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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What do you want?" screamed Milady.
2.  "Twenty-five minutes past nine!" cried M. de Treville, looking atthe clock; "why, that's impossible!"
3.  "Oh!" said D'Artagnan, "this is rather warm; it appears thatMilady and I are anxious about the health of the sameperson. Well, Planchet, how is the good Monsieur de Wardes?He is not dead, then?"
4.  "Hold, Madame Bonacieux," said the mercer, "hold! I positivelyrefuse; intrigues terrify me. I have seen the Bastille. My!Whew! That's a frightful place, that Bastille! Only to think ofit makes my flesh crawl. They threatened me with torture. Doyou know what torture is? Wooden points that they stick inbetween your legs till your bones stick out! No, positively Iwill not go. And, MORBLEU, why do you not go yourself? For intruth, I think I have hitherto been deceived in you. I reallybelieve you are a man, and a violent one, too."
5.  Let our readers reassure themselves. IF D'Artagnan forgets hishost, or appears to forget him, under the pretense of not knowingwhere he has been carried, we will not forget him, and we knowwhere he is. But for the moment, let us do as did the amorousGascon; we will see after the worthy mercer later.D'Artagnan, reflecting on his future amours, addressing himselfto the beautiful night, and smiling at the stars, rescinded theRue Cherish-Midi, or Chase-Midi, as it was then called. As hefound himself in the quarter in which Aramis lived, he took itinto his head to pay his friend a visit in order to explain themotives which had led him to send Planchet with a request that hewould come instantly to the mousetrap. Now, if Aramis had beenat home when Planchet came to his abode, he had doubtlesshastened to the Rue des Fossoyeurs, and finding nobody there buthis other two companions perhaps, they would not be able toconceive what all this meant. This mystery required anexplanation; at least, so D'Artagnan declared to himself.He likewise thought this was an opportunity for talking aboutpretty little Mme. Bonacieux, of whom his head, if not his heart,was already full. We must never look for discretion in firstlove. First love is accompanied by such excessive joy thatunless the joy be allowed to overflow, it will stifle you.Paris for two hours past had been dark, and seemed a desert.Eleven o'clock sounded from all the clocks of the Faubourg St.Germain. It was delightful weather. D'Artagnan was passingalong a lane on the spot where the Rue d'Assas is now situated,breathing the balmy emanations which were borne upon the windfrom the Rue de Vaugirard, and which arose from the gardensrefreshed by the dews of evening and the breeze of night. From adistance resounded, deadened, however, by good shutters, thesongs of the tipplers, enjoying themselves in the cabaretsscattered along the plain. Arrived at the end of the lane,D'Artagnan turned to the left. The house in which Aramis dweltwas situated between the Rue Cassette and the Rue Servandoni.D'Artagnan had just passed the Rue Cassette, and alreadyperceived the door of his friend's house, shaded by a mass ofsycamores and clematis which formed a vast arch opposite thefront of it, when he perceived something like a shadow issuingfrom the Rue Servandoni. This something was enveloped in acloak, and D'Artagnan at first believed it was a man; but by thesmallness of the form, the hesitation of the walk, and theindecision of the step, he soon discovered that it was a woman.Further, this woman, as if not certain of the house she wasseeking, lifted up her eyes to look around her, stopped, wentbackward, and then returned again. D'Artagnan was perplexed."Shall I go and offer her my services?" thought he. "By her stepshe must be young; perhaps she is pretty. Oh, yes! But a womanwho wanders in the streets at this hour only ventures out to meether lover. If I should disturb a rendezvous, that would not bethe best means of commencing an acquaintance."
6.  "Your pardon?" said Richelieu, surprised.


1.  "You impose upon justice. Monsieur d'Artagnan made a compactwith you; and in virtue of that compact put to flight the policewho had arrested your wife, and has placed her beyond reach.""Fortunately, Monsieur d'Artagnan is in our hands, and you shallbe confronted with him."
2.  "Good God," cried Kitty, "there is my mistress calling me!Go; go directly!"
3.  "That's correct," said the captain.
4.  "And now, gentlemen, that's well," continued the cardinal."I know what I wish to know; follow me."
5.  "Well, merit this pretended happiness, then!"
6.  "That's a snare," said Athos; "don't go, D'Artagnan.""And yet," replied D'Artagnan, "I think I recognize thewriting."


