is very important, and the farther I go with it,the more important it seems to grow. When you referred in yourledger to the sale of those casts I observed that the date was June3rd of last year. Could you give me the date when Beppo was arrested?""I could tell you roughly by the pay-list," the manager answered."Yes," he continued, after some turning over of pages, "he was paidlast on May 20th."
6.  "You mean to Norwood," said Lestrade.


1.  "That was sensible. I gathered from the newspaper report that theshot was fired from close quarters."
2.  The man pulled himself together, and faced us with an effort atself-composure.
3.  "No, my dear fellow, you will go down. This may be some triflingintrigue, and I cannot break my other important research for thesake of it. On Monday you will arrive early at Farnham; you willconceal yourself near Charlington Heath; you will observe thesefacts for yourself, and act as your own judgment advises. Then, havinginquired as to the occupants of the Hall, you will come back to me andreport. And now, Watson, not another word of the matter until wehave a few solid steppingstones on which we may hope to get acrossto our solution."
4.  "Holmes," I cried, "you are too late."
5.  Our visitor's angry face gradually cleared.
6.  "Rubbish, Watson, rubbish! What have we to do with walking corpseswho can only be held in their grave by stakes driven through theirhearts? It's pure lunacy."


1.  "'You don't know me?' he asked.
2.  "I think now," said Gregson, rising, "we had best put this matterinto an official shape. You will come round with us to the station,Mr. Scott Eccles, and let us have your statement in writing.""Certainly, I will come at once. But I retain your services, Mr.Holmes. I desire you to spare no expense and no pains to get at thetruth."
3.  It was pleasant to Dr. Watson to find himself once more in theuntidy room of the first floor in Baker Street which had been thestarting-point of so many remarkable adventures. He looked round himat the scientific charts upon the wall, the acid-charred bench ofchemicals, the violin-case leaning in the corner, the coal-scuttle,which contained of old the pipes and tobacco. Finally, his eyes cameround to the fresh and smiling face of Billy, the young but verywise and tactful page, who had helped a little to fill up the gap ofloneliness and isolation which surrounded the saturnine figure ofthe great detective.
4.  He was standing at the open front of a great case which stoodbetween the windows and which contained part of his Chinesecollection. He turned as I entered with a small brown vase in hishand.
5.   "I had got into the way of supposing that you knew everythingwithout being told," said he. "But I will give you the facts, and Ihope to God that you will be able to tell me what they mean. I've beenawake all night puzzling my brain, and the more I think the moreincredible does it become.
6.  Stanley Hopkins drew from his pocket a drab-covered notebook. Theoutside was rough and worn, the leaves discoloured. On the firstpage were written the initials "J.H.N." and the date "1883." Holmeslaid it on the table and examined it in his minute way, whileHopkins and I gazed over each shoulder. On the second page were theprinted letters "C.P.R.," and then came several sheets of numbers.Another heading was "Argentine," another "Costa Rica," and another"San Paulo," each with pages of signs and figures after it."What do you make of these?" asked Holmes.


1.  "Well, we must go now and look for that."
2.  "Surely it is evident that it is unequal in its intensity. Thereis a dot of extravasated blood here, and another there. There aresimilar indications in this other weal down here. What can that mean?""I have no idea. Have you?"
3.  "I'm afraid," said Holmes, smiling, "that all the queen's horses andall the queen's men cannot avail in this matter." He had spread outhis big map of London and leaned eagerly over it. "Well, well," saidhe presently with an exclamation of satisfaction, "things areturning a little in our direction at last. Why, Watson, I dohonestly believe that we are going to pull it off, after all." Heslapped me on the shoulder with a sudden burst of hilarity, "I amgoing out now. It is only a reconnaissance. I will do nothingserious without my trusted comrade and biographer at my elbow. Doyou stay here, and the odds are that you will see me again in anhour or two. If time hangs heavy get foolscap and a pen, and beginyour narrative of how we saved the State."
4、  We were fortunate in finding that Lord Holdhurst was still in hischambers in Downing Street, and on Holmes sending in his card wewere instantly shown up. The statesman received us with thatold-fashioned courtesy for which he is remarkable and seated us on thetwo luxuriant lounges on either side of the fireplace. Standing on therug between us, with his slight, tall figure, his sharp features,thoughtful face, and curling hair prematurely tinged with gray, heseemed to represent that not too common type, a nobleman who is intruth noble.
5、  "Well, well, you did your best," said Holmes as we walked into ourroom. "It's very annoying, though, Watson. I was badly in need of acase, and this looks, from the man's impatience, as if it were ofimportance. Hullo! that's not your pipe on the table. He must haveleft his behind him. A nice old brier with a good long stem of whatthe tobacconists call amber. I wonder how many real ambermouthpieces there are in London? Some people think that a fly in it isa sign. Well, he must have been disturbed in his mind to leave apipe behind him which he evidently values highly."




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      "What does it show?"

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      My friend turned to the country inspector.

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       Holmes moved the lamp, and we both bent over the sheet ofpaper, which showed by its ragged edge that it had indeed beentorn from a book. It was headed, "March, 1869," and beneath werethe following enigmatical notices:

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      "I am not clear how you came to hear the news so early thismorning."

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    {  "Very good. Mrs. Marker, you can go. Now we are making a littleprogress. Our lady enters the room, advances to the bureau, and eitheropens it or tries to do so. While she is thus engaged, youngWilloughby Smith enters the room. In her hurry to withdraw the key,she makes this scratch upon the door. He seizes her, and she,snatching up the nearest object, which happens to be this knife,strikes at him in order to make him let go his hold. The blow is afatal one. He falls and she escapes, either with or without the objectfor which she has come. Is Susan, the maid, there? Could anyone havegot away through that door after the time that you heard the cry,Susan?"

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      "Did you dust this bureau yesterday morning?"}

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      "Then you have the hour- 4:30. Until then we can put the matterout of our heads."

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       "Naturally, I made some inquiries about the man. I found that he hadbeen in command of a whaler which was due to return from the Arcticseas at the very time when my father was crossing to Norway. Theautumn of that year was a stormy one, and there was a longsuccession of southerly gales. My father's yacht may well have beenblown to the north, and there met by Captain Peter Carey's ship. Ifthat were so, what had become of my father? In any case, if I couldprove from Peter Carey's evidence how these securities came on themarket it would be a proof that my father had not sold them, andthat he had no view to personal profit when he took them."I came down to Sussex with the intention of seeing the captain, butit was at this moment that his terrible death occurred. I read atthe inquest a description of his cabin, in which it stated that theold logbooks of his vessel were preserved in it. It struck me thatif I could see what occurred in the month of August, 1883, on boardthe Sea Unicorn, I might settle the mystery of my father's fate. Itried last night to get at these logbooks, but was unable to openthe door. To-night I tried again and succeeded, but I find that thepages which deal with that month have been torn from the book. It wasat that moment I found myself a prisoner in your hands.""Is that all?" asked Hopkins.

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    {  "That is a detail which I shall speedily supply."

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      "I shall indeed be proud," he murmured.