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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Out where?" inquired Hurstwood.
2.  "Do you need any help?" said Carrie, already learning directnessof address.
3.  Chapter XXIV
4.  Then he folded it up and put it in his pocket.
5.  So off he went to a poker room in the neighbourhood, feeling muchas he had in the old days. In this period of self-forgetfulness,aroused first by the shock of argument and perfected by a dinnerin the hotel, with cocktails and cigars, he was as nearly likethe old Hurstwood as he would ever be again. It was not the oldHurstwood--only a man arguing with a divided conscience and luredby a phantom.
6.  Carrie listened to this with mingled feelings. Her mind wasshaken loose from the little mooring of logic that it had. Shewas stirred by this thought, angered by that--her own injustice,Hurstwood's, Drouet's, their respective qualities of kindness andfavour, the threat of the world outside, in which she had failedonce before, the impossibility of this state inside, where thechambers were no longer justly hers, the effect of the argumentupon her nerves, all combined to make her a mass of janglingfibres--an anchorless, storm-beaten little craft which could doabsolutely nothing but drift.


1.  Hurstwood listened to the cash-register ring, and watched thetrade for a while.
2.  The misfortune of the Hurstwood household was due to the factthat jealousy, having been born of love, did not perish with it.Mrs. Hurstwood retained this in such form that subsequentinfluences could transform it into hate. Hurstwood was stillworthy, in a physical sense, of the affection his wife had oncebestowed upon him, but in a social sense he fell short. With hisregard died his power to be attentive to her, and this, to awoman, is much greater than outright crime toward another. Ourself-love dictates our appreciation of the good or evil inanother. In Mrs. Hurstwood it discoloured the very hue of herhusband's indifferent nature. She saw design in deeds andphrases which sprung only from a faded appreciation of herpresence.
3.  Carrie heard him, but she could not bring herself to answerreasonably. She felt that the man was gentle, and that hisinterest in her had not abated, and it made her suffer a pang ofregret. She was in a most helpless plight.
4.  Hurstwood put his hands, red from cold, down in his pockets.Tears came into his eyes.
5.  At the Empire Theatre she found a hive of peculiarly listless andindifferent individuals. Everything ornately upholstered,everything carefully finished, everything remarkably reserved.
6.  "Say," he said, after he had, as he thought, pleasantly disposedof the marriage question, "I saw Hurstwood to-day, and he wantsus to go to the theatre with him."


1.  "You will, eh?" he sneered.
2.  On her spiritual side, also, she was rich in feeling, as such anature well might be. Sorrow in her was aroused by many aspectacle--an uncritical upwelling of grief for the weak and thehelpless. She was constantly pained by the sight of the white-faced, ragged men who slopped desperately by her in a sort ofwretched mental stupor. The poorly clad girls who went blowingby her window evenings, hurrying home from some of the shops ofthe West Side, she pitied from the depths of her heart. Shewould stand and bite her lips as they passed, shaking her littlehead and wondering. They had so little, she thought. It was sosad to be ragged and poor. The hang of faded clothes pained hereyes.
3.  To one not inclined to drink, and gifted with a more serious turnof mind, such a bubbling, chattering, glittering chamber mustever seem an anomaly, a strange commentary on nature and life.Here come the moths, in endless procession, to bask in the lightof the flame. Such conversation as one may hear would not warranta commendation of the scene upon intellectual grounds. It seemsplain that schemers would choose more sequestered quarters toarrange their plans, that politicians would not gather here incompany to discuss anything save formalities, where the sharp-eared may hear, and it would scarcely be justified on the scoreof thirst, for the majority of those who frequent these moregorgeous places have no craving for liquor. Nevertheless, thefact that here men gather, here chatter, here love to pass andrub elbows, must be explained upon some grounds. It must be thata strange bundle of passions and vague desires give rise to sucha curious social institution or it would not be.
4.  "Is it far?" said Carrie, as he hurried back.
5.   He received no answer. Carrie was quieting, however, under theinfluence of his plea.
6.  Hurstwood, however, read on and on. He did not pay muchattention to Carrie. She fulfilled her household duties and saidlittle to disturb him.


1.  Carrie nodded and asked her sister about the neighbourhood. Thelatter talked in a subdued tone, telling the little she knewabout it, while Hanson concerned himself with the baby. Finallyhe jumped up and handed the child to his wife.
2.  "Hand me the coffee," he added.
3.  It was a quarter after four when he left the house. Carrie wasin tears. There would be no dinner that night.
4、  "Oh, this is gambling," smiled Carrie. "It's bad."
5、  The fellow turned a keen, watchful face on the inquirer.




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      His manner as he said this was the most quiet imaginable. Hisface and body retained utter composure. Only his eyes moved, andthey flashed a subtle, dissolving fire. In them the wholeintensity of the man's nature was distilling itself.

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      "Can you drive?" he said, after a time.

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       "Not more than a dollar," said Mrs. Vance.

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      Once at home, she changed her clothes and straightened the roomsfor herself. In the matter of the arrangement of the furnitureshe never took the housemaid's opinion. That young womaninvariably put one of the rocking-chairs in the corner, andCarrie as regularly moved it out. To-day she hardly noticed thatit was in the wrong place, so absorbed was she in her ownthoughts. She worked about the room until Drouet put inappearance at five o'clock. The drummer was flushed and excitedand full of determination to know all about her relations withHurstwood. Nevertheless, after going over the subject in hismind the livelong day, he was rather weary of it and wished itover with. He did not foresee serious consequences of any sort,and yet he rather hesitated to begin. Carrie was sitting by thewindow when he came in, rocking and looking out."Well," she said innocently, weary of her own mental discussionand wondering at his haste and ill-concealed excitement, "whatmakes you hurry so?"

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    {  Hurstwood only looked at her.

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      Carrie merely hastened her steps and took the Sixth Avenue car.Her head was so full of the wonder of it that she had time fornothing else.}

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      "Still," he said, "what could I have done?"

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      "Let us go home," she said.

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       "George," said Mrs. Hurstwood, in that tone of voice which hadlong since come to be associated in his mind with demands, "wewant you to get us a season ticket to the races."

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    {  "No," he said, with a sort of pride; "you keep it."

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      "The man was here for the rent to-day."