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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Excuse me, excellency, but these details are necessary, andyou promised to be patient."
2.  "Ah," said the count, "I see that M. Danglars is accustomedto play at gaining or losing 300,000 francs in a day; hemust be enormously rich."
3.  As for Monte Cristo, after this ebullition he closed hiseyes as if dazzled by internal light. In a moment herestrained himself so powerfully that the tempestuousheaving of his breast subsided, as turbulent and foamingwaves yield to the sun's genial influence when the cloud haspassed. This silence, self-control, and struggle lastedabout twenty seconds, then the count raised his pallid face."See," said he, "my dear friend, how God punishes the mostthoughtless and unfeeling men for their indifference, bypresenting dreadful scenes to their view. I, who was lookingon, an eager and curious spectator, -- I, who was watchingthe working of this mournful tragedy, -- I, who like awicked angel was laughing at the evil men committedprotected by secrecy (a secret is easily kept by the richand powerful), I am in my turn bitten by the serpent whosetortuous course I was watching, and bitten to the heart!"
4.  "On my word, I think you are right, Lucien," said Albertabsently.
5.  "No."
6.  "This is a gloomy introduction, if I may judge from yourpallor and shuddering, Morrel."


1.  "None."
2.  "You must know that in France they are very particular onthese points; it is not sufficient, as in Italy, to go tothe priest and say, `We love each other, and want you tomarry us.' Marriage is a civil affair in France, and inorder to marry in an orthodox manner you must have paperswhich undeniably establish your identity."
3.  "The album," said Edward sulkily.
4.  "Sir, you alarm me."
5.  "Who enjoyed the reputation of being the most severe, themost upright, the most rigid magistrate on the bench?"
6.  "Meaning to say," rejoined Monte Cristo, "that howeverThomson & French may be inclined to commit acts ofimprudence and folly, the Baron Danglars is not disposed tofollow their example."


1.  "Well, now that all is arranged, do not let these newlyawakened remembrances be forgotten. You have, doubtless,already guessed that I was preparing a surprise for you?"
2.  "We will be with you at that time," said the major. The twoCavalcanti bowed to the count, and left the house. MonteCristo went to the window, and saw them crossing the street,arm in arm. "There go two miscreants;" said he, "it is apity they are not really related!" -- then, after an instantof gloomy reflection, "Come, I will go to see the Morrels,"said he; "I think that disgust is even more sickening thanhatred."
3.  The opinion of all the commercial men was that, under thereverses which had successively weighed down Morrel, it wasimpossible for him to remain solvent. Great, therefore, wasthe astonishment when at the end of the month, he cancelledall his obligations with his usual punctuality. Stillconfidence was not restored to all minds, and the generalopinion was that the complete ruin of the unfortunateshipowner had been postponed only until the end of themonth. The month passed, and Morrel made extraordinaryefforts to get in all his resources. Formerly his paper, atany date, was taken with confidence, and was even inrequest. Morrel now tried to negotiate bills at ninety daysonly, and none of the banks would give him credit.Fortunately, Morrel had some funds coming in on which hecould rely; and, as they reached him, he found himself in acondition to meet his engagements when the end of July came.The agent of Thomson & French had not been again seen atMarseilles; the day after, or two days after his visit toMorrel, he had disappeared; and as in that city he had hadno intercourse but with the mayor, the inspector of prisons,and M. Morrel, his departure left no trace except in thememories of these three persons. As to the sailors of thePharaon, they must have found snug berths elsewhere, forthey also had disappeared.
4.  The judges took their places in the midst of the mostprofound silence; the jury took their seats; M. deVillefort, the object of unusual attention, and we hadalmost said of general admiration, sat in the arm-chair andcast a tranquil glance around him. Every one looked withastonishment on that grave and severe face, whose calmexpression personal griefs had been unable to disturb, andthe aspect of a man who was a stranger to all human emotionsexcited something very like terror.
5.   "Oh," said she, seizing the count's hand and raising it toher lips; "oh, thank you, thank you, Edmond! Now you areexactly what I dreamt you were, -- the man I always loved.Oh, now I may say so!"
6.  Various rumors were afloat to the effect that the owners ofthe Pharaon had promised to attend the nuptial feast; butall seemed unanimous in doubting that an act of such rareand exceeding condescension could possibly be intended.