1.  "On the contrary, everything is in the kitchen. But if he annoysyou, this young fool--"
2.  "Come, then, come, then!" cried Milady, trying to drag the young womanalong by the arm. "Thanks to the garden, we yet can flee; I have thekey, but make haste! in five minutes it will be too late!"Mme. Bonacieux tried to walk, made two steps, and sank upon her knees.Milady tried to raise and carry her, but could not do it.At this moment they heard the rolling of the carriage, which at theapproach of the Musketeers set off at a gallop. Then three or fourshots were fired.
4.  Athos examined it and became very pale. He tried it on hisleft hand; it fit his finger as if made for it.
5.   "That is an important point, do you understand?"
6.  "Twelve," replied Aramis.


1.  "Give me your arm, then."
2.  Milady perceived that all was lost unless she gave Felton animmediate and terrible proof of her courage.
3.  "Well, monsieur, do you know who this great lady is?""No; I have heard Porthos speak of her, that's all.""Do you know who this pretended duchess is?
4、  "I offered you Tyburn," said Lord de Winter. "Why did you not acceptit?"
5、  "Well, you see how a man may compromise himself when he does notknow what he says," replied Athos, shrugging his shoulders as ifhe thought himself an object of pity. "I certainly never willget drunk again, D'Artagnan; it is too bad a habit."D'Artagnan remained silent; and then changing the conversationall at once, Athos said:




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      "Yes," said Aramis, "Athos is right: Animadvertuntur indesertis."

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      "Who goes there, yourselves?" replied one of the horsemen."That is not an answer," replied Athos. "Who goes there?Answer, or we charge."

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       D'Artagnan refused; but thinking the opportunity a good one,dream of his life had been to become a Musketeer. The threefriends were likewise greatly delighted.

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      "Yes, sire, I hear," stammered the queen.

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    {  "Speak for yourself when you are inclined to utter suchincongruities," interrupted Aramis. "For my part, I think whatthey say is very well said, and quite worthy of two gentlemen.""When you please, monsieur," said Athos, putting himself onguard.

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      "No one can reproach you for anything of the kind, MonsieurBonacieux," said the young man; "you are a model for regularpeople. It is true that when a man possesses a young and prettywife, he has no need to seek happiness elsewhere. Happinesscomes to meet him, does it not, Monsieur Bonacieux?"Bonacieux became as pale as death, and grinned a ghastly smile."Ah, ah!" said Bonacieux, "you are a jocular companion! Butwhere the devil were you gladding last night, my young master?It does not appear to be very clean in the crossroads."D'Artagnan glanced down at his boots, all covered with mud; butthat same glance fell upon the shoes and stockings of the mercer,and it might have been said they had been dipped in the same mudheap. Both were stained with splashes of mud of the sameappearance.}

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      The citizen made a fresh pause and continued, "I have a wife whois seamstress to the queen, monsieur, and who is not deficient ineither virtue or beauty. I was induced to marry her about threeyears ago, although she had but very little dowry, becauseMonsieur Laporte, the queen's cloak bearer, is her godfather, andbefriends her."

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      "No doubt. Nobody has a higher opinion of the courage and skillof Athos than I have; but I like better to hear my sword clangagainst lances than against staves. I fear lest Athos shouldhave been beaten down by serving men. Those fellows strike hard,and don't leave off in a hurry. This is why I wish to set outagain as soon as possible."

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       D'Artagnan examined the countenances of his companions, which, like thatof Athos, wore an impression of deep anxiety; and they continued theirroute as fast as their horses could carry them, but without addinganother word.

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    {  Then, he began to kiss, one after the other, those dear studswith which he was about to part. All at once he uttered aterrible cry.

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      Planchet turned and returned the billet. Then, accustomedto passive obedience, he jumped down from the terrace, rantoward the lane, and at the end of twenty paces metD'Artagnan, who, having seen all, was coming to him."For you, monsieur," said Planchet, presenting the billet tothe young man.