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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Very well," returned Dantes, dropping the stool and sittingon it as if he were in reality mad. The jailer went out, andreturned in an instant with a corporal and four soldiers.
2.  "Why do you wish to know?" asked Cavalcanti.
3.  "How was such a thing possible?"
4.  "Oh, man," murmured d'Avrigny, "the most selfish of allanimals, the most personal of all creatures, who believesthe earth turns, the sun shines, and death strikes for himalone, -- an ant cursing God from the top of a blade ofgrass! And have those who have lost their lives lostnothing? -- M. de Saint-Meran, Madame de Saint-Meran, M.Noirtier" --
5.  "What? a real father?"
6.  "Well?"


1.  The small and angular head of this man, his white hair andthick gray mustaches, caused him to be easily recognized byBaptistin, who had received an exact description of theexpected visitor, and who was awaiting him in the hall.Therefore, scarcely had the stranger time to pronounce hisname before the count was apprised of his arrival. He wasushered into a simple and elegant drawing-room, and thecount rose to meet him with a smiling air. "Ah, my dear sir,you are most welcome; I was expecting you."
2.  "That I might the sooner see you again, my dear father,"replied the young man. "I was most anxious to see you."
3.  "Yes, the servant has given his description. He is a man offrom fifty to fifty-two years of age, dark, with black eyescovered with shaggy eyebrows, and a thick mustache. He wasdressed in a blue frock-coat, buttoned up to the chin, andwore at his button-hole the rosette of an officer of theLegion of Honor. Yesterday a person exactly correspondingwith this description was followed, but he was lost sight ofat the corner of the Rue de la Jussienne and the RueCoq-Heron." Villefort leaned on the back of an arm-chair,for as the minister of police went on speaking he felt hislegs bend under him; but when he learned that the unknownhad escaped the vigilance of the agent who followed him, hebreathed again.
4.  "I will communicate it to you."
5.  "I am prejudiced against Beauchamp," said Albert, drawingFranz away, and leaving the former to finish hisphilosophical dissertation with Debray. The Villefort vaultformed a square of white stones, about twenty feet high; aninterior partition separated the two families, and eachapartment had its entrance door. Here were not, as in othertombs, ignoble drawers, one above another, where thriftbestows its dead and labels them like specimens in a museum;all that was visible within the bronze gates was agloomy-looking room, separated by a wall from the vaultitself. The two doors before mentioned were in the middle ofthis wall, and enclosed the Villefort and Saint-Merancoffins. There grief might freely expend itself withoutbeing disturbed by the trifling loungers who came from apicnic party to visit Pere-la-Chaise, or by lovers who makeit their rendezvous.
6.  "Sir!" exclaimed the young man, quite astounded, "I hope nofalse report" --


1.  During the meal, which was excellent, and admirably served,Franz looked repeatedly at Albert, in order to observe theimpressions which he doubted not had been made on him by thewords of their entertainer; but whether with his usualcarelessness he had paid but little attention to him,whether the explanation of the Count of Monte Cristo withregard to duelling had satisfied him, or whether the eventswhich Franz knew of had had their effect on him alone, heremarked that his companion did not pay the least regard tothem, but on the contrary ate like a man who for the lastfour or five months had been condemned to partake of Italiancookery -- that is, the worst in the world. As for thecount, he just touched the dishes; he seemed to fulfil theduties of a host by sitting down with his guests, andawaited their departure to be served with some strange ormore delicate food. This brought back to Franz, in spite ofhimself, the recollection of the terror with which the counthad inspired the Countess G---- , and her firm convictionthat the man in the opposite box was a vampire. At the endof the breakfast Franz took out his watch. "Well," said thecount, "what are you doing?"
2.  "Where will he receive me?"
3.  "Capital," exclaimed Albert; "your breakfast shall bewaiting."
4.  Chapter 75A Signed Statement.
5.   "That's right!" exclaimed a multitude of voices, "go, andreturn as quickly as you can!"
6.  "What is it?" asked the count, impatiently.


1.  "You are right, in some degree; when I wish to listen tosounds more exquisitely attuned to melody than mortal earever yet listened to, I go to sleep."
2.  "It is not yet too late," cried Bertuccio, eagerly; "and ifyour excellency will intrust me with the commission, I willfind you a better at Enghien, at Fontenay-aux-Roses, or atBellevue."
3.  "No." replied the captain, "but we must warn your excellencythat the island is an infected port."
4、  "I -- drunk!" said Caderousse; "well that's a good one! Icould drink four more such bottles; they are no bigger thancologne flasks. Pere Pamphile, more wine!" and Caderousserattled his glass upon the table.
5、  "Come," said the abbe, closing his hiding-place, and pushingthe bed back to its original situation, "let me hear yourstory."




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      "From an apoplectic stroke."

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      "How so?"

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       "You have it already, for it was taken from me with someothers which I see in that packet."

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      "What brief?"

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    {  The funds rose one per cent higher than before they hadfallen. This, reckoning his loss, and what he had missedgaining, made the difference of a million to Danglars."Good," said Monte Cristo to Morrel, who was at his housewhen the news arrived of the strange reverse of fortune ofwhich Danglars's had been the victim, "I have just made adiscovery for twenty-five thousand francs, for which I wouldhave paid a hundred thousand."

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      "Who could know that I was here already?" said the youngman. The valet entered.}

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      "I do not quite understand you," replied Franz; "prayexplain your meaning, for you excite my curiosity to thehighest pitch."

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      "Scarcely longer than eight or ten days."

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       "Well, be it so -- let us part," said Mercedes, foldingaround her shoulders the only shawl she had taken away, andwhich accidentally happened to be a valuable black cashmere.Albert gathered up his papers hastily, rang the bell to paythe thirty francs he owed to the landlord, and offering hisarm to his mother, they descended the stairs. Some one waswalking down before them, and this person, hearing therustling of a silk dress, turned around. "Debray!" mutteredAlbert.

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    {  "Well, M. Morrel," said Danglars, "you have heard of themisfortune that has befallen us?"

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      "No, I do not," replied Monte Cristo, without even knowingof what or to whom he was speaking, so much was he occupiedin watching Morrel, who was holding his breath with emotion."The discourse is over; farewell, gentlemen," said thecount. And he disappeared without anyone seeing whither hewent. The funeral being over, the guests returned to Paris.Chateau-Renaud looked for a moment for Morrel; but whilethey were watching the departure of the count, Morrel hadquitted his post, and Chateau-Renaud, failing in his search,joined Debray and Beauchamp.