1.  "Well, here I am, proving at once that I am really neitherthe one nor the other, by entreating you to keep yourpromise on that score."
2.  "Yes," said Morrel, smiling, "it was the 5th of September,the anniversary of the day on which my father wasmiraculously preserved; therefore, as far as it lies in mypower, I endeavor to celebrate it by some" --
3.  "It was the end of September; the wind blew violently. Thefaint glimpses of the pale moon, hidden momentarily bymasses of dark clouds that were sweeping across the sky,whitened the gravel walks that led to the house, but wereunable to pierce the obscurity of the thick shrubberies, inwhich a man could conceal himself without any fear ofdiscovery. I hid myself in the one nearest to the pathVillefort must take, and scarcely was I there when, amidstthe gusts of wind, I fancied I heard groans; but you know,or rather you do not know, your excellency, that he who isabout to commit an assassination fancies that he hears lowcries perpetually ringing in his ears. Two hours passedthus, during which I imagined I heard moans repeatedly.Midnight struck. As the last stroke died away, I saw a faintlight shine through the windows of the private staircase bywhich we have just descended. The door opened, and the manin the mantle reappeared. The terrible moment had come, butI had so long been prepared for it that my heart did notfail in the least. I drew my knife from my pocket again,opened it, and made ready to strike. The man in the mantleadvanced towards me, but as he drew near I saw that he had aweapon in his hand. I was afraid, not of a struggle, but ofa failure. When he was only a few paces from me, I saw thatwhat I had taken for a weapon was only a spade. I was stillunable to divine for what reason M. de Villefort had thisspade in his hands, when he stopped close to the thicketwhere I was, glanced round, and began to dig a hole in theearth. I then perceived that he was hiding something underhis mantle, which he laid on the grass in order to dig morefreely. Then, I confess, curiosity mingled with hatred; Iwished to see what Villefort was going to do there, and Iremained motionless, holding my breath. Then an idea crossedmy mind, which was confirmed when I saw the procureur liftfrom under his mantle a box, two feet long, and six or eightinches deep. I let him place the box in the hole he hadmade, then, while he stamped with his feet to remove alltraces of his occupation, I rushed on him and plunged myknife into his breast, exclaiming, -- `I am GiovanniBertuccio; thy death for my brother's; thy treasure for hiswidow; thou seest that my vengeance is more complete than Ihad hoped.' I know not if he heard these words; I think hedid not, for he fell without a cry. I felt his blood gushover my face, but I was intoxicated, I was delirious, andthe blood refreshed, instead of burning me. In a second Ihad disinterred the box; then, that it might not be known Ihad done so, I filled up the hole, threw the spade over thewall, and rushed through the door, which I double-locked,carrying off the key."
4、  "I should like to be there at the time you come, and I willendeavor to repay you, as far as lies in my power, for yourliberal hospitality displayed to me at Monte Cristo."
5、  Chapter 82The Burglary.




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      "You acknowledge, then, the existence of the crime?"

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      "Alas, alas, sir, have pity on me!"

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       "But then, what can have led to the quarrel between Danglarsand Debray? They seemed to understand each other so well,"said Monte Cristo with renewed energy.

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      "Indeed?" said the count with an air of surprise, remarkablywell counterfeited; "I really did not remember."

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    {  recounted it at the Jockey Club, and Debray detailed it atlength in the salons of the minister; even Beauchampaccorded twenty lines in his journal to the relation of thecount's courage and gallantry, thereby celebrating him asthe greatest hero of the day in the eyes of all the femininemembers of the aristocracy. Vast was the crowd of visitorsand inquiring friends who left their names at the residenceof Madame de Villefort, with the design of renewing theirvisit at the right moment, of hearing from her lips all theinteresting circumstances of this most romantic adventure.As for M. de Villefort, he fulfilled the predictions ofHeloise to the letter, -- donned his dress suit, drew on apair of white gloves, ordered the servants to attend thecarriage dressed in their full livery, and drove that samenight to No. 30 in the Avenue des Champs-Elysees.

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      "Oh, do not fear; besides, you will accompany me. Beauchamp,solemn transactions should be sanctioned by a witness.Before this day closes, if M. Danglars is guilty, he shallcease to live, or I shall die. Pardieu, Beauchamp, mineshall be a splendid funeral!"}

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      Fernand rose impatiently. "Let him run on," said Danglars,restraining the young man; "drunk as he is, he is not muchout in what he says. Absence severs as well as death, and ifthe walls of a prison were between Edmond and Mercedes theywould be as effectually separated as if he lay under atombstone."

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      "Yes, monsieur." Villefort opened a large register, thenwent to a table, from the table turned to his registers, andthen, turning to Morrel, --

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       "Listen to me, mother, and do not yield too much toagitation." And Albert, rising, kissed his mother on bothcheeks, then stood looking at her. "You cannot imagine,mother, how beautiful I think you!" said the young man,impressed with a profound feeling of filial love. "You are,indeed, the most beautiful and most noble woman I ever saw!"

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    {  "Very possibly I may not go," answered Franz; "but in case Ifeel disposed, give me some particulars of to-day'sexecutions."

